Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday Runner Peeps!

In a few short weeks I'll be just as happy as the rest of the world when Friday arrives. ;) But until then, I promise to continue to have no idea what day it is and sleep in late enough that I cuss the sun and humidity on my morning runs. :)

But in the meantime, I'll entertain you with my Friday 5:

1. Runner tan lines and apparently chafe marks! I thought, "Hey, I'll wear this cute sundress today that I haven't worn all summer," and Poof! Look at my back! LOL.

2. Taco night avec Mango Salsa...mmm! ***Because obviously.***

3. Another reason to love Kara Goucher - Because I teach the little ones and see how excited and proud they are to receive notes from parents in their lunch boxes I thought this was so sweet!
She put this in her son's lunch box on his first day back to school. <3

4. I NEED NEW SHOES!!! Strava has sent me three emails telling me to get new shoes, LOL! Mizuno is sending me new ones on Monday and I can't wait!!!

 These  Wave Sky shoes have over 400 miles on them....Okay probably closer to 500...oops!

AND they are also sending me these trail shoes!!!!!!!!! Pray that I don't get eaten by a bear as I try them out.
I did not confirm the colour with Michelle, but either way I think they'll get muddy lol.

5. I had a leg massage!!!!!!!!!! Jillian worked a lot on my glutes/hamstrings and calves. I felt like a new person when I left Nova Physiotherapy!
Let's hope I continue to feel that way because I have a huge long run on Sunday but I am so thankful Stacey will be joining me. :D

P.S. Have you seen this amazing deal by tiux?!?!!? You can get any pair of socks, bottle and shades for an awesome price! Do it! Marathon season is upon us!!!!!!!!!!! Use code BUNDLE at checkout!

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and have a fabulous weekend!
Good luck to everyone racing or running long this weekend! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Monday, 14 August 2017

GGR Weekly Rundown!

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! Mine started with a much needed rest day, which is always welcomed. :)

Because I had a weird head cold at the beginning of last week, I waited to attempt a run until Wednesday!!! I was mentally battling with myself because I knew I needed to rest up but my mind was thinking about the running I was missing. :S Runners are crazy.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: REST AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: Finally, I headed out for an easy 10k along the trail. Crazy hot, crazy humid, but crazy good to get out there. :D

Thursday: Well, at the discretion of my PT, I cautiously tried out a few faster miles (low 7s) during this run. It was supposed to be a tempo run with a 4 mile warm up and 4 miles at tempo pace, followed by a 2 mile warm down. I basically adapted it and ran by feel so that I did not further annoy my hamstring. It was okay, hot but okay. This week was about Stamina anyway, so I wasn't too stressed about getting in a crazy workout at the risk of injury.

Friday: Yep, squeezing in a missed run day on my normal rest day. Don't do as I do, lol. I was feeling good and I am on vacation so I headed out for a little 10k jaunt along the trail.

Saturday: It was drizzly and rainy out but I wasn't complaining. The humidity however is something I just can't get used to. It has GOT to go. Normally on Saturdays I do strides at the end of my run but I skipped them today and just ran steady for 7.5 miles.

I was so pumped to wear my tiux Seawall compression socks! Then I was very sad that they got so muddy. :( Don't forget, you can use my discount code and get 15% off your very own pair!!! Click HERE for yours!!!

Saturday night was  Girl's Night at Marg's and I am still dreaming about all of the delicious food!!!

Stacey made lettuce wraps as shown below! mmm

Sam brought along a fantastic cake to celebrate Stacey's yummy! I don't have a photo of Marg's Potato Salad, but it is da bomb dot com!

Sunday: Late, slow and steady, long and solo 20 miles. There, run summarized LOL! I literally left my house at 11:45 a.m.! Girl's night made me exhausted!

But I was all smiles when it was done!

Weekly total miles: 50 (80.6km).

And of course, Lola thinks she should post this pic on Mommy's <3

Thanks so much for stopping by the GGR blog space! Have a wonderful evening!!!!
Ever get a summer head cold? 
What's the latest you've ever left for a long run? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

GGR - What's Up Wednesday?

Hey everyone!

My usual GGR weekly rundown was MIA this past week and I apologize!!!! It was a crazy week that started off awful and then finished off great!

Last Monday Lola and I were out for a walk and she was attacked by a big dog that was off leash. :( Thank goodness Courteney was around and she swiftly took us to the vet. I could have never driven being such a mess. Luckily Lola is okay and only suffered minor cuts and bruises. <3

I did manage to get in my highest mileage week in a long time (52.5) which tells me that marathon training is in full swing! My body is also alerting me of the same thing with it's usual marathon mileage aches and tight spots. Thank goodness I have Jeff at Nova Physio to keep me on the road safely!!! I sort of neglected my own recovery/strengthening after Lola's run in. :(

My current area we're working on --->
Darn hamstrings! 
My glute/hamstring was super tight last weekend so I decided to pull out of the planned Macpass Mile Bridge Run. :(  Fast running is what pisses it off so I had approval from Jeff to do a long slow run and that's just what I did. We're also working on strengthening these hammies of mine so that speed work doesn't mean injury. I sent the above photo to Jeff to tell him that my injury has "moved." I think he thinks I'm nuts lol. It's red in the picture from the heating pad.

I am so glad Marg has returned from Vacation!!!! She helped me get through a 19 mile humid run on Sunday along the trail.

And when I got home from the run I discovered that Mr. Groundhog has also returned!
I took this when Lola was at the office with Matt. It's like the groundhog knew she wasn't home and he was just making himself comfortable in the back yard! 

On Monday it was the Natal Day holiday here in HRM and Lola and I went to cheer Matt. 
There were so many fast runners there! I was thankful that I was spectating because in a race position I'd never get to see so much talent ... just the view from faaaar behind. Matt ran a crazy fast 6 miler in 36:07...somehow he ran an extra 0.14 as I tend to do at races lol. 

It was also our 7th anniversary on Monday! 

We went out to dinner at The Keg to celebrate. Lola was annoyed that she couldn't come.

It was so delicious!!!

I took an extra rest day this week on Tuesday and funny enough I woke up with a head cold! Ugh. Sore hamstring, head cold, I'm falling apart I know.

I did manage to find this amazing recipe for Cheesy chicken chilli on Skinny Taste's Page.  You need to make it! It's delicious. *I did not use a package of taco seasoning since that stuff is pretty valuable in our household, so I made my own as optioned in the link. ;)

Today (Wednesday) I went out and did a test run after some needling, cupping, Tens machine, and all of the tricks Jeff does to heal me. I did a slow flat easy 10k along the trail without pain, just stiffness, so I'm feeling optimistic. Now if only I could stop sneezing. 

Oh and look what arrived in the mail today!!!!!!! 
Certainly not my fastest Boston, but definitely one that made me feel tough in the end for finishing!

Thanks so much for checking in on GGR! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!! Lola says, "See ya later!"

Ever experience a dog run in??? I'm finding it very hard to get over. It was so upsetting!!! 
Any trouble spots during training? My hamstring needs to get better fast! I'm doing all my homework!!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Monday, 31 July 2017

GGR Weekly Rundown!

I hope your week is off to a great start!

My week is beginning with a rest day since I ran my highest distance since the Boston Marathon yesterday.

Here's a bit of how my week looked:

Monday: Waking up after the Tely 10 was like....nope. LOL. My legs had that "Oh boy did I race" feel but the right quad was noticeably sore so it got a lot of extra attention this week. No workouts other than walking through the airport.
Bye bye Newfoundland!

Tuesday: Long and easy mid-distance run. I planned to abort as soon as things got nasty. But I took it pretty gentle and got it done.

Wednesday: On Wednesday Erin, little Ella and I went to a movie. It was the Stars and Strollers event that they do for moms at the Cineplex Theatres. I thought it was so awesome to do that! The movie meant that I did a late day run which I hadn't done since June. I've become used to morning runs since summer vacation. But it was kind of nice to do it late day.

Thursday: On Thursday I did a speed workout. I know...I probably shouldn't have but I didn't run as fast as I typically would.

The workout was a 3 mile warm up, 5 x 3 minutes at VO2 max (I probably did 10k pace), with 2 minutes of jogging in between and a 2 mile warm down. There were 8 miles total and we  celebrated with tacos later that day. :D
I love when Matt comes home for lunch and I hijack him to take

I made mango salsa and it's sooooo good on chicken tacos.

Friday: Running rest day but I tried a short strength workout at home. It wasn't anything fascinating but I felt good to at least take the dumbbells

Saturday: On Saturday I got to test out my new purple tiux socks!!! I love the soft feel of new socks between my toes! After I typed that I realized how weird it sounds, lol.

I ran 6 easy miles and 6 strides on the trail while Lola was at the doggie spa.


To prepare for my Sunday Looooong run I made a pizza!
I put lots of veggies on and some extra lean hamburger. It was super delish!
Sunday: OH. MY. GOODNESS. My first 20 miler in a very long time! Jennie offered to share about 20km of it with me and I was thankful for the company. I drove into Halifax and ran 10k solo before she got there. Then we headed down to super busy downtown on the waterfront where people dodging became a real issue. We then decided to run back to the car along the streets. We did however get to run the seabridge! We didn't care that it was filled with people .... it's a Strava segment so we jogged it anyway lol.

As seen on my run...

It's the BEST when running friends bring treats!!!! Thanks Jennie!

Starbucks for the drive home because you know, calorie replacement and all. ;)

How the rest of Sunday looked....
Weekly total: 50.7miles 82km

Thanks again for stopping by the GGR blog space! Have a beautiful day!

What's next on your race radar? I'm running the Macpass Mile on Sunday and I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my long run. Any suggestions?

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Friday, 28 July 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

I was thinking earlier that a week ago I was in NL! How fast does time go seriously?!

Here are my sisters, my dad and I at The Bigs one week ago today...where they have the most delicious nachos in the world. :D

Here are my Friday 5:

1. My new lavender endurance socks from tiux came!!!! There's no filter on this photo-they are this purple!!!! I'm also sharing their new Seawall Stripes socks which I can't wait to get. This is such a cool fun design!

2. Clearly there's been a taco night since I got home...obviously. I made mango salsa and it was delicious on our chicken tacos...mmm!

3. Getting back to training after a solid race is not easy peesy lemon squeezy! Nope. I've been logging slow steady miles on the flat flat flat trail. My legs feel really good, but not back to absolute normal. Wait! Are my legs ever 'normal' in Marathon training???? ;) LOL.

4. This week I'm getting back to strength training. I definitely took two weeks off....oops. I feel like toning my body helps me stay off the injured list and it certainly makes me stronger. 

5. Guess who is getting a haircut tomorrow! 

And I had to share this photo because, you know, how freaking cute is she?! <3

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by the GGR blog space! 
Compression socks: Yay or nay for you? 
How long after a race until you resume regular training? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)