Sunday, 12 February 2017

Project PB: Week 6!

Week 6, the week of "Stamina!" Well, at least that was the focus of this week's training. 

You know, as Sia says. ;)  But if you live in Nova Scotia you are probably feeling like it was the "Week of Snow!" We've had two storms already with another big one arriving tonight! I'm having horrific flashbacks of the Winter of 2015 where Boston Training was quite interesting!
Remember this?!?!?!?
And this?!?!??!!?!?

And here's the weekly rundown:

Monday: Rest day!!! And as I mentioned on Friday, Mitch gave me my weekly dose of needles to help with the quad tightness. OUCHY OUCH OUCH!

11 miles around the hood, and things felt pretty good! I'm always tempted to run fast on Tuesdays but then I remember that I'll pay dearly for speedy I pull in the reigns. ;)

Wednesday: It was a snow day! Well it quickly turned to freezing rain and by the time I ran it was pretty mild out! 6 easy miles at 8:17 pace.

Sam stopped by with scones to go along with our snow day coffee!

And basically Lola did this all day:

Thursday: So on Thursday evening there was supposed to be a Nor' Easter coming through! I was a bit worried because it was Tempo run day! :0 So Matt took Lola to the office with him and I parked at his office immediately after work, ran from there along the COLT trail and then got home with plenty of time to spare! The run was 4 warm up miles, 5 tempo miles and one mile warm down. It was tough!!!!

Friday: Snow day workout at home with this furry chick! I did lots of core work and physiotherapy exercises and stretches. There was no running on Friday and I was thankful. :)

I tested out my Red tiux compression socks on my recovery run today!!!! They are so cool! Don't forget you can get 20% off your very own pair with my discount code HEATHERLCTIUX !!!!

It was sooooo cold! I had 5 easy miles followed by 5 x 15 second hill sprints. Matt and Lola drove by as I was about to begin my hill sprints so I stopped to say hi. :)

Long run day! I usually look forward to the long run but there was some uncertainty about the sidewalks (snow covered), with my hamstrings and the temperature. My hamstrings were very tight so I didn't go too crazy on the hills today, but man the snowy sidewalks sure did add some challenge to my long run! At one point I hopped over to the actual street, which was clear, to avoid the backwards slippage. I just kept telling myself that this struggle with help me get stronger for Boston!

My hose was frozen by the time I took my second drink at 4 miles. I was so bummed. Immediately I started rubbing it with my mitten and then I thought of  a brilliant idea-put the hose in my coat!!! To my surprise it worked!!! I had plenty of fluid for the remainder of my run. :D
There were so many runners out today on the COLT trail! Everyone must have been getting their miles in before the big blizzard arrives I thought to myself.

I finished my 18 miles about 0.4 miles from the house and Matt and Lola were driving by. I quickly hopped in and got them to take me Matt: How was your run? Me: "groan groan groan." LOL.

 Boy am I glad that's over with! LOL. I was so exhausted and cold when I got home!

Sam dropped these off for me post run! I told her that I would run 18 miles every day if I'd come home to these treats! YUM! Thanks again!

I thought some tasty turkey chilli would heat things up post run. :D

Total miles for the week: 51.7

Thanks again for taking a minute to read my space in the blogosphere! Have a wonderful day!

Boston is in 63 days!!! 
Happy running,
Heather :)

Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday!!!

I have another snow day today because of the large dosage of Winter that Mother Nature has prescribed for us. Wednesday was also cancelled because the city was coated in ice from a freezing rain/snow storm. Anyway, I thought that since I had some unexpected time on my hands I'd do a Friday 5 post! P.S. Super thanks to Matt for shoveling in the dark cold hours of the morning while Lola and I slept!!!!
Snow day hair, don't care. xoxo

1. Monday wouldn't be Monday without a dose of dry needling! OUCH. Mitch was happy with the muscle jumping that was going on, I on the other hand took this photo with one hand while the other was covering my face with a pillow.

2. I've been saving myself some much needed time in the early morning hours of dark o'clock by preparing my breakfast smoothies the night before. (I took this photo in daylight clearly so that you could actually get a good view). I just throw in my beets, spinach, frozen berries and protein then keep in it the fridge overnight. The next morning I put my banana and almond milk in. It's so quick!

3. Outrunning ANOTHER storm! On Thursday everyone was pretty confident that the Nor' Easter approaching us would basically shut the city down. So I changed into my running gear at work, parked at Matt's office and did my much dreaded Tempo Run on the flattish paved trail near his work. I'm happy to report that the storm didn't begin until an hour or two after I was done! :D

4. My Boston Socks!!!!
I was so excited when my new tiux endurance socks arrived!!!! They're blue and will definitely be a part of my outfit for this year's Boston Marathon. I will have a full review posted in a short while, but in the meantime just know that I love them! I've worn them on two long runs and had NO blisters! If you'd like a pair you can even use my discount code to receive 20% off! How nice am I??? ;)

5. Hi, my name is Heather and I'm addicted to tacos.

Taco Tuesday has become a staple here in our household. On Tuesdays Matt and I have medium long runs and Tacos are just such a great meal that we enjoy recovering with! I also saw this purse on the IG page of Fairytales and Fitness and I really think I must have it.

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog space and have a super snowy day! ;)
Did you get a storm where you live? 
Boston is in 66 days!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Project PB: Week 5!

We are a month into Boston Training and I am still upright...for the most part, lol.

The focus of the week was "Recovery." That being said, I had a long run today of 16 miles, so I guess you could say training is getting pretty serious!

I will share my current obsession in music with you before we get going. It's "Storms," by Louise Burns and it's amazing!  I can only find the live versions on youtube but itunes definitely has the really awesome version! 

Here's a bit of a rundown on how the week went: 

Monday: A major round of dry needling on my right quad...OUCH! I was too wimpy for actual photos while the needles were in, or too busy covering my face with a pillow. So you will have to settle for a post-needle pic of the dots...tears so many tears. :(

Tuesday: The last day of January!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?! After my run I realized that I had logged 214 miles that month! I was like, OH my gawd please don't get injured!!! lol. 

Wednesday: Getting set for Groundhog day! LOL...the life of an elementary teacher. 

Lola had an upset belly so I decided to use the ol' T'mill to log my 4 mile recovery run. It's kind of cool having access to a treadmill at home!

Thursday: Tempo Thursday!!! :0 
I got dressed at work and decided to run on my way home as opposed to the evening so that I could Tempo in daylight. ;)  My Tempo paces had me so nervous. I haven't run that fast since early October. Fun Fact: I had no sunglasses in my car except these Yes, I may look ridiculous but they stayed put probably better than my Oakleys! 
Planning my route I did not account for the street crossing, only for the elevation. I wanted a flattish route so that I could maintain pace. Another fun fact: I ran too fast and had to stop 2x for cars. :(  I still ran really fast for a long time and after 8 miles total, I was done! Tempo miles were closer to 7:00 with my range from Greg being 6:58-7:15. I'll get better I promise. 

Friday: I worked out at home but there was no running and I was glad! Teaching six year olds and training for a marathon is exhausting! You will never out-energize a six year old, ever. And 21 of them, well that's just craziness, lol. They are fun though. ;) 
Mitch has me doing this insanely HARD exercise for my IT band/glutes. I always die a little inside halfway through.

Saturday: Brr! Winter definitely came back! Luckily I only had an easy 4 miles on schedule followed by 8 strides. I love the pace chart when I do strides, lol. 
After completing my super frigid run, I made a fantastic smelling batch of Superhero Muffins from my Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook. Matt and I are obsessed with these and try to pace ourselves eating 

Sunday: My long run for the week was 16 miles. No workout in between miles, just a straight up sixteen miler. I ran alone on a route with rolling hills. I saw Matt driving by when I was one mile away from home. I seriously wanted to hop in with him. 
Week total: 43.4 miles (69.9km) 

Thanks again for taking time to check in on GGR. Have a wonderful day!

How was your week??? 
Boston is in 70 days and 17 hours!!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :) 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Project PB: Week 4!

Happy Sunday, happy RUNday and for tomorrow, (when you'll likely be reading this) happy Monday! lol.

For this week the focus was "endurance." I knew this was going to be challenging since I am trying to teach my body to 'endure' while fatigued, (is it absolutely necessary to make marathon training so tough? or is it just rude? lol). I am typing this post so it looks like I survived, but I look just like this....

Monday: Okay, if I'm being totally honest I can't actually remember much about Monday. So I'm assuming my planned resting and relaxation after work was a complete success! LOL. I do see that I did some stretching and planking on my training log though so the day wasn't a complete veg session.

The relaxation guru........
Tuesday: I woke up Tuesday morning to the notification that school was cancelled due to the incoming ice storm! I was so surprised but not complaining because I had 11 miles on the plan. ;) I leaped out of bed when I realized how slippery the roads were going to get and did an easy paced (8:23/mi) 11 miles. I was 8 miles in before it started so I was feeling pretty pumped about that. 3 miles with squinty eyes was a little annoying but I did not really care since I planned on enjoying the rest of my day knowing that I had gotten my run in. (fist pump).

OH! I really want to share my favourite new running song that I repeat all the time with you!!! It's Starboy and I love it!

Wednesday: I was a little concerned on Wednesday when I did my 6 mile recovery run. My right IT band was tight, not painful, just tight and I know that means it's possibly the start of something serious if left untreated. I was running in seriously worn down shoes waiting for my new ones to arrive and because of my supination I wear the outer edges of my shoes basically down to nothing. :( This puts extra stress on the outer parts of my legs/hips. Mitch wasn't too concerned and told me to focus on foam rolling and STRETCHING. I do stretch but I admittedly don't stretch enough, (bows head in shame).

When I got home from my run I was surprised that I had a voicemail. You're probably wondering where this is going but don't worry I have a point, lol. It was my Physiotherapy office calling to tell me that Yee had a cancellation for the NEXT DAY if I was interested in a massage! Umm, YES! It was like it was meant to be!

Thursday: Busy day! Worked all day, with kids, who have a zillion times more energy than I do, massage appointment after that followed by an 11 mile rainy run!!!!!!!!! ZONKED! Massage wasn't all like zen and relaxation just so you know. We worked on my IT band area and the surrounding tight muscles. Yee did cupping which was quite unpleasant and left me with some bruising but I felt so good the next day! #worthit

11 miles in the rain at night and I'm so happy to be done!

Friday: No running today but I did have a strength workout on the plan. I worked out and
watched ET with Lola. Who else likes to watch old school movies on Netflix?!??! Matt thinks I'm weird because I enjoy watching Jurassic Park, lol. I love that movie! Lola was a huge help in working out, (eyeroll).
Lola, always making core work extra

Saturday: Windy and chilly 5 mile run plus 4 hill sprints at the end.
Julie and I had a great lunch post run at Cortado Tasting Room and it was Deeelish!

Saturday night was filled with suspenseful movie watching and sugar at Erin's! We had a great girl's night and the liquorice and jujubes offered me some great long run fuel for the next morning! Oh, and the nachos, lol.

And did I mention there were cupcakes at Erin's? lol

Sunday: So so so nervous that my cranky IT band would not let me do today's long run workout: 7 mile warm up, 10 miles at MP and warm down at the end. I met up with speedy Marg for the first 7.5 miles so we ran nice and easy. Then when she headed back I decided that if I felt good, I'd do my workout but if not I'd just run it easy. I was shocked that I didn't feel anything in the area so I got it done.
Matt and I ate lunch at his office post long run and someone joined us....

Week total: 52.3 miles, 84.3 km.
Girl drops mic...

Thanks for taking a moment to check in on GGR! Have a beautiful day!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston is in 77 days and 15 hours!!!!