Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Vacation Running, Thus Far!

Hey everyone!

The first bit of Summer Vacation is going great!!! Lots of running, coffee drinking (while it's warm!), snuggles with Lola, sun and Netflix. I can't complain. For some strange reason though my body still wants to wake up at early o'clock...I guess you can't expect the internal school alarm to automatically snooze. By late August sleeping in until 9:30 should be a breeze! LOL.

I've been keeping myself busy, but just the right level you know?

Venturing out on the BLT trail for some hot humid easy running as been somewhat of an adventure...

This guy showed up on the trail a short while ago and was becoming quite popular with the local running group, the BLT Runners. No one seemed to know where he came from though???

Ugh, the only thing I strongly dislike about summer running on the trail...
I think this guy was a baby but still -  eew!
 I turned the only race photo I could find of myself during the EPIC Quarter Marathon into a meme! Go meme, or go home. Am I right?! LOL.

I joined the Halifax Road Hammers for a speed workout in the park on the hottest day of Summer...good choices all around, lol! It was 34 Celsius during our 800m repeats! There were several close calls with puking.

Jennie, Charlotte and I post workout! 
Speed work is ALWAYS better with a group! Even though you can't chat during the tough stuff, it's beneficial to have a pack to stick with, someone to chase or hey, motivation to stay ahead of someone! ;) There were several workouts over the winter training months that I would have avoided had it not been for BLT speed work at the CGC track!
Christine was there too!!! 
 When I got home that night I ingested half of a full watermelon and several slices of pineapple!

Are you wondering what to do with your old running shoes? Well, here's an idea that I saw many years ago in Boston to recycle old running shoes:
You may have seen this on my IG page.
 On Saturday morning the BLT Runners headed out to Ingramport to support Lindsay and her family in a fundraising effort towards their Mission to Kenya. They hosted a 5k fun run and it was fantastic!

We met at the Fire Station and did an out and back along the Rails to Trails. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was spectacular! Stacey and I ran together and we could hear the ocean waves crashing as we ran. So beautiful!

The dogs even came along for a run! They were so cute, and fit!

Jill was there doing face paint and look at this great BLT logo she drew on me! It had lots of sparkle and I didn't want it to wash off. :)

Such a poser...
I also got to wear my new glasses from tiux! Remember you can get 20% off by putting in HEATHERLCTIUX at checkout!!! 
 Hey, you know what else??? We had a girl's night! Just like old times. :)

On Sunday I did a long run with Charlotte, Erin and Sarah all around downtown Halifax and over the BRIDGE into Dartmouth! That bridge is a mountain in disguise. But it sure was a pretty view once you were on it!

PLUS...It has cold drinking water on the Dartmouth side!!!

16 miles later ...

So that's about all I've been up to really. What's been keeping you busy this summer???

Oh, of course, Lola says, "Hi." <3

Thanks for visiting the GGR Blogspace!!!! Have a beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Epic Quarter Marathon!

Happy Canada Day!

This weekend was filled with running which is the best way to celebrate Summer vacation if you ask me, a teacher runner. ;)

After Friday night's 6.1k I headed out yesterday for a flat easy run on the Rails to Trails. It was a scorcher so 9 easy miles was definitely enough the day before the Epic Quarter Marathon.

I was trying to look patriotic but had no clue what to wear. I got a ton of compliments on my plaid shorts though!
After running the 6.1 course on Friday my expectations for Sunday's race definitely dropped a bit and I became more realistic. The loop we'd have to do runs into Shubie Park, which I remembered from a couple of years ago being rolling, twisty and on crusher dirt. 

I headed over around 7 a.m. because I live quite far from the race area and I wanted to do a bit of a warm up since I wouldn't be doing a long run today.
Run chatting at the start with some of the neighbourhood running crew. #BLTRunners

It was humid, again. Oh well, I'd deal with it just run slower and pray the sun didn't come out!

As we headed up to the start, me and my lead legs, lol. I saw a bunch of runners I knew! Jennie, Charlotte, Sarah and Michael were pacing for the race and I said hi to many others. I enjoy that part of a race - seeing people you usually only communicate with on Strava, etc.

At the horn we were off!
Photo: Bruce Nelson
I was like, "hey, I'm feeling pretty good. Maybe today will go very well?" ;)

I was prepared to head down that little street I mentioned on Friday's race (where I saw Kendra and then we climbed back up). However, we didn't go there. We ran towards the Micmac AAC by the lake which is very pretty, down a hill, right and then there was the monster hill I mentioned on Friday. Nope, not today I said. You don't get to win today hill. I ran much stronger up it today compared to the slow slog of Friday. But there was definitely much more to come.

I was eager again for the big downhill by the Micmac Mall where I parked. It was fun to cruise down.

We then headed into Shubie Park where there was a lot of running on winding trail that had many ups and downs. At one point I couldn't see the runners who were ahead of me and I actually thought I was lost! There were a few options to go so I prayed that I took the right part!!!

The thing I liked about the park was that you got to see all the runners, the ones ahead and behind you because of the loops and turns. This was very supportive for me since I was tired! I really appreciated the high fives and cheers. I tried to give thumbs up to as many people as I could.

Coming out of the park, FINALLY...we headed through a little neighbourhood and my feet loved the pavement!

I was running really slow here. I think I was finally running out of steam. Stacy approached very quickly from behind and was being super supportive! I couldn't stick with her and that was fine by me today.

Courteney's friend Jill got these shots as we headed back up to the mall area and the finish.
 I look like death lol!
I was trying so hard as I headed around the lake and could hear the finish.

When I finished I saw that it was less than 50 minutes to my surprise!
I ended up being the 3rd woman which was cool!

I chatted with Scott and Elizabeth and also with 1st and 2nd place females to give them mad props! 

When Courteney finished we hit up the Jujubes and snow cones! 

The dog behind me looks like he's giving me the stink eye. I think he wanted my cone. Don't worry, he did let me pet him so we're cool.

Yeah, how about no!

And that's a wrap for an Epic Canadian Weekend! 2 races for me, although some hard core runners did 4!!!! With the two races I also got the "Easy Medal" that will eventually in 6 years spell out CANADA.

Neat huh?

Have an awesome and safe Canada Day weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Epic @ Night 6.1k!


I can't possibly be the only one who is this excited for school to be out? ;) 
 We had a great last day together and it poured from the heavens so everyone was soaked by the time they got to school!

But then the weather decided to make a crazy drastic turn...Enter Heat Wave.

The temperature was in the high twenties with humidity values making it feel like 30... oh boy!

I started to get ready after I woke up from a late afternoon nap, lol. I was so tired honestly. I kept my side braid in from school because I thought it showed off my NL map on my tank. ;)

I headed over to Dartmouth and parked at the mall which was only 1km from the start line. OH! Tiux sent me new glasses so I thought it was the perfect time to try them out! They are only $19.99 and with HEATHERLCTIUX at the checkout you can get 20% off, just sayin'. ;)

I was already sweating by the time I got to the start...lol.

I wasn't too worried about it though because I signed up for this race for fun as a way to celebrate school being done. Not to mention that 6.1km is pretty short, so doable in this heat.

The route may somewhat be shaped like a heart, but it was heartless!!!! Ouch! Let me explain...

I did a little 2.5 mile warm up where I felt as heavy as lead and was soaking with sweat...good times.  I also saw and chatted with Avery, Nicole and Cindy. It was nice to see familiar faces since I travelled alone.

Then we headed up to the start line about 6:55 ish. 
Bruce was nice enough to let me use his AMAZING photos for the post. Thank you!
You can see me just to the left of the guy in the lime green shirt. My immediate thoughts: "What AM I doing?" Short fast races are NOT my thing, lol. But maybe that's why I suck at them???

The first couple of KMs were great! We ran by the lake as the paddlers were out and it was flat. And THEN...

We headed down this little street that sort of veered left ( I honestly have no clue what it was). I saw Kendra, correction: Kendra yelled my name and I tried to focus and find her, lol. Immediately to the right was also Don who was volunteering...MY thoughts: This is a decline, I'm going fast. We have to come back up this!

And so we did. 

This is where I started to die a bit and get VERY hot. I was like, whatever. It's just for fun, while still trying to push what I could do. We finally got off the street and into a park area where we were directed to the left which was a massive hill!!!!! I really was seriously hoping the volunteer was wrong AND that the runners ahead just made a very bad decision and misunderstood where they were supposed to go, but nope. We chugged up and my "run" became a jog, walk, hobble? I thought I was going to throw up for sure! This was during 3-4km. 

Then when we got to the top...five years later, I realized how high up we were and surely we'd have to come down? So I tried to zoom down the hill by Micmac Mall. We were then told to go right and then right again and left onto the trail that goes around the lake. (This was a very NICE section of down). Running around the lake I saw the 5k mark and I knew that I could basically suffer through anything for 1km. Even though I was fighting off vomit. Yep, true story.

Seriously, look at this FANTASTIC shot from Bruce Nelson!
I kept pushing and my pace quickened. :D 

The finish at EPIC is awesome! Take a look: 
Cool right? 

I high fived the Race Director Tim Chesnutt and I really wanted to thank him for standing out there in the storm of Boston and get super fab photos, but all I could do was high five and NOT puke ON him. Oh my...classy! 

A volunteer handed me a flat cup with a plastic bag attached and I knew what it was for...lol. Too bad I kept missing and puked twice EVERYWHERE! 

I really signed up initially for the medal! Look how cool it is!

12th overall
2nd female
2nd in my age category
I'll take it

After I drank copious amounts of water I headed back over to the car and Matt and I celebrated with Pizza! Happy Summer to me!

Tomorrow I am heading over AGAIN for the 10.5...Let's pray for cooler temperatures! 

Did you run EPIC?

Thanks for checking in!

Happy Canada Day weekend and Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Summer Training Has Begun!

Guys, I have to say I'm pretty stoked about having less than a week between myself and Summer Vacation! :D
Lola's pretty pumped too, lol.
This week will most definitely zoom by but this past week lasted for about 17 days. It felt incredibly long, exhausting and was completely busy - Including a bouncy castle!
Leaping into summer vacay like...
I still made time to run even though I was zonked after the kids left every single day. I've been adding in an extra short and slow run throughout the week when possible, usually on Mondays which I took formerly as my first rest day of the week. 6 days a week of running is actually quite fatiguing.

It will be awesome once school is out to have the freedom and flexibility again to get my running in whenever and wherever I feel like it. Throughout the school year many of those runs are late evening, which now still permits me to run in daylight!

So let me pass along a discount code for you to use at the checkout if you would like to purchase a pair of the NEW Tiux Shades!!!! I LOVE all the colours and can't wait to get mine!!! If you shop here and use HEATHERLCTIUX at the checkout you'll receive my ambassador discount of 20% off!

This week I logged 45.9 miles or 73.9km. I am trying to build the base back up slowly since Chicago training is starting up.

Speed work is now a weekly necessity and I dread it every week, lol. This past Thursday involved Hill Sprints. I picked a nasty hill in the neighbourhood and after a good 3 mile warm up I did the hill up and down 6x. I thought I'd die, but I survived. I had a bit of noodle leg syndrome but other than that I was fine. ;)

For my long run this week I headed into town and met up with a bunch of friends who run with the Road Hammers to do an insanely tough loop followed by a Brunch at Jennie's and Michael's. Charlotte, Jennie, Sarah and I stuck together, except when I was dying on the hills, lol. It was very challenging for me but I did it and lived to tell the tale! 20km total with 285m of elevation and 5:06 pace/km. 

Tired, but never too tired for a selfie!

A well deserved feast!

 Cheers to many more smiley miles!

I run for the...

Milo was too cute not to make the blog. <3
 Thanks Jennie & Michael for hosting!
I am totally wearing mismatched socks in the photo, lol. 
So I'm launching my Summer Vacation with an Epic Duo at the Epic Canadian races! I'm running the 6.1km on Friday evening and the 10.5 on Sunday! I'll probably regret it due to teacher exhaustion, but I bet it will be awesome! Epic!

Until then...

Happy Running,
Heather :) 
Are you running Epic?