Sunday, 13 May 2018

Spring Running has Sprung!

Happy Sunday RUNday everyone!!!

I have so much gratitude for the wonderful weather we have been having these days. It feels awesome to dress like this...

And not like this...
LOL I could not resist!
On another note, I think I'm mostly healed up from the Boston Marathon with the exception of a few tight spots that I have to get back to work on.
Jeff has been a great help with that, lol. 

Stacey, Marg and I were talking today about how much easier it is now to go run. We can head out the door leaving several layers behind and it feels amazing!
The bugs did not feel awesome on our run today...look closely you can see them!!!

The Boston Marathon feels sort of like a dream now to me. I fee like, "Did that actually happen?" when I stop and think about it. It's crazy to think of all that training and race prep only to have race day have weather that will be talked about for years! But that's a part of the deal once you commit. You must accept what you can't control. 
You just have to adjust your expectations, even if it means picking up a dirty poncho from the ground. ;) 

That being said, I feel a sense of eagerness to get out there and have another go at the marathon. I know we're running Chicago and that's a completely different beast but I'm hungry for more. From talking to many other runners who felt that they had so much more to give on Marathon Monday I know I am not alone. (Here's to good weather for Marathon #18!)

Until then I am doing everything I can to run smart, healthy and strong. That includes some mega strengthening and diet cleanup! Matthew and I eat healthy on the regular but there's always room for improvements! Did I mention that I bought a waffle maker?! 

For strengthening I am focusing on my hips, upper body and core. I've recently started using this ab video called Ab Ripper X on Krista's suggestion. I love it because it's only 10 minutes long!!! 

Next weekend I'll be the pace bunny for the Bluenose 15k, which is actually 15.229km??? I'll be running with White Rabbit Pacing so follow me if you'd like to do the distance in 1:20! That's 8:24/mile and 5:15/km.

Until then, here's Lola enjoying the sun on the new deck: 
Are you running Bluenose???

Happy Running and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The 2018 Boston Marathon-One For The Books!

On your mark! Get set! SPLASH!

Or something like that, lol.

This year's Boston Marathon was one for the books. As current media coverage indicates, the weather deserves a medal of it's own.

In my packing preparations I was NOT prepared the type of weather we actually ended up having on Marathon Monday. The forecast was saying 14 Celsius and then a few days later 10 AND then 2 the day before the race! I had not packed tights or capris, so I was wearing shorts now matter what- Yikes! The weather system kept getting more intense as we got closer to race start. Runners all over the Boston area were freaking out!!!!!!!

I was trying very hard to continue my journey into denial about how bad the weather was. I trained in Nova Scotia, a little rain wasn't so scary. ;) I didn't realize that Mother Nature was going to toss in some sleet, substantial headwinds and persistent deluge!

Let's check out race day:

Marg, Matt and I headed off on the hotel shuttle to meet up with the BAA buses. We did some selfies on the 45 minute trip and pondered what the day would bring.
We may get wet, but at least we had cool nails. :D
Our shuttle met up with the buses and we were some of the first to get on.

This was a common sight...

It wasn't raining too bad at all at first. But then...
When we arrived at the Athlete's Village things got seriously intense.

The winds started picking up and that IS SNOW on the ground!

We arrived early to ensure some prime real estate in Tent 3!

We were some of the lucky ones since MANY were left standing in muddy mucky puddles trying to seek shelter.

Matt, Marg and I shared these plastic bags on our excursions to the port-a-potties! We ran into Bruce from our running group and he gave us some excellent tips on getting in and out quickly! ;)

Matt left the tent first to head off with the wave 1 runners and then Marg and I hung out with Bruce and did final preparations. My Dollarama rain suit proved very effective until I sat down, LOL!!!

I can't even...
Upon the advice of the BAA many runners packed extra running shoes for the start line. Thank goodness I did because I saw so many runners trudging through these huge puddles on their way up to the corrals. :(

When my wave was called I slowly made my way up to the start line but there was so much gear on the ground and runners trying to get through all the umbrellas and people changing that I missed my start! No big deal I know because my time wouldn't begin until I crossed the chip mat. But it was close on 10:30 and I was in wet sock feet in the middle of the street changing my clothes and shoes!!! My poncho and rain jacket got blown away during the process as I struggled to tie my shoes while keeping my gloves dry. Boy, what a challenge! Matt got us surgical gloves to wear over our thin gloves to keep us warm and dry.  

So instead of the usual bag of nerves I usually am at the start, I was a rushed runner on the verge of panic trying to take a puffer and focus! 

Once I hit start with several other runners who also couldn't get to the corral on time I was pumped and I had the biggest smile as we cruised down the starting hill of Hopkinton. This is always a very special feeling. <3 

I was feeling a bit concerned about the ice cold pouring rain that was falling on my super sleek and not so warm running outfit. I made a decision on impulse that as soon as I saw a discarded poncho I'd try to grab it if it was safe and I wouldn't trip anyone. So I did!!! I grabbed the first accessible one I could and pulled it on over my head and I immediately felt better. It was covered in muddy wet footprints!!! I couldn't help but laugh at the move I had just made, LOL. My students thought this part was the best of my whole marathon story! 

I love that it was clear and you could still see my bib! 
photo credit: Tim Chesnutt

I took it super easy on the hills since an appointment to the walk in clinic had me freaked on the Thursday before we left for Boston! I went to refill my puffer prescription and the doctor said that the congestion in my windpipe (that was giving me a tight feeling in my chest), may mean I should "abort the marathon!" I was so upset but Matt and Marg made me feel better and I decided to run and "abort" if it felt unsafe breathing wise. *It was very easy to slow the pace considering the forceful headwinds that were present for the ENTIRE MARATHON! 

When the strong gusts would blow I covered my mouth with the buff I won at the BLT Reboot was soaking wet so you can guess how that went! LOL. 

For the first few miles I couldn't tell if my legs were numb, frost bitten or tight. There were these sharp sensations in my quads and I realized it was sleet!!!! Not rain! I pulled my hat down low to keep it out of my face and every now and again I'd close my eyes and pray that I wouldn't ram into someone who suddenly stopped...which was happening, a lot. 

I have to say that there were definitely less spectators, understandably so. There were still many folks out on their balconies and lawns with tarps and umbrellas. The spectators were amazing though! They were totally invested in ensuring the runners a safe and comfortable run. Many signs with "Dry Socks and Gloves," made my heart full and so many runners were pulling over to change. I considered it but figured trying to get tight wet compression socks off of my frozen tight legs might be a marathon of its own! So on I went enduring the elements.

I saw Santa at 7.5 miles in a velor suit with an umbrella! LOL. There was also a big sign saying, "North Pole," and I was like, "No kidding!" 

I love that the traditional landmarks and cheer squads were out. I sang along to Sweet Caroline and smiled at the Rocky song when I heard it. 

In a blip, I was halfway done. The Wellesley girls were out in full screaming force!!!! The one and only sign I saw at the College said, "Kiss me, I'm already wet!" LOL LOL LOL!!!! 

I knew the race was just getting going as we sailed down the half mile decline in Wellesley heading into Newton. 
This photo was taken by the amazing Tim Chesnutt who stood at mile 16 and change with a huge Nova Scotia flag on a pole in the crazy Monsoon to get runner photos! I saw Tim after I climbed the first major incline at Newton Lower Falls. This one comes before the fire station where I'd then make a switch to the left side of the road so I could see Tom! 

I couldn't believe how easy it was to pick Tom out in the crowd!!! The decreased number of spectators definitely helped. What a trooper he was to stand out there cheering!!! 
 Right before the fire station I took a cliff shot from a volunteer because getting my own gels out of my bra was proving to be quite challenging with the layers and poncho. It was so cold I had to chew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not. So many gels were on the ground and there was enough rain that had fallen that you could actually see it smeared over the street. I'd know because my head was down for the majority of the race to keep sleet and rain out of my eyes.
I really watched my breathing and pace on the hills but before I knew it I was at Boston College! The Heartbreak was over! ;) 

The cold was making my legs feel extra tight and my feet were so wet and squishy!!!!! I took oranges from spectators and I tried to absorb as much of the atmosphere as I could knowing full well that this great pain would be over in the blink of an eye, as always is the case with the Boston Marathon Phenomenon.

I kept giggling to myself about all the thought I'd put into my marathon outfit and I ended up choosing a poncho in the end! LOL. I wondered how many other Poncho-wearing marathoners thought of the same thing along the course.

I thought of Matt, Marg, Rachael, Bruce and Pat. I hoped they were all okay in the cold. At one point I knew Matt was definitely finished and I still had a ways to go. Then I wanted to be done. 

I'd quit checking my garmin at Newton. It became less about the clock and more about surviving this marathon with good health. Several people were being taken off course and I saw many runners stumbling and looking disoriented. I was concerned. But I was feeling okay. Just freezing, uncomfortable and tired! So many puddles to dodge, so many adjustments of my poncho that kept blowing up in the air like a parade float and so many steps to be taken!!!! I had to finish this marathon-imagine how great of a story this would make! LOL.

Entering Brookline I knew this is where it usually hurts, bad. The Red Sox game had gotten postponed due to weather so there were less spectators as we headed into Boston. Honestly though, I was probably more pumped this year than any other year just to be out of the weather!!! 

I could see the Citgo Sign in the clouds? Fog? Rain? I don't know but it was hazy looking. You know what wasn't hazy? The huge freaking painted sign on the street saying, "ONE MILE TO GO!" And boy, was I psyched. I kept saying, "One mile is NOTHING!" Over and over. And then it became, "Right on Hereford, Right on Hereford, where are you????" Suddenly there it was and I couldn't believe it, I was going to freaking finish this crazy hard marathon! As I ran up Hereford I decided to quickly whip off the poncho, you know, for the photos right? ;) 

Oh if I could only express the gratitude I felt taking the left onto Boylston and seeing the beautiful blue finish arch in the distance. It was pure joy! 


6 time Boston Marathoner coming through!!!!!

Tears of joy poured as I was handed my medal. "I'm so glad to see you!" I cried to the volunteer. She hugged me and gave me the most cheerful congratulations. <3 

Shaking and teeth chattering I headed to the train where I rode with Mirta, a medical tent volunteer. She was so kind to me and gave me here Boston Marathon pin which is proudly pinned onto my medal lanyard. She informed me that they were feeding the runners chicken broth in the tents to help with the hypothermia symptoms. I was so thankful to be feeling good, cold but good. 
 What an amazing experience I will never forget.

Tom was like Batman, as Matt called him, lol. He came to pick us all up in the super awesome warm car. He should have been wearing a cape, seriously!

Matt and I both had solid runs considering the elements. Both just very happy to have finished such a  feat that day! Now we are two Callaghan-sicles!!! took forever to warm up!

My training partner in crime and I!
 Unicorn number 6!

Some interesting facts from an IG friend! 

My stats: It's actually my second fastest Boston Marathon if you can believe that!

I cannot thank you enough for all of the incredible support and messages!!!! Amazing thanks to tiux and Mizuno for decking me out in super fab swag and to Nova Physio for keeping me in tip top shape. ;) Another huge thanks to my run squad at the BLT runners whose cheers from afar gave me a bit of extra pep in my step. <3

Thanks for staying tuned in until then end! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Tomorrow, We're Runnin' Boston!

We have arrived in Boston and the marathon is tomorrow!!!!!!


This will definitely be a Boston to remember with all the dramatic lead up regarding the weather. I have a new saying that's pretty much been said as often as, "One time at Band Camp..." LOL.  "Well, in 2015 when I ran Boston..." Seriously, just ask Matt, Tom or Marg!
2015 was super windy and rainy and when I finished the marathon I was almost put into the medical tent because of my blue lips and numb limbs. They let me go after I was wrapped like a tinfoil burrito and promised to go straight to the train! 

Tomorrow is supposed to be very similar. The reality is we cannot change what Mother Nature has in store. We CAN prepare ourselves as best as possible by ensuring that we stay warm and dress comfortably. Oh and of course, run smart. ;) 

Back to the fun stuff!

Yesterday we headed to the expo which was at the Seaport World Trade Center...different than previous years I've attended. There were soooo many people and the lineups were ginormous! 

Germaine is officially hired to follow us to all our She took so many great pics!

I couldn't believe no one had flagged Newfoundland at this year's expo! Marg and I took care of that. ;)

Marg and I did a little leg loosening run yesterday morning before we headed out and it was only ten degrees, but sunny and we felt HOT! LOL.
It was so beautiful out!!! 

I love the Boston trip...not just for the marathon, but for the FOOD! 

Got to keep those fuel stores up, right? ;)

So, race prep is in full swing in our hotel room:

Unicorn earrings: Check

Nails: Check

Something to sit on: Check

Extra dry shoes: Check

Race Outfit: Check

Now, let's go do this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a safe and amazing run tomorrow everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a huge thank you to all the good luck messages we've received! <3
See you on Boylston!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Callaghans are Boston Bound!

The Callaghans are bound for Boston!!! The time has come to cash in all the banked miles accumulated over this winter training cycle...all 683 (1099.18km) of them!
I am beyond excited that Matt and I are BOTH running the Boston Marathon this year!!!!

A lot of late evening solo runs, miles of speed (both indoor and outdoor), freezing runs, frosty runs, snowy runs and Sunday morning group long runs, two pairs of sneakers, countless hours with the heating pad & foam roller, several sessions of leg work including those NEEDLES, have paved the way to my sixth Boston Marathon.

Every winter that I've trained for the Boston Marathon has presented its own set of challenges with weather, illness, etc. This year I have done every bit of training possible and I'm well prepared athletically. Health wise I've been yet again trying to kick a cold virus that has caused some congestion in my windpipe, according to the doctor. I have my puffer and I'll run by feel but I am ready. There's no doubt about it this has been a great training cycle for Matt, Marg, Rachael and I. Now let the stars align on Marathon Monday. ;)

I literally started packing a week ago, you know just in case!

 I also updated my ipod!
 The weather stalking, even though it's out of my control, began 2 weeks ago!
There is significantly less ran forecasted now that goodness!
 I've also downloaded the Boston Marathon app to track our runs! It's free and you get live updates!
After you have downloaded the app go to live tracking and enter the names or bib numbers of your runners. You can follow along Matt and I! Here's what you'll need.....
Heather bib # 12861
Matt bib # 4294
Knowing you're watching makes us run faster, lol!

Krista has Matt and I all geared up for on the road snacks for the return home and well wishes! <3
Seriously Thank you!!

 And I got such a sweet card from one of my students today and a donut from another! (Extra fuel right?). ;)

I am so looking forward to seeing this on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I have super awesome news for you on Monday!
P.S. My facebook and Instagram page will probably  be flooded with Boston Marathon Updates until then. :D

Happy Running,
Heather :)