Monday, 17 July 2017

GGR Weekly Running Rundown!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I actually had to stop and really think about what day it was. And then I realized that I did my long run in the morning so it must be Sunday! LOL. Summer vacation seriously messes with my already poor perception of time.

My workouts last week reminded me how marathon training is no joke. The mileage creeps up quickly and before you know it, BAM - the Sunday long run is up in the high teen miles!!!! But we'll get into that later.

Here's how the rest of the week went:

Monday: No running at all. Just some stretching post dry-needles and then I did a workout with the free weights while I watched some 90s movies on Netflix. Does anyone else love those old school movies??? Uncle Buck was my choice for the day. :)

Tuesday: An easy paced 10 miles. The weather was great for running! The sun stayed hidden behind the clouds and I was totally fine with that!

Wednesday: A very humid 5 mile run on the BLT trail. Yes I filtered this photo to the max but look how pretty the trail is, seriously!

Thursday: Speed work with Stacey!!! Before she arrived I ran 1.6 miles on the trail and was on guard for Bears. :0 Luckily there were none!

Then we did 2 miles together slowly followed by the VO2 Max workout I mentioned in my previous post!!! 5 x 1k at VO2 max with recovery time in between. This was tough but we gave ourselves mad props for surviving!
 After a nice sluggish warm down the total for the day was 8.5 miles.

Friday: REST Day! Oh right, I did go for a 21km bike ride...which I just remembered LOL!

Saturday: So my legs (mostly my quads) were super tight after the speed workout with Stacey on Thursday. This Saturday easy 5 mile run with 8 strides was tough! Probably because I left so late and it was as hot as heck outside! 

 Look who is back hiding under our shed!!!
Sunday: Oh my goodness my long run was scheduled to be 18 miles this week!!!!!!!! Mini freak out. 

I left my house and ran 4 miles to the Coke Plant to meet up with Stacey. She joined me for about 12 miles or so and we made the decision to run down the COLT trail which is a steady decline. Then when I hit the 9 mile mark we turned back and ran UP the COLT trail---oh my, tough. I really felt like dying a few times with the humidity. 
Seriously look at the elevation!

Battery life left post run for me and my Garmin--->

Weekly total: 48.5!

On Wednesday I'll be leaving for NL for my 8th Tely 10!!!!!! Check out the medals this year:
 And check out that nice chafe mark my Camelbak left me! Yikes...It was so hot on the run I ditched the shirt and my strap was rubbing. Isn't it great how the shower alerts you of all the areas you should have used Body Glide???

Okay, so have a great day and you probably won't hear from me until after the Tely 10!!!!! Thanks for checking in!

Are you running the Tely 10???

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday 5!

You know, I really like doing Friday 5 posts and I haven't done one in a while so today I'm doing it! :D
I laughed a little too hard taking this picture so I had to randomly share it on this post LOL.

1. I had a really tight hamstring so I paid Jeff at Nova Physiotherapy a visit. While I was there we had a great heart to heart....and by "heart to heart" I mean I whined while he poked dry needles in both hammies and my right calf! YOWZA!!!!
Like what is even going on with my hair?! LOL
 I got it chopped a few days later! :D
Hair cut requirements for Jenn: "It MUST go into a ponytail!" #runnerprobs

2. This running movie popped up on my "Suggestions for you" section on Netflix so obviously I watched it. It's a bit of a cheesy love story with lots of running in it! I did like it a lot and I immediately thought about the main actor who would have to be in pretty decent shape for this role. Just a thought.

3. This tank is basically me LOL!
4. Stacey tried to kill me. ;)

Okay, really what happened was she invited me to join in on her speed workout (seriously all I heard was "VO2 Max" x 5) and I was like, "I can't. I have to go let a bunch of bees sting me later." 

But because she asked so nicely lol I willingly went to the suffer fest. 

3 mile warm up and THEN 5 x 1km at VO2 max followed by 2 minutes of rest after each km. We took more like 3 minutes. And then we slogged through a warm down at the end. Without getting into all the stats, we ran side by side...without talking obviously-except for that super jolly man walking who said, "Good morning!" and we both sort of grunted at him lol. Several times I definitely would have stopped or at least slowed significantly if she wasn't right there. It's great to have someone motivate you through the workouts! (our kms were 4:03, 3:54, 4:01, 4:02 and  4:07-actually my Garmin paused twice when I hit start which was very annoying because it added on seconds, but Stacey's Garmin had us with 3/5 km under 4 minutes!!!). 

When I added the BLT hashtag I thought it looked like a street sign on the pole! LOL
 I love to hate Speed Work. It's a necessary evil.

5. I am embarrassed to say I went for my first bike ride of the year!!! It was a gorgeous day out and I was resting from running I usually do on Fridays, so I headed out onto the trail for 21km.

Thanks a bunch for stopping in to read the running rambles of GGR. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,

Heather :)

Monday, 10 July 2017

GGR Weekly Rundown: Endurance Week

Hey guys!

There are no races to report on this week but I did get a solid week of endurance training for the Chicago Marathon. : I can't believe it's Marathon training season again!!! Last October feels like it was yesterday. But with the marathon on the horizon it means Matt and I are that much closer to Giordano's Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Monday: After the 5k on Sunday my legs were a bit sore so I did a bunch of stretching and rolling. No running. Then I decided to do an upper body workout at home using the free weights while I binged on Pretty Little Liars. :D

Tuesday: Medium Long run day. There were 10 easy miles on the plan and it was sooooo hot out! At 5 miles I was pretty much out of water but I went into the Second Cup Coffee shop and they refilled it was super fresh icy cold water. THANK YOU! And on my way home, I saw a SNAKE!!!!! #allthesqueals

Wednesday: I waited until way too late to leave for this run. Clearly I did not learn my lesson on Tuesday. Therefore, 5 "easy" miles felt like 50. That were in the desert. With no liquid in sight.

Thursday: Like, I love summer and all that jazz, but does it have to be so hot every single day? ;) Don't punch me please. Today was a Marathon Pace run practice. I had 3 miles warming up, even though it was already stinkin' hot, followed by 4 miles at MP and a 1 mile warm down. My MP right now is set at 7:50/mile based on Chicago and not the inferno of Boston this year. During my workout I ran each mile too fast! I always panic that I'll be slower and then end up going way too fast. Each mile ended up being between 7:31 - 7:40. :S But I was so glad when I was done!

Friday: Rest day!!!! Sam and I headed to the Farmer's Market in Bedford for lunch and a finisher shirt Friday pose...
Yes I agree...we look nuts lol.

Saturday: The BLT runners took the Jog and Joe on the road to Cortado Tasting Room again. :)  It was a drizzly run but I'll trade drizzle for sun any day on a run!

We did 5 miles and then had the best Cinnamon rolls ever!

Sunday: Long Run Day!!! I made a deal that I'd get up early and head out before the sun had a chance to ruin my long run. And what a difference the weather makes on a run!!! We had foggy/ drizzle which was perfect! The night before my long run there were 2 bear sightings in our area!!!! Therefore I didn't run on the trail at all. I ran in the neighbourhood for 17 long miles...alone.

If any of my neighbours are reading "Please wait until after my long run to cook your bacon." It was making me so hungry on my run! 

Post run, Lola and I had a Mezza lunch date with Matt at the office....delish!
45 miles even for the week!

How was your week? 
Do you run long solo or with friends?
Are you running the Tely 10???

Thanks again loyal GGR readers for checking in! Have a beautiful day!!! Next up for me is the Tely 10 on the 23rd of July!!!! You can read about my last year's run here!

Happy running,
Heather :)

Monday, 3 July 2017

My Weekly Rundown With a 5k Thrown Into The Mix!

Hey everyone!

I am officially on SUMMER VACATION!!!! Even typing those words felt great. :D

Last week is actually sort of a blur for me. Between teaching, running, being at home and moving things from work to my new school, I was just toast.
How do teachers accumulate so much stuff?!
Let's see how I did for running:

Monday: As much as I didn't want to run on Monday, Michelle from Maritime Race Weekend was making a special visit to the BLT Monday Run as a part of her Run Tour. Obviously I wasn't going to miss that! After the 16 mile run the previous day, this run felt heavy! Marg, Norma and I ran 4.75 miles and not having an even 5 miles didn't matter at all to me that day! LOL.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I had an easy 8 miles on the plan. My body was exhausted and I made the decision on that run to take a rest day the next day.

I did run up one of my favourite hills on the run....can you guess which one??? LOL

Wednesday: REST DAY!!!! Well, I should say a running rest day. Work was still very busy with moving things to the new school. I have no photos from that day but here's a cute photo of Lola from that morning. <3

Thursday: Okay, I rested the day previous so Thursday's speed work shouldn't completely kill me right? ;)  The workout was 3 miles warming up, 8 x 2 minutes at 10k pace (I have no idea what that is right now but I go from 7-7:10/mile), with a 2 mile cool down. I was so excited that it was my last run on a school night for a long time!!!!!

Friday: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! I was actually really sad when I left but I tried to make a fun day for the kids. :) We did "Starbucks with Ms. Callaghan" and they were delighted. Starbucks donated a class set of cups for me and I had these beautiful "Owl Miss You" cookies made by Abby! The kids watched a movie, chatted and drank lemonade with their cookies. It was a great way to end the year. Oh and they also decorated a dress again for me to wear!!

If only the Gap could see what I did to their dress! LOL
My bare empty classroom looks so sad in this photo with everything packed up.
After work I had my LAST massage with YEE. :( :( :(  She moved to the other side of the country and I've been going to her for my runner leg problems for years now. Any recommendations for a RMT in the area?????

Later Matt took me out to celebrate the start of Summer Vacation and there may have been nachos...

Saturday: Matt and I decided to do the Bedford 5k to Beat Lung Cancer on Sunday!!!! Therefore I only ran 4 miles easy on the trail followed by 4 strides. Nothing eventful to report other than I saw Marg at the very end!

Sunday: Okay so it was raining cats and dogs all day Saturday and of course when we went to the race on Sunday. I had no big plans for this race other than to use it as a good speed workout if anything. I knew a PB was not in sight since my PB came at the end of my seriously intense marathon training last September and I am nowhere near that now, but I am happy with how it went. :)

I laid out flat Heather and with Matt and I planning to continue on with our long runs after the race I knew I'd need another outfit because of the heavy rain.
 And I also took extra shoes!

I ran 2.5 miles as a warm up and was completely soaked when I was done and headed up to the start line. There were very few people there, partially due to weather and the fact that the Epic Canadian events were also going on in Dartmouth that had a lot of runners. Oh well, a quaint little 5k was still fine by me.

The only other women I knew there were Natalie and Tonya. At the horn we all headed off down towards shore drive and my plan was to stick around 7:00-7:10 pace. There's a bit of a downhill at the beginning and my first mile was 6:59. The narrow trail that you're on for a couple hundred metres was full of deep puddles! My feet were sloshing.

It was raining so hard and my hat kept popping up with the wind I kept my head down. When I looked up, Tonya who was ahead of me ran past the turnaround point! I yelled out to her and slowed down to wait. She sort of caught up but I felt like she was hanging back. I felt wrong sprinting ahead because she ran too far past, completely not her fault since the volunteer was sitting in the car (likely to stay dry) so I slowed a bit to allow her to get back in the lead. I don't think the volunteer noticed Tonya and I coming. :S

I kept checking my shoulder for her hoping she'd blow past me...but she stayed a few steps behind literally. She's very fast and could definitely have passed me.

Natalie took these photos of me coming back up Shore Drive just after the turnaround confusion. Thanks!!!

After Shore Drive you go back out past the start line and onto a dock. Again, there was confusion on where to turn. I knew where to turn since I did my warmup out there but Tonya yelled "Stop!" to me thinking I went too far, lol. There were some pretty sharp tuns on slippery flooded brick as we made our way back to the finish along the waterfront so we really had to watch our footing. It was quite wet and confusing for us yesterday. Either way we finished just steps apart me first and her second. I still had lots of fun!
 Matt did awesome also! 18:XX and second place!!!!

I do love this race. You get a medal and the registration was only $20!

These shoes were soooooooo wet!
My Garmin paused when we were having our turnaround troubles, but my official time including stops was 21:54. I'm happy with that. :)
 After the run I ran 8 sloooooow miles to make 13 for the day. That put me at 1000 miles for the year!

 Thanks sooo much for taking the time to check in on GGR. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 25 June 2017

GGR Weekly Wrap Up!

Happy Sunny Sunday!

I have some GREAT news: There is only ONE week of school between myself and Summer vacation!!!!!!!!! (There are not enough !s). 

This past week has been so non-stop it's sort of ridiculous. I guess that's what happens when you are changing schools and it's the end of the school year. Who knew? ;) I've been packing up a bunch of things and slowly bringing things home and my current classroom has to be completely gutted because it's being used for something else next, I'm still teaching the kids-they are so ready for summer break!

During all this packing, cleaning and moving I still did run, I promise. Here's a look at the week:

Monday: Nothing at all! I was so tired and actually felt like I had a cold. :( But a student did bring me these beautiful lupines!!!! My class painted lupines that day for art and they were amazing!

Tuesday: On Monday morning when I woke up I felt a knot in my right calf muscle. Luckily (if you can call it that, lol) Jeff was able to get me in for a dry needling session Tuesday evening.

I did a short run at easy pace when I got home to keep the muscle moving.

I was still trying to shake this supposed cold on Wednesday - who gets sick in June???? I left home and it was gorgeous out! 5 miles into the trail and it rained from the heavens! It did not stop raining for the remainder of the run. On the bright side there were beautiful rainbows as I ran home. I really wish I had a photo to share.

Thursday: Thursday is speed work day! I'm following the plan I used last year at this time for now to get ready for Tely 10 and Chicago. I did a 3 mile warm up and followed that with 6 x 3 minutes at 10k pace with 2 minutes of recovery in between. The cool down was about 2 miles for 9 miles total.

Friday: Rest day! But we did go on a field trip to the Wildlife Park, so there was a lot of walking and fun being had with the kids. I really wanted to nap on the bus ride home!

Saturday: On Saturday Coach Lee invited me down to try out a speed workout with the Halifax Road Hammers. I was sort of scared but excited, almost like heading to a race, lol it was weird. We were hoping the demo some of the Mizuno Wave Sky shoes at the run but the weather was sort of soggy. I was so happy to see Paul there! We did a warm up together and he guided me through the lingo. It was actually a similar workout to what I did on Thursday. Warmup, 6 x 3 minutes at 10k followed by 4 hill sprints up Point Pleasant drive and cool down. I was very happy at the end that this was doable for me and that there were some familiar faces. I really did enjoy it! Thanks Lee!
Paul and I posing for a post-workout selfie :D

Sunday: Oh. My. Humidity. Yes, Humidity, you may leave now. Okay, so this morning I had a 16 mile long run to do and I thought leaving early-ish would get me home before Humidity Hell broke loose...nope. Not even a tiny bit close. My plan was to head out before 8 and get a few extra kms in before I met Stacey and Marg.

His and her long run flatness....

I met up with the girls at 8 and we headed out onto the trail. Every step was SO hot! If I didn't have my friends to run with I DEFINITELY would have aborted the run early. I was super thankful that at the end when I really didn't have any extra gusto Marg carried an extra gel!!!!!! We did 16 miles total and after that I was completely toast.

Marg is the best! She brought muffins for a post run treat! And Stacey is also the best because she talks me through my allergy eye problems, lol.

Weekly miles: 46.6 (75km)

Sooooooo enjoyed this Starbucks frappe when I was done!

Look at this cute little owl my student's mom knitted me!!! Someone has claimed it for themselves...I don't think so Lola. ;)

Don't forget to come to the BLT recovery run tomorrow night at the Coke Plant at 6:30!! Michelle from Maritime Races will be there!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my little space in the blogosphere!

Happy Running,
Heather :)