Sunday, 31 March 2019

What's Up With Training?

Happy Sunday RUNday!

Guys, the Boston Marathon is two weeks away! How did that happen so quickly?
This popped up as a memory the other day. It was my first Boston Marathon in 2013! I didn't even own a Boston jacket yet...that was the next stop. ;) My friends Nick, Paul and Nadia were with me and we were all very excited!
It's been a real treat to experience some real springtime weather. There are all sorts of people out running now, including a lot in the neighbourhood I've never seen before. I have to say my mojo for getting out there after work has definitely increased with less snow and ice to deal with.

See how happy Spring Running makes us? :)
I'd be lying if I said training was going smooth and easy breezy. I've been so cautious with my IT bands and breathing sort of feels like my lungs have shrunk, even though it was late February when I had bronchitis! Some days are easier than others but running friends always make it fun.

Corinne, Charlotte and I after our 33k long run!
 Not sure if anyone remembers the crop top I wore at the Chicago Marathon - but Kristen has designed a Boston Marathon one as well! I'm so excited to get it!

And I hope it's sunny so I can wear these glasses from goodr!

I've become very familiar in my marathon training at Nova Physiotherapy. Jeff and Jillian are helping me recover and get stronger.

So I can do crazy stuff like this...
 Look at the intervals!

And!!!!!! Tiux sent me these super fun Spring/Summer Crew socks!!! If Boston is hot this year I'm totally wearing them. These are called Beach Please! If you want to get yourself a pair of these or the ice cream ones you can use HEATHERLCTIUX at checkout to get my ambassador discount!

Okay, as you know teaching first grade is tricky when you are also a marathoner. Little kids love sharing germs...yes, that's a fact. My super awesome running friends Christy and Tash recently rocked the Tokyo Marathon and brought me back these! LOL.
Now I am safe from kids germs! LOL

Ugh, reminder...charge your Garmins! This happened during the last part of our super tough speedwork/long run yesterday. :(

 But at least I had these girls to clock distance and chat with!

 Other than the obvious parts where the watch died, this workout made me feel great!

Training is definitely tapering down now, and I am thankful. Now the plan is LET'S STAY HEALTHY! ;) 

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for checking in!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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