Friday, 11 January 2019

Friday 5!

Happy FriYay everyone!

Congratulations on completing the first full work week of 2019! ;)
Lola and I were very happy it was Friday on our walk this morning!

In an attempt to get back into regular blogging, I thought I’d begin with a Friday 5 post. Enjoy!

1. And so begins the Boston training again! :D
Most of my runs are evening dark solo runs. It's a great way to decompress from the busy day and it helps me sleep so soundly through the night!

2. Back to eating healthy post-Christmas Food Fest! It's hard to train for a marathon when you've consumed copious amounts of cheese, coffee and chocolate over the holidays, lol. I was happy to get back to work and the daily routine so I pulled out my Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook and got cookin'. Superhero muffins, Turkey Trot Meatballs and Thai Quinoa Salad are staples in our house, especially for lunches.

3.  Workouts with the RH gang! We support each other in so many ways! For example, yell "ICE!!!!" or "TOO FAST!!!!" when doing speed work, high five to encourage and join in those long miles at the end of a workout to help a friend get their distance for the day. It is so awesome to share my weekend training with them!

4.  I think my love for tacos is contagious...
My students LOVE to share anything taco related with me!

5. I'm racing on Sunday!!!!!!! Well, sort of, lol. It's the Running Room Hypothermic Half Marathon on the Chain of Lakes Trail. Lee doesn't want me to focus on time, but more for effort. This worked very well for me in Chicago by taking off all the pressure. Plus, it's going to be freeze your face off degrees outside and I am not a fan of that. So I'm hoping for a fun solid run with a hard effort. Good luck to everyone racing!!!!! 

Thank you so much for your awesome love!

Happy running,
Heather :)

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