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Maritime Race Weekend 10k!

The Fall Racing Season is definitely here when Maritime Race Weekend arrives. This year I made a big decision to sit the Sunset 5k out as I've done in many years past. Instead I visited Jillian at Nova  Physiotherapy for a little pre-race massage. It was especially welcomed after the first full week of teaching my 22 new little grade ones. ;)

My race for this year's MRW was the Coastal 10k, a race I'd run way back in 2012 which has my fastest official 10k to date, (44:02).
A photo from the archives! LOL...this was the first ever Maritime Race Weekend and I placed second female in 44:02! 

After a disappointing attempt at the 10k in June at the Johnny Miles Running Event I became determined to find my strength in running once again and maybe some speed too. That's when I joined the Halifax Road Hammers and was completely sold on the power of training with a pack. I was challenged and I pushed myself harder than ever in a summer of non stop heat and humidity. The lead up to this year's Maritime Race Weekend had me feeling strong!  I was ready and I could definitely do this!

I LOVE how Michelle let us pick our names for our bibs!!!!!! 
Lee gave me a great race plan that sounded completely doable based on my recent workouts. I just had to go do it.  I had race nerves all week!!!

Race morning tattoo prep was underway (and I'm now struggling to get it off...Looks like sleeves at work on Monday, haha).

I got a drive with Courteney and we all met at Paul's who lives amazingly close to the start so the convenience and hospitality of a bathroom without a line was awesome!
Not to mention an awesome photographer!

I met up with Jennie, Charlotte, Dave and a few other runners for a warm up. I was already hot and sweaty after only 2.2km, uh oh. 

Who ordered up the race humidity??? ;)

The 5, 10, 1/2 and full marathon share a start so I got as close to the front as I could at the bottle-necked start.
Another Amazing photograph from Bruce Nelson!
At the horn we were all OFF and it was hard because the 5k'ers are zipping by. Erin's wise words resonated with me, "let them go." So I did. I met up with an amazingly talented friend, Jennie, who would keep me in line. "Relax," she repeated but I was a bit worked up because I just wanted to go do it!!! ...LOL.

I love this race, as tough as it is. You can see the 5k turn around and begin running towards you right before you head up "the hill." I saw Matt and Craig heading back to the finish looking stellar and strong. Matt was in the lead so I thought, "Oh this is exciting," and I got a bit of pep in my step. The hill everyone mentions that zaps you at around 2-3km is not long but it's also not welcomed in a ten km race, you know? You cruise back down the same hill later and it's amazing! You can see ALL the 10, 1/2 and full runners who are heading up and I heard so many people yelling my name. It was awesome. Check out the hill:

I stayed in control for the first 6k for sure. I tried to keep with Joanne H., who I always run into at races and we sort of pull energy from one another and keep the other one pushing depending on the day.

Then I started getting super warm. :( Jennie told me not to look at my watch and I sort of knew that if I did I'd feel defeated. When I thought I was running really fast, I wasn't. My stomach really started to get worked up and I thought I might actually throw up with 2k still to go. The race got super hard to navigate because the 5k walker congestion was super tricky to weave around. Erin told me to stay to the right on this busy section but an official yelled out to "stay left!"

It was a grind for the last 3ish km. Like I'm talking a serious grunting grind. Jennie got me a water and threw it over my head, lol. I was hoping to drink it but in the heat of the moment, quite literally, I decided we'd laugh about that later. I was sure to grab one for a gulp at the next station. The course was awesome for on-course support - hydration and port-a-potties. The marathon routes had personalized signs too! Special shoutout to Joanne T. who ran her first marathon today!!!!!!!

I just kept pushing thinking of all the strong workouts I'd had and I pictured Charlotte giving me confidence from our most recent long run/speed work where I had run 18k at basically the pace I was trying to pull off today. And that 18k had a 15k warm up! So I knew my fitness was there, but where exactly was it today because I was a hurting unit?

"I'm actually going to finish this thing!"

I tried so hard to be strong. I tried so hard to be fast. I tried so hard not to throw up, at least until I finished anyway, lol.
 It's crazy motivating hearing your name from friends as you head up to the finish.

I saw the clock saying 44:XX and for a brief moment I was defeated. But then I was reassured. I'm at peak marathon training on max fatigue marathon training legs and I am within seconds of my 10k PB on this blistering hot 29 degree day. It was also over a minute faster than my June 10k at Johnny (45:39). Then I discovered I was the third female!!!! :D

44:28, 4:27 pace, 2nd in age group, 3rd female, 10th overall!

I was so wobbly and dizzy at the finish. This doesn't happen often but I  knew I was overheated. 

 A ten k seems short, but boy it felt long today! LOL.  Courteney did a great job capturing all my!
P.S. Don't you love my new Mizuno Wave Riders?!?!? Christine and I got all excited and decided these would be the greatest shoes for our marathons, LOL!
I'm also a huge fan of the Crew Socks from tiux! You can use my discount code HEATHERLCTIUX at checkout to get my ambassador discount!

Jennie, pacer, racer, speedy friend and running extraordinaire. Thank you <3

Courteney rocked a 5k Friday night AND a 5k Saturday morning!

And here's Matt winning the 5k in 17:44!!!

Craig, Matt and I. :)

It was a pretty great day, hot but great! Congratulations to all the amazing runners and thank you Maritime Races!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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