Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Summer Training & Stuff

Hey everyone!

Trying out a new fresh blog theme, I hope you like it!

Here's a little summer training update:

I've been spending a lot of my easy running days along the Rails to Trails as a shade seeker. Man, it's been HOT here! Today it feels like 41 celsius in Timberlea!!!!!!!!!!!! Running in the heat sure is challenging, like I have to tell you that. What keeps me going is knowing how awesome it will feel when September and October temperatures arrive!

I've started running with the Halifax Road Hammers on the regular now. Coach Lee has developed a training plan for me for the Chicago Marathon and I get to run with some of my super speedy friends more often! The workouts are challenging. If I read them on paper and then ran them alone, I'd probably pass out or give up. But when I'm running with a huge pack of other fast feet, somehow I get it done!
This was taken after an intense hill session at Point Pleasant Drive...in crazy heat and humidity of course. Sorry Charlotte for cutting your face out a bit!!! 
Intense workouts mean it's super important for me to maintain strength and do my injury prevention maintenance. Just ask Jeff! LOL.

 Oh boy...when will I learn to take care of myself?
 My IT band has been giving me a bit of attitude so Jeff and Jillian joined forces with needles, ultrasound and CUPS! I honestly can say it helps a lot!

Is anyone else as excited as I am to get a copy of Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow??? I've already pre-ordered my copy and I tried a sneak peek recipe that was released in Runner's World. Thai Quinoa salad...mmm!

AND Shalane Flanagan liked my photo!!!!!!!!!!!

 Lola got a haircut and I think she looks pretty fly. <3

More training talk:

One of the new to me things that the Road Hammers do is to incorporate a workout into the long run and you know how I usually run long on Sundays? Well, now it's Saturdays. I'm enjoying this immensely because there's no pressure or rush to get up early on Sunday. I can usually sleep a bit longer since my Sunday runs are usually between 8-11km at recovery pace.
This was Tash and I after doing a Threshold run in the middle of a long run. We sweat buckets but were so happy to be done! Thanks to Natalia (missing from the photo) for pulling us along.
 I also get to see speedy Jennie more now!
We were pretty pumped about it, lol. Michael is always to thorough in staging our post-run pics! 
On Monday I got to go cheer on a bunch of running friends and Matt at the Natal Day races in Dartmouth. I really like the spectator side of racing as well I discovered, lol. So much less pressure! The runners had a really hot run on Monday which was very inspiring to see so many athletes push through the heat and humidity. Great running everyone!
Tim Chesnutt always does a stellar job at race photos!
I took this photo at the start of the six miler.
SO MANY FAST FEET IN THIS PIC! Hey, there's me in the shadow, lol!
 My Monday recovery run was 7km so I met up with my BLT Running Buddies for an easy paced run. I ran with Scott and had a great chat and he was SO AWESOME BECAUSE HE BROUGHT WATER FOR EVERYONE!!!!
Thanks Nicole for the photo!
Today is Matt's and My 8th anniversary!!! Can you believe that?! We are definitely going out to eat tonight to celebrate...mostly because that's our favourite thing to do, lol.

Next up is the Chase the Pace Mile at the SMU track on Saturday August 11th. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for visiting the running rambles of GGR. Have a beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


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