Sunday, 12 August 2018

Chase the Pace Mile Edition!

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend filled with friends, food, running and sunshine. :) Well that's what mine looked like anyway. :)

Yesterday I did something really cool. I raced a mile on a track AND got a PB! I know, so much info in one teeny sentence. 

Here's what happened:

The Halifax Road Hammers hosted a second Chase the Pace Event that this time would cover the mile distance. Back in June they had a 5k event which I, who was teacher tired, did not take part in. It looked super cool and a lot of my friends ran it so this time I was not missing out! 

The meet was hosted at Saint Mary's University Track. Now, my understanding before I got there was 1 mile...4 laps of the track, okay, I can totally do that! They're just 4 little loops, am I right? ;)  

I noticed the before mentioned loops seemed gigantic as my little Wave Riders stepped onto the blue lane when I arrived on the 28 degree Celsius day...gulp. Who stretched the track???

It sure was a beautiful day!

The first thing I said when I arrived, "I'd rather run a marathon than this!"

Here's Jennie: a.k.a. pep talker, motivator, warm up partner, ice cube giver, pace bunny and running extraordinaire! She kept me positive, warmed up and believing in what I thought was not possible yesterday.

Courteney came along as well to cheer and offer support...It was awesome! She took my bag, shirt, photos, cheered, you name it!!
You can totally see my bib under my
It was a great event because it was designed in Heats. I was in Heat 4 so I got to chat with and cheer on a lot of running peeps. There were about 80 runners there and it was very exciting! And I was beyond nervous. I had not raced a mile since the 2011 Bridge Mile where I ran a 6:14. It may have even been 2010! I can't remember, lol.

Here are some of the speedy folks finishing one of the Heats I was NOT in...thank goodness! LOL.
During Heat 3 Jennie and I did a mile warm up including drills and strides. My 120 lb body felt like it weighed 250 lbs and the air felt hot! Jennie yelled, "Positive thoughts ONLY!" Whatever works right, lol.

Before I had a chance to even freak out we were off!
I'm near the back in the pink shorts and my pacer Ian Holdway is in the white tank.
 I wanted to do a sub 6:10 but the more I thought about it the FASTER it sounded!!! I decided I'd plant myself as close to his back as I could and if I felt good at the end...if I was still near him...I'd sprint to the finish.
Courteney and Nick did a great job capturing the day in photos! Thanks guys!!!!  Here is the side of the track where the majority of spectators were. The opposite side was deadly quiet where slowing down was so tempting. But I powered on breathing like fire into my chest. Good times!
I tried to run the loop tight. It got tricky when I wanted to pass someone but there was someone on my right. I can't even remember how I got around them both, but I did.

"Wait for me Ian!" haha
I was close to speedy Bea and she was having a strong run! 

Things were hard. It felt really tough. I tried to just work hard and remember that this was not going to be easy or feel good. I pushed the track away as hard and as fast as I could...later seeing that my average cadence was 200spm! 

I heard Lee yell to the finishers up ahead "Sub 6 go go go!" and I knew I had to GO also. So I did. I ran so hard I thought my legs would detach from my body.
 6:07! A mile PB! And no puking!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting better at this finish line puke thing.

Katie got this photo where we all died for a It's hilarious but I love it!
You can see Jennie in the blue hat above me and Courteney trying to understand what I'm
 Go run a mile they said. It'll be fun they said. LOL it was fun actually! But I DON'T want to do it again soon!

Trying to get up was fun.

I was very happy with the run. My first ever race on a track! (In long distance shoes, but whatever, right Stacey?).

Annie, Shannon and I with our fancy Thanks Kombucha!

Courteney, Stacey and I. :D

Lots of BLT Runners there!

And a whole lot of Chase the Pacers! #bettertogether

So yeah, yesterday was pretty awesome.

A HUGE thank you the Halifax Road Hammers, Lululemon, Aerobics First and all the volunteers! Nick and Courteney thanks again for the pictures and Jennie thanks so much!

Thanks for stopping by GGR and have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You did amazing...and in that heat..holy moly! 'Take a picture'. LOL

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