Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Callaghans are Boston Bound!

The Callaghans are bound for Boston!!! The time has come to cash in all the banked miles accumulated over this winter training cycle...all 683 (1099.18km) of them!
I am beyond excited that Matt and I are BOTH running the Boston Marathon this year!!!!

A lot of late evening solo runs, miles of speed (both indoor and outdoor), freezing runs, frosty runs, snowy runs and Sunday morning group long runs, two pairs of sneakers, countless hours with the heating pad & foam roller, several sessions of leg work including those NEEDLES, have paved the way to my sixth Boston Marathon.

Every winter that I've trained for the Boston Marathon has presented its own set of challenges with weather, illness, etc. This year I have done every bit of training possible and I'm well prepared athletically. Health wise I've been yet again trying to kick a cold virus that has caused some congestion in my windpipe, according to the doctor. I have my puffer and I'll run by feel but I am ready. There's no doubt about it this has been a great training cycle for Matt, Marg, Rachael and I. Now let the stars align on Marathon Monday. ;)

I literally started packing a week ago, you know just in case!

 I also updated my ipod!
 The weather stalking, even though it's out of my control, began 2 weeks ago!
There is significantly less ran forecasted now that goodness!
 I've also downloaded the Boston Marathon app to track our runs! It's free and you get live updates!
After you have downloaded the app go to live tracking and enter the names or bib numbers of your runners. You can follow along Matt and I! Here's what you'll need.....
Heather bib # 12861
Matt bib # 4294
Knowing you're watching makes us run faster, lol!

Krista has Matt and I all geared up for on the road snacks for the return home and well wishes! <3
Seriously Thank you!!

 And I got such a sweet card from one of my students today and a donut from another! (Extra fuel right?). ;)

I am so looking forward to seeing this on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I have super awesome news for you on Monday!
P.S. My facebook and Instagram page will probably  be flooded with Boston Marathon Updates until then. :D

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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