Monday, 21 August 2017

GGR Weekly RUNdown!

Happy Monday!

I hope you're having a great start to the week. :)  Today I actually went into my classroom for the first time since it was technically mine and well, let's just say I have a lot of work to do! I am a little eager to get in and set up...more so than in past years, (it's really weird lol).

Here's a bit of what went down in training last week:

LOL on Monday I rested. Lots of stretching and foam rolling.

Tuesday: Medium long run of  11 miles and it was so humid and hot!!!!!!!!!! #Storyofmysummer
I ran at 8:24 pace and as soon as the beep signalling 11 miles happened I came to a screeching halt. There were no further running steps happening, nope. I was done. Courteney was actually driving by and gave me a lift home when she saw me walking, lol. I was super grateful!

Wednesday: On Wednesday I headed out for a change of scenery around the neighbourhood. I ALWAYS run the trail in the summer and it was nice to mix it up. I got really excited on the Strava segments thought, oops.

Thursday: Thursday is Workout day so I knew I was going to suffer after running too fast on yesterday's run. A tempo run was on the plan and I honestly dislike those the most! At least with intervals you get to rest or do jogs in between, but tempo runs are like what I imagine it feels like right before you die!

I did 4 miles to warm  up and then 4.6 at tempo pace (7:09 ish) followed by a warm down home. ***Disclaimer - I was supposed to do 6 at tempo pace but with my hamstring/glute healing and running too fast on Wednesday I cut it short. 
PS - it was soooo windy!!!!! 

Friday: Running rest day but I did my physiotherapy exercises and an upper body workout.
Honestly I workout in slippers (and paint in these clearly since they have paint stains) at home and usually I'm watching 90s movies on

Saturday: A rainy run but I really enjoyed it! We have had very little rain this summer and when it rains around here I love it!
 Nothing fancy, just 6 miles and 8 strides (still not running strides at 100% just being careful).

I guess not everyone loves the rain. ;)

Sunday: Long run day! 21 miles!!! OMG!!!! I ran 5.2 miles on my way to meet Stacey at 8 by the Coke Plant and then she joined me for just over 11 miles...thankfully!!!!!! It was totally humid and muggy but we got it done!

Look how wet my shorts are from humidity!!!

Matt and I refuelled with Shrimp tacos and nachos!!!

Highest mileage week in a very long time! 57.2 miles (92km).
How was your week? 
Did you race? 

Thanks again for stopping by Girl Goes Running! I love when you check in. :)

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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  1. ha! my shorts have been drenched and sticking to me just like that lol I can not get to a shower fast enough after a humid run...ugh! LOL
    That mileage rocks girl!