Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday Runner Peeps!

In a few short weeks I'll be just as happy as the rest of the world when Friday arrives. ;) But until then, I promise to continue to have no idea what day it is and sleep in late enough that I cuss the sun and humidity on my morning runs. :)

But in the meantime, I'll entertain you with my Friday 5:

1. Runner tan lines and apparently chafe marks! I thought, "Hey, I'll wear this cute sundress today that I haven't worn all summer," and Poof! Look at my back! LOL.

2. Taco night avec Mango Salsa...mmm! ***Because obviously.***

3. Another reason to love Kara Goucher - Because I teach the little ones and see how excited and proud they are to receive notes from parents in their lunch boxes I thought this was so sweet!
She put this in her son's lunch box on his first day back to school. <3

4. I NEED NEW SHOES!!! Strava has sent me three emails telling me to get new shoes, LOL! Mizuno is sending me new ones on Monday and I can't wait!!!

 These  Wave Sky shoes have over 400 miles on them....Okay probably closer to 500...oops!

AND they are also sending me these trail shoes!!!!!!!!! Pray that I don't get eaten by a bear as I try them out.
I did not confirm the colour with Michelle, but either way I think they'll get muddy lol.

5. I had a leg massage!!!!!!!!!! Jillian worked a lot on my glutes/hamstrings and calves. I felt like a new person when I left Nova Physiotherapy!
Let's hope I continue to feel that way because I have a huge long run on Sunday but I am so thankful Stacey will be joining me. :D

P.S. Have you seen this amazing deal by tiux?!?!!? You can get any pair of socks, bottle and shades for an awesome price! Do it! Marathon season is upon us!!!!!!!!!!! Use code BUNDLE at checkout!

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and have a fabulous weekend!
Good luck to everyone racing or running long this weekend! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. How many pair of shoes are you burning though in a year lol that is a great problem to have!
    A massage sounds so good :)