Monday, 17 July 2017

GGR Weekly Running Rundown!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I actually had to stop and really think about what day it was. And then I realized that I did my long run in the morning so it must be Sunday! LOL. Summer vacation seriously messes with my already poor perception of time.

My workouts last week reminded me how marathon training is no joke. The mileage creeps up quickly and before you know it, BAM - the Sunday long run is up in the high teen miles!!!! But we'll get into that later.

Here's how the rest of the week went:

Monday: No running at all. Just some stretching post dry-needles and then I did a workout with the free weights while I watched some 90s movies on Netflix. Does anyone else love those old school movies??? Uncle Buck was my choice for the day. :)

Tuesday: An easy paced 10 miles. The weather was great for running! The sun stayed hidden behind the clouds and I was totally fine with that!

Wednesday: A very humid 5 mile run on the BLT trail. Yes I filtered this photo to the max but look how pretty the trail is, seriously!

Thursday: Speed work with Stacey!!! Before she arrived I ran 1.6 miles on the trail and was on guard for Bears. :0 Luckily there were none!

Then we did 2 miles together slowly followed by the VO2 Max workout I mentioned in my previous post!!! 5 x 1k at VO2 max with recovery time in between. This was tough but we gave ourselves mad props for surviving!
 After a nice sluggish warm down the total for the day was 8.5 miles.

Friday: REST Day! Oh right, I did go for a 21km bike ride...which I just remembered LOL!

Saturday: So my legs (mostly my quads) were super tight after the speed workout with Stacey on Thursday. This Saturday easy 5 mile run with 8 strides was tough! Probably because I left so late and it was as hot as heck outside! 

 Look who is back hiding under our shed!!!
Sunday: Oh my goodness my long run was scheduled to be 18 miles this week!!!!!!!! Mini freak out. 

I left my house and ran 4 miles to the Coke Plant to meet up with Stacey. She joined me for about 12 miles or so and we made the decision to run down the COLT trail which is a steady decline. Then when I hit the 9 mile mark we turned back and ran UP the COLT trail---oh my, tough. I really felt like dying a few times with the humidity. 
Seriously look at the elevation!

Battery life left post run for me and my Garmin--->

Weekly total: 48.5!

On Wednesday I'll be leaving for NL for my 8th Tely 10!!!!!! Check out the medals this year:
 And check out that nice chafe mark my Camelbak left me! Yikes...It was so hot on the run I ditched the shirt and my strap was rubbing. Isn't it great how the shower alerts you of all the areas you should have used Body Glide???

Okay, so have a great day and you probably won't hear from me until after the Tely 10!!!!! Thanks for checking in!

Are you running the Tely 10???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Ouch that chafing looks nasty....I can only imagine your shower screams as the water hit it!

  2. That is some big hill on a long run lol good grief...
    That sting in the shower is bad when the water first hits you, my pack will do the same thing.
    I hope you have a great race!

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