Monday, 10 July 2017

GGR Weekly Rundown: Endurance Week

Hey guys!

There are no races to report on this week but I did get a solid week of endurance training for the Chicago Marathon. : I can't believe it's Marathon training season again!!! Last October feels like it was yesterday. But with the marathon on the horizon it means Matt and I are that much closer to Giordano's Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Monday: After the 5k on Sunday my legs were a bit sore so I did a bunch of stretching and rolling. No running. Then I decided to do an upper body workout at home using the free weights while I binged on Pretty Little Liars. :D

Tuesday: Medium Long run day. There were 10 easy miles on the plan and it was sooooo hot out! At 5 miles I was pretty much out of water but I went into the Second Cup Coffee shop and they refilled it was super fresh icy cold water. THANK YOU! And on my way home, I saw a SNAKE!!!!! #allthesqueals

Wednesday: I waited until way too late to leave for this run. Clearly I did not learn my lesson on Tuesday. Therefore, 5 "easy" miles felt like 50. That were in the desert. With no liquid in sight.

Thursday: Like, I love summer and all that jazz, but does it have to be so hot every single day? ;) Don't punch me please. Today was a Marathon Pace run practice. I had 3 miles warming up, even though it was already stinkin' hot, followed by 4 miles at MP and a 1 mile warm down. My MP right now is set at 7:50/mile based on Chicago and not the inferno of Boston this year. During my workout I ran each mile too fast! I always panic that I'll be slower and then end up going way too fast. Each mile ended up being between 7:31 - 7:40. :S But I was so glad when I was done!

Friday: Rest day!!!! Sam and I headed to the Farmer's Market in Bedford for lunch and a finisher shirt Friday pose...
Yes I agree...we look nuts lol.

Saturday: The BLT runners took the Jog and Joe on the road to Cortado Tasting Room again. :)  It was a drizzly run but I'll trade drizzle for sun any day on a run!

We did 5 miles and then had the best Cinnamon rolls ever!

Sunday: Long Run Day!!! I made a deal that I'd get up early and head out before the sun had a chance to ruin my long run. And what a difference the weather makes on a run!!! We had foggy/ drizzle which was perfect! The night before my long run there were 2 bear sightings in our area!!!! Therefore I didn't run on the trail at all. I ran in the neighbourhood for 17 long miles...alone.

If any of my neighbours are reading "Please wait until after my long run to cook your bacon." It was making me so hungry on my run! 

Post run, Lola and I had a Mezza lunch date with Matt at the office....delish!
45 miles even for the week!

How was your week? 
Do you run long solo or with friends?
Are you running the Tely 10???

Thanks again loyal GGR readers for checking in! Have a beautiful day!!! Next up for me is the Tely 10 on the 23rd of July!!!! You can read about my last year's run here!

Happy running,
Heather :)


  1. Awesome week!!! Mind if I ask what all you used for the stats on your Tuesday picture? Or did you do that yourself?

  2. You are putting the mileage up :) You rock heather!
    I am considering a 10K my long run in the sweltering humidity here lol that is all I got. I have a Fall half in November so I am praying the humidity breaks by October!


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