Friday, 28 July 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

I was thinking earlier that a week ago I was in NL! How fast does time go seriously?!

Here are my sisters, my dad and I at The Bigs one week ago today...where they have the most delicious nachos in the world. :D

Here are my Friday 5:

1. My new lavender endurance socks from tiux came!!!! There's no filter on this photo-they are this purple!!!! I'm also sharing their new Seawall Stripes socks which I can't wait to get. This is such a cool fun design!

2. Clearly there's been a taco night since I got home...obviously. I made mango salsa and it was delicious on our chicken tacos...mmm!

3. Getting back to training after a solid race is not easy peesy lemon squeezy! Nope. I've been logging slow steady miles on the flat flat flat trail. My legs feel really good, but not back to absolute normal. Wait! Are my legs ever 'normal' in Marathon training???? ;) LOL.

4. This week I'm getting back to strength training. I definitely took two weeks off....oops. I feel like toning my body helps me stay off the injured list and it certainly makes me stronger. 

5. Guess who is getting a haircut tomorrow! 

And I had to share this photo because, you know, how freaking cute is she?! <3

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by the GGR blog space! 
Compression socks: Yay or nay for you? 
How long after a race until you resume regular training? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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