Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Mizuno Wave Sky!

A super fun part of being a Mizuno Brand Ambassador is that I get to test out all of the cool high performance gear!!!! The day the delivery man came with these was no exception!!!!!

I was in love with the colour immediately. To be honest I was a little concerned because my feet were definitely used to the fit and feel of the Wave Riders and I wasn't sure how my feet would get along with the Wave Sky. I should also tell you that typically I wear a D width shoe because I have wide feet.

Well, when I tried them on I noticed a cushy feel right away and they felt super comfortable! I was able to test them out on a recovery run of 8km that evening with my local running group.

These shoes fit great in the regular width and I didn't need the D with that I typically wear. By now I have put over 100 miles on them and I have zero complaints. No blisters, no awkward rubbing just comfort. I have taken them on flat, hilly, pavement and gravel trail runs. They have also been on a few rainy runs. I tried them on long, slow and fast runs as well. 

Totally dig the colour!

Here are the specs if you are interested in that sort of thing: 
Check out the men's and the women's versions.

I know I sound very positive about them but I really do enjoy them! I pull these off the shelf more often than my Wave Riders now. (Don't worry, I still take them out to play too!)

Test them out and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Running,
Heather :)

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