Sunday, 25 June 2017

GGR Weekly Wrap Up!

Happy Sunny Sunday!

I have some GREAT news: There is only ONE week of school between myself and Summer vacation!!!!!!!!! (There are not enough !s). 

This past week has been so non-stop it's sort of ridiculous. I guess that's what happens when you are changing schools and it's the end of the school year. Who knew? ;) I've been packing up a bunch of things and slowly bringing things home and my current classroom has to be completely gutted because it's being used for something else next, I'm still teaching the kids-they are so ready for summer break!

During all this packing, cleaning and moving I still did run, I promise. Here's a look at the week:

Monday: Nothing at all! I was so tired and actually felt like I had a cold. :( But a student did bring me these beautiful lupines!!!! My class painted lupines that day for art and they were amazing!

Tuesday: On Monday morning when I woke up I felt a knot in my right calf muscle. Luckily (if you can call it that, lol) Jeff was able to get me in for a dry needling session Tuesday evening.

I did a short run at easy pace when I got home to keep the muscle moving.

I was still trying to shake this supposed cold on Wednesday - who gets sick in June???? I left home and it was gorgeous out! 5 miles into the trail and it rained from the heavens! It did not stop raining for the remainder of the run. On the bright side there were beautiful rainbows as I ran home. I really wish I had a photo to share.

Thursday: Thursday is speed work day! I'm following the plan I used last year at this time for now to get ready for Tely 10 and Chicago. I did a 3 mile warm up and followed that with 6 x 3 minutes at 10k pace with 2 minutes of recovery in between. The cool down was about 2 miles for 9 miles total.

Friday: Rest day! But we did go on a field trip to the Wildlife Park, so there was a lot of walking and fun being had with the kids. I really wanted to nap on the bus ride home!

Saturday: On Saturday Coach Lee invited me down to try out a speed workout with the Halifax Road Hammers. I was sort of scared but excited, almost like heading to a race, lol it was weird. We were hoping the demo some of the Mizuno Wave Sky shoes at the run but the weather was sort of soggy. I was so happy to see Paul there! We did a warm up together and he guided me through the lingo. It was actually a similar workout to what I did on Thursday. Warmup, 6 x 3 minutes at 10k followed by 4 hill sprints up Point Pleasant drive and cool down. I was very happy at the end that this was doable for me and that there were some familiar faces. I really did enjoy it! Thanks Lee!
Paul and I posing for a post-workout selfie :D

Sunday: Oh. My. Humidity. Yes, Humidity, you may leave now. Okay, so this morning I had a 16 mile long run to do and I thought leaving early-ish would get me home before Humidity Hell broke loose...nope. Not even a tiny bit close. My plan was to head out before 8 and get a few extra kms in before I met Stacey and Marg.

His and her long run flatness....

I met up with the girls at 8 and we headed out onto the trail. Every step was SO hot! If I didn't have my friends to run with I DEFINITELY would have aborted the run early. I was super thankful that at the end when I really didn't have any extra gusto Marg carried an extra gel!!!!!! We did 16 miles total and after that I was completely toast.

Marg is the best! She brought muffins for a post run treat! And Stacey is also the best because she talks me through my allergy eye problems, lol.

Weekly miles: 46.6 (75km)

Sooooooo enjoyed this Starbucks frappe when I was done!

Look at this cute little owl my student's mom knitted me!!! Someone has claimed it for themselves...I don't think so Lola. ;)

Don't forget to come to the BLT recovery run tomorrow night at the Coke Plant at 6:30!! Michelle from Maritime Races will be there!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my little space in the blogosphere!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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