Tuesday, 30 May 2017

That Time I Ran The Ottawa 1/2 Marathon!

Hey guys!

The past few days have sure been a whirlwind!!!! It's amazing how exhausted a super quick race trip can make you. A sure sign of my age???

Anyway, lol I'm sure you'd rather hear how the race went as opposed to my thoughts on the inevitable ageing process. Am I right?!

Matt and I headed to the expo shortly after arriving which was conveniently across the street from our hotel!
 Fun fact: There is waaaaay less stress and pressure when you are NOT racing a full the next day!

See how close we were to the race start? I was watching the Saturday afternoon 5k from our room!

Okay, I have to be honest, I did not envision Ottawa being so pretty!!!!!! 
Running along the Canal by the Shaw Centre was so beautiful!!! 

 Hey Paul! Fancy running into you at the expo!

Can you spot our names???

I got to meet Michelle and Larry from Mizuno who I am super fortunate to have met!

We had an amazing lunch at the Clockwork Pub!

And I laid out Flat Heather who really only partially made it to the start line, lol.

I was fascinated with this phone on our hotel floor!

Race morning!!!!!
Can you spot Matt in the crowd? 

The marathon started at 7:00 a.m. which I was very happy about since the temperature would be cooler, not cold, but cooler at least. The humidity was quite high very early in the morning though....not good for marathon running.

John Stanton started the race and these guys dressed as older Prime Ministers showed up, lol.
After the fulls took off I did a 2 mile warm up around the start area and I was already sweating...yikes! The half started at 9:00 and at 8:35 I ran up to the hotel room and quickly made a wardrobe change!!! I was thinking, what the heck am I doing the race is about to begin and I'm not even at the start!!! 

Thankfully we were put into assigned corrals by pace (which I love!) and therefore even though I arrived later than I usually would I was able to get a great spot.

Sun sun and more sun!

I was warm from the get go and by the second mile in the race I could feel sweat running down my face. I knew it was going to be a hot one!

Admittedly I was very unprepared to 'Race' a half marathon and I was totally okay with that. I was just happy to be injury free and my allergies had settled down a lot!

My plan was to keep it between a 7:30-7:40 but race adrenaline pulled me ahead for the first two miles and then I pulled in on the reigns a bit. Later that same day, the heat very forcefully slowed me down, lol.

I am not purchasing my race photos but take a look if you will.

I was not prepared to run in a bra at all! But it was just so hot I didn't even care! The heat and humidity was really getting to me and everyone else around me. I was grateful for the spectators! They had heavy misting stations near the water stations and at one point there were wet sponges which offered incredible relief! You know what's challenging? Navigating around runners who abruptly STOP at a water station...Yikes!

Never have I ever poured so many cups of water over my head while running! At one point I accidentally splashed my face with nuun!!! LOL. 

The course was great for the most part! I got to see a lot of Ottawa and at one point we were in Gatineau, Quebec! It was quite beautiful and Ottawa is beautiful! For a brief moment in time as we ran over a bridge to the left there were these incredible rapids! And for a split second in time I was distracted from how hot I was...but just for a second. :0

With each mile split I was happy with the pace. And then I bonked. Mile 10 presented us runners with a massive long gradual incline. I felt like I was basically walking and then when I got to the top I did walk through the water station. People were yelling, "Almost there!" and I was like, nope. I chugged down two cups of nuun ( I took liquids at EVERY station). I started running again and I was steps behind the 1:40 bunny and was pleasantly surprised. Then suddenly I saw Paul cheering! I needed that little pep in my step at that very moment! Thanks Paul!!!!
Guess which mile I walked!!!! LOL.

According to my pace/distance I was headed for a squeaking 1:40 half...But leave it to me to add on 0.1+ mile.
The stats--->

 The finishers!
 Somehow in the blistering heat Matt ran a 3:03!!!! I can't even comprehend how.

All done 1 hour and 40 minutes later!

 Look at this sweet medal! It also spins and my students called it an adult fidget spinner...LOL.

So long Ottawa!

I am pleased with my run and motivated more than ever to begin marathon training and onto the next running adventure! Thanks for all of the support and it was so fun to meet reader Susan at the airport!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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