Sunday, 2 April 2017

Boston Training: Week 13 Project PB!

In case you were wondering IT'S STILL SNOWING HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, It's hard to imagine running a marathon in two weeks that I have run in 4 times previous wearing shorts, yeah. The Heartbreak Hill Running Company posted a video at mile twenty yesterday (where their Newton store is located) and it was very snowy as well. Maybe this year I'll have to wear tights?! Say it ain't so!!!! 

Now let's see a rundown on the Snowy Chronicles of GGR in Boston Training-

Monday - LOL I went onto the training plan on the side of my fridge to check out Monday. Here's what it said, "Not a thing." I guess 22 miles (35.4km) really sucks the life out of you! I did however muster up enough energy after work to open my new Wave Rider 20s!!!! They will be my Boston shoes so I thought I'd better get started on 'warming them up.' ;)

Tuesday - On Tuesday school was closed again due to the crazy ice pellets that made their way through our jet stream! I had physiotherapy with Jeff that afternoon and after a very fun and enjoyable (NOT) session of hamstring dry needling, I logged 5 miles at recovery pace on the treadmill, (8:45). Watching Bates Motel really made the miles go by quickly!

Wednesday - Okay, after a super stressful day on Wednesday, I was zonked when I got home! I didn't want to go out in the snow and run at all. I dressed in my running gear and sat around the house. Finally I texted Marg telling her just how badly I did NOT want to go out and she said she didn't either. "Let's do this together!" she said. So we did and it was awesome! I love how it was so snowy that we had mascara streaks running down our cheeks during the run, LOL! Really wish I had a photo! 9 miles at 8:14 pace.

Thursday - Thursday was field trip day with my class which = exhausting!!!! It was also blowing snow with what felt like arctic air. No thanks! My lungs are so sensitive since I was sick with bronchitis so I called it a Rest day with the intention of doing my planned speed work the next day (Friday). Lola had the right idea so I followed her lead....
I just know you are in love with my Unicorn emoji pillow! I'm totally pretending it's the Boston Marathon Unicorn, so don't judge! haha

Friday - Driving home on Friday was like, "oh darn, I have speed work to do tonight!" But it wasn't at all bad! It was still windy but warm-ish. I had a 3 mile warm up, with 6 x 10km effort for 4 minutes with recovery jogs and a 1.5 mile warm down. It gave me 9.1 miles for the day and it was actually a fun workout, minus the intervals with headwind. I did not like those.

And look what came in the mail!!!

Saturday - So the original plan for today was 5 miles at recovery followed by 8 strides. But, since I switched speed work days my legs were not having any part of it. After the five miles I decided that I'd do another 2km to make 10k for the day and head home. It was a great day for running though!

Matt and I went out for a super treat supper! I've been dreaming of nachos for some time

Sunday - Long run day!!!! This morning I ran my long run with Craig. He had 27km on the plan and I was down with that. It did snow overnight and continued to snow for the duration of the run...sigh. But we powered through with squinty eyes around the streets of Halifax. It actually wasn't that bad really. The incline on the way up to our cars at the end goes on for about 6k and that was not fun. This run gave me 16.8 miles for the day and the plan said 18, but to be honest, I'm totally cool with tapering as my body deems necessary at this point. This was Craig's longest run ever!!!!! Yay :D
I actually really like how this photo shows the snow, even though it should not be snowing now!
 Weekly total: 46.2 miles (74.4km)

Thank you so so so much for stopping by the GGR rambles! Have a wonderful day!
Boston is in 15 freaking days!!!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I can not get over how close it is! I am excited for ya :) I hope you get to wear shorts again this year.
    Will you give me a little stride lesson on how you incorporate them in? How long do you recover between them? Do you do them all at the end of our run?? Your speediness has really been increasing so it is working :)

  2. Hi Heather, Good luck during your taper week! The weather looks good for now. See you at the start.