Thursday, 13 April 2017

Boston in the a.m.!!!!

Apparently I have the super power of blinking and BAM, it's go time! Seriously, where did this training cycle go?!?!? I'm leaving for my 5th Boston Marathon in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very grateful to be toeing the start line this year at Boston. This winter has been a true test for me and my strength and ability to listen to my body. For over two months now I've battled asthma like symptoms after recovering from bronchitis. I still did my best to train and really only noticed it affecting my speed workouts. They were tough. But I have my puffers ready and packed. I am grateful for each and every mile that Monday will give me and I count my blessings every day that I am able to do what I love. I have had many supporters reminding me that running a marathon is a gift and I will enjoy every moment this year in Boston no matter what the clock says. <3

Now let's take a look at what Boston Prep has looked like this past few days....

Fuel for the race!!!!
 I paid a visit to Yee so she could massage the crap out of my tight muscles.

And here's Jeff workin' on those tight spots...OUCH!

It's okay, my whining got me a free In all seriousness, I am very thankful for the work he's been doing with me and my issues....I really think I should also pay him for therapy! ;)

How awesome is all this Spring Mizuno Gear that I got on Tuesday?!?!?!? Lola has claimed the pink singlet apparently?
Yes, these ARE my race shorts! 
 The next logical thing to do was take them for a test run. :D

Anyone else LOVE this song??? I definitely turn up the volume when it comes on! 

No, I am not in a Breaking Bad scene, I got sneezed on at school the other day so Lynda....God love her, lol suited me up to keep me germ free until I leave! Can I tell you how awesome Lynda is? Last year after the hot Boston Marathon I could not look at my own toes because they were so sore and gross. Lynda checked them for me at school to assure me that my toenails were not falling off inside my shoes as it felt.
"Happy going away to Boston day!" LOL
 After school snuggles with my girl. <3

My students decked out Marg's and my Athlete's Village mats so we'd be chillin' in syle. ;)

AND, my running group is the Best!!!!!!!

Lola is exhausted listening to Mommy talk about her run!

Aaaaaaaannnnd, you can track me again this year with bib number 12563!!!!!! Download the app, like now mmmkay? ;)
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So to all my fellow Unicorn chasers, enjoy the ride on Monday! It sure is an awesome one. <3

Thanks again for all of your support this past few months. It REALLY has helped get me through. 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Looking forward to checking your progress Monday! Love your blog!

  2. Good Luck tomorrow!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! I hope you have an amazing race! Trust your training and have fun!!!!!