Monday, 20 March 2017

The 25th Annual Moose Run 25k!

Happy  first day of Spring!!!

I know Spring is right around the corner (and yet another snow storm) when the Moose Run rolls around!

Gee, flat Heather sure gets messy when she's laid out at 10:30 on race-eve! 

Marg, Sam and I arrived in Cow Bay around 8:30 and met up with the BLT gang. We snuck in 7k easy before the race to add to the 25k so that we'd have a big 32 in the books for the day!
Ahh, everyone looks so fresh! lol
I'm pretty sure Sherry was the unofficial photographer this year at the run. ;)
I love the relaxed feeling of the no pressure pace of this run. Greg gave me strict instructions not to race it but to log it as a training run. 
Did you know that for the 25th anniversary of the Moose Run 25km there was a record number of runners?! Yesterday 243 runners ran the roads of Cow Bay for the race. I love this race for so many reasons: the route, it's free (but they accept donations), the prizes and the food!!!!

It is a pretty rolling route but on the way out to the turn around I kept thinking at each downhill that we will have to come back up it again, gulp. I do like that it's an out and back so that you get to see everyone. Oh, and it also has a relay in case you weren't interested in the full distance.

Stacey and Marg just loved the fact that I was sneaking mid-run selfies! LOL.

We kept the pace pretty conservative and chatted the whole time.

I took this photo at the top of a hill on the way back. I wish you could smell the salty air like we did Sunday morning. I told the girls it smelled like home in Newfoundland!
I packed my Camelbak so that I could carry my water, puffer, gels and phone. And I'm so glad I did. I was super thirsty and twice noticeably hungry. I guess a long run over 30k will do that to you.

Natalie finished up her relay leg and then cheered on the runners!

 Jeanne was at the bottom of a hill and captured us zooming down! ;)

Sherry got some great photos of us finishing!

Pweph, that was close! We were only going 69km/hr...LOL.
We finished in 2:11:04 with 8:26 pace/mile. 

I really like the fact that this race has  a late start (10:00) which means a lunch-ish finish. Therefore, hot food for the refuel! I seem to remember beans but this year there was Vegetable Soup/Chilli? It was nice and spicy and OH! There was cake!!!!! 

An after shot of the gang!

In case the hills interest you...

Well Moose, until we meet again next year! Congratulations to all the runners!!! And a huge THANK YOU to each and every awesome volunteer!

Thanks again for reading the running rambles of GGR!
Boston is in 27 days!!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Those hills would terrify me and you all seem to just take it in stride (pun intended)!

  2. Those hills are crazy!!! Congrats on your finish :)