Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm officially on March Break right now and I'm sooooooo happy about it! :D I know you're probably thinking, "Well with work-to-rule, strike, snow days and sick days aren't you rested?!" In fact no. That stuff was quite stressful mentally and physically so I'm looking forward to some rejuvenation. I will be having a Stay-cation at home, and working on report cards.
Lola is saying, "woof" and my shirt says, "run." :) I love notes from my students!

Back to the Friday 5-

1. Taco night! Sure we broke the rules and ate them on Wednesday night, but they were just as good!

2. I finally got my own Coffee Plant!!! I was beyond excited, in a weird way, when I saw them at the store. I've literally been looking for over a year! :0

3. Windy Running!!!!
I feel like every single training run I did this week was a headwind battle, (sigh). I seriously almost puked on my Tempo Run last night from a slight incline and a nasty headwind. I got so frustrated I stopped my Garmin. :( Thank goodness I made it home without actually vomiting, lol.
4. Running Tunes!
Here's a snipit of what I'm listening to on the run these days:
Warning! "House Key" has some serious F' wording in it, but I love it lol. 

5. Yep yep, Boston bib and corral assignments are out!

You can search your running friends here on the BAA's Entry List! There are like 115 Nova Scotians going to Boston this year! That's incredible and I'm so proud that many of them are my friends!

Lola wanted to wish you some Happy Running tonight as well. :)

Thanks again for checking in on GGR. Have a beautiful day!
Boston is in 37 days!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Lucky you for getting a March break. Our students have off a few days in March but not teachers, boo! Can't believe Boston is in 37 days already, spring really is coming quickly!

    1. It is fast approaching!!!! Do teachers get a break where you teach?

  2. Hey Heather, I see we're in the same wave and corral... the lucky corral!

    1. YAY!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! We'll have to get a start line selfie ;)