Sunday, 5 February 2017

Project PB: Week 5!

We are a month into Boston Training and I am still upright...for the most part, lol.

The focus of the week was "Recovery." That being said, I had a long run today of 16 miles, so I guess you could say training is getting pretty serious!

I will share my current obsession in music with you before we get going. It's "Storms," by Louise Burns and it's amazing!  I can only find the live versions on youtube but itunes definitely has the really awesome version! 

Here's a bit of a rundown on how the week went: 

Monday: A major round of dry needling on my right quad...OUCH! I was too wimpy for actual photos while the needles were in, or too busy covering my face with a pillow. So you will have to settle for a post-needle pic of the dots...tears so many tears. :(

Tuesday: The last day of January!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?! After my run I realized that I had logged 214 miles that month! I was like, OH my gawd please don't get injured!!! lol. 

Wednesday: Getting set for Groundhog day! LOL...the life of an elementary teacher. 

Lola had an upset belly so I decided to use the ol' T'mill to log my 4 mile recovery run. It's kind of cool having access to a treadmill at home!

Thursday: Tempo Thursday!!! :0 
I got dressed at work and decided to run on my way home as opposed to the evening so that I could Tempo in daylight. ;)  My Tempo paces had me so nervous. I haven't run that fast since early October. Fun Fact: I had no sunglasses in my car except these Yes, I may look ridiculous but they stayed put probably better than my Oakleys! 
Planning my route I did not account for the street crossing, only for the elevation. I wanted a flattish route so that I could maintain pace. Another fun fact: I ran too fast and had to stop 2x for cars. :(  I still ran really fast for a long time and after 8 miles total, I was done! Tempo miles were closer to 7:00 with my range from Greg being 6:58-7:15. I'll get better I promise. 

Friday: I worked out at home but there was no running and I was glad! Teaching six year olds and training for a marathon is exhausting! You will never out-energize a six year old, ever. And 21 of them, well that's just craziness, lol. They are fun though. ;) 
Mitch has me doing this insanely HARD exercise for my IT band/glutes. I always die a little inside halfway through.

Saturday: Brr! Winter definitely came back! Luckily I only had an easy 4 miles on schedule followed by 8 strides. I love the pace chart when I do strides, lol. 
After completing my super frigid run, I made a fantastic smelling batch of Superhero Muffins from my Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook. Matt and I are obsessed with these and try to pace ourselves eating 

Sunday: My long run for the week was 16 miles. No workout in between miles, just a straight up sixteen miler. I ran alone on a route with rolling hills. I saw Matt driving by when I was one mile away from home. I seriously wanted to hop in with him. 
Week total: 43.4 miles (69.9km) 

Thanks again for taking time to check in on GGR. Have a wonderful day!

How was your week??? 
Boston is in 70 days and 17 hours!!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. You must be getting so excited!!!! You're training seems to be going well! Congrats :)

  2. I've been out of the blogging world for a while again, but I'm excited that you're heading back to Boston!! Looks like your training is going well!

  3. Great week! I've been going to barre classes here and there and find those exercises so similar to all my PT exercises!

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