Sunday, 29 January 2017

Project PB: Week 4!

Happy Sunday, happy RUNday and for tomorrow, (when you'll likely be reading this) happy Monday! lol.

For this week the focus was "endurance." I knew this was going to be challenging since I am trying to teach my body to 'endure' while fatigued, (is it absolutely necessary to make marathon training so tough? or is it just rude? lol). I am typing this post so it looks like I survived, but I look just like this....

Monday: Okay, if I'm being totally honest I can't actually remember much about Monday. So I'm assuming my planned resting and relaxation after work was a complete success! LOL. I do see that I did some stretching and planking on my training log though so the day wasn't a complete veg session.

The relaxation guru........
Tuesday: I woke up Tuesday morning to the notification that school was cancelled due to the incoming ice storm! I was so surprised but not complaining because I had 11 miles on the plan. ;) I leaped out of bed when I realized how slippery the roads were going to get and did an easy paced (8:23/mi) 11 miles. I was 8 miles in before it started so I was feeling pretty pumped about that. 3 miles with squinty eyes was a little annoying but I did not really care since I planned on enjoying the rest of my day knowing that I had gotten my run in. (fist pump).

OH! I really want to share my favourite new running song that I repeat all the time with you!!! It's Starboy and I love it!

Wednesday: I was a little concerned on Wednesday when I did my 6 mile recovery run. My right IT band was tight, not painful, just tight and I know that means it's possibly the start of something serious if left untreated. I was running in seriously worn down shoes waiting for my new ones to arrive and because of my supination I wear the outer edges of my shoes basically down to nothing. :( This puts extra stress on the outer parts of my legs/hips. Mitch wasn't too concerned and told me to focus on foam rolling and STRETCHING. I do stretch but I admittedly don't stretch enough, (bows head in shame).

When I got home from my run I was surprised that I had a voicemail. You're probably wondering where this is going but don't worry I have a point, lol. It was my Physiotherapy office calling to tell me that Yee had a cancellation for the NEXT DAY if I was interested in a massage! Umm, YES! It was like it was meant to be!

Thursday: Busy day! Worked all day, with kids, who have a zillion times more energy than I do, massage appointment after that followed by an 11 mile rainy run!!!!!!!!! ZONKED! Massage wasn't all like zen and relaxation just so you know. We worked on my IT band area and the surrounding tight muscles. Yee did cupping which was quite unpleasant and left me with some bruising but I felt so good the next day! #worthit

11 miles in the rain at night and I'm so happy to be done!

Friday: No running today but I did have a strength workout on the plan. I worked out and
watched ET with Lola. Who else likes to watch old school movies on Netflix?!??! Matt thinks I'm weird because I enjoy watching Jurassic Park, lol. I love that movie! Lola was a huge help in working out, (eyeroll).
Lola, always making core work extra

Saturday: Windy and chilly 5 mile run plus 4 hill sprints at the end.
Julie and I had a great lunch post run at Cortado Tasting Room and it was Deeelish!

Saturday night was filled with suspenseful movie watching and sugar at Erin's! We had a great girl's night and the liquorice and jujubes offered me some great long run fuel for the next morning! Oh, and the nachos, lol.

And did I mention there were cupcakes at Erin's? lol

Sunday: So so so nervous that my cranky IT band would not let me do today's long run workout: 7 mile warm up, 10 miles at MP and warm down at the end. I met up with speedy Marg for the first 7.5 miles so we ran nice and easy. Then when she headed back I decided that if I felt good, I'd do my workout but if not I'd just run it easy. I was shocked that I didn't feel anything in the area so I got it done.
Matt and I ate lunch at his office post long run and someone joined us....

Week total: 52.3 miles, 84.3 km.
Girl drops mic...

Thanks for taking a moment to check in on GGR! Have a beautiful day!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston is in 77 days and 15 hours!!!!


  1. You're training looks like it's going well!!!! Sometimes your weekly mileage is more than my monthly mileage lol
    Can't wait to see (read) how Boston goes! I'm cheering for you from Florida :)

  2. Great blog -- inspiring, and you keep it alive. Now I know how I'll be spending my Sunday. :)

  3. Hi Heather, I also have a big hole in my training calendar as I was sick for a week and a half. Take heart, I'm back training and it doesn't feel like I missed any time. I'm sure you'll find the same thing. The weather looks great for the next few weeks. Yikes! March is bearing down on us.
    Feel better and good luck with the training,