Sunday, 22 January 2017

Project PB Week 3!

Happy Sunday RUNday!

There must be Spring Marathons on the horizon because boy were there a lot of runners out and about downtown Halifax today! If you're reading this and live locally, I probably saw you today. :)

How has your week been? Here's the low down on Week 3 of Project PB (The Boston Version):

Monday: Rest day rest day glorious rest day! You know, teaching 6-7 year olds never actually feels like I'm resting, lol. But I'll take it. ;)

Tuesday: This run was weird-I was very tired, and clearly still recovering from Sunday's long run but my pace was deceiving. I told myself not to look at my garmin and stress. I would just run  by feel because this was just a medium long run, not a workout. My first mile beeped, and obviously I looked, lol it was sub 8/mile. Strange I thought because I thought I was running at a much slower pace. Must be all the beets I thought, lol. I stuck with the pace that was comfortable and also Matt was out and about so I didn't want him to catch up to me! 10 miles total at 7:46 avg. pace.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a whole other story! First of all after work I went to see Mitch my PT because my quads were soooooo tight! He reminded me that I MUST foam roll for longer than two minutes, lol. He also worked me hard on my strengthening. I promised him to do better with my homework!!! After the PT visit I had 5 miles at recovery pace and I'm pretty sure I nailed legs were NOT going to run fast tonight, no way! It was super chilly and I kept thinking just speed up, it will be over quicker. But no way. I was sticking to the plan. My avg. pace ended up being 8:17 and that was just fine with me.

Thursday: The running gods made it possible for Jennie and I to hook up downtown Halifax for my Marathon pace run on Thursday afternoon, in daylight! Jennie is so super fast and strong so running with her is a bit daunting! She'd yell at me if she knew I wrote this, lol. She is going to destroy Boston and then some!

We met up in the snow flurries and then did a 3 mile warm up before heading to the Commons where it's nice and flat with NO traffic lights! Living outside the city really makes you aware of just how many red lights there are in Halifax. The workout was 6 x MP miles followed by a one mile cool down. Pacekeeper Jennie alerted me each time we were going too fast! I was so pumped that I was able to talk the entire time! This gives me so much confidence back. The MP miles were ranging from 7:30-7:37ish. Greg's MP for me is about 7:40-7:45/mile, (about 4:45ish/km). We shall see! This run was awesome, even though we both finished with snowy mascara eyes. ;)

Friday: I had a leg massage booked with Yee after school today and it was awesome! Once I got home I did an upper body workout along with some stretching...and I finished Gilmore Girls! Please tell me there will be more?!?! I'm left hanging.

Saturday: I love my Saturday runs!!! They are short with a bit of spice at the end...usually strides or hill sprints. This week I had to do 5 easy miles with 8 strides at the end. Fun right? Yes it was!

Stride Pace!

Sunday: Looooooong Run day! This week: 17 miles (gulp). The longest I've run since Chicago. I drove into the city to meet up with Jennie (our second run together this week!), and we headed out from her place. As I am typing this Guinness is on the other line because I think we hit the record for most hills on one single run! I wish I could use emojis here. Goodness gracious, so many ups and downs...but! We are definitely more prepared for Boston, lol. On one of the hills I assured her that we would feel totally badass when we were done, I'm not sure she was convinced, lol. It was a gorgeous day out for our run and apparently every other runner around thought so as well! So many people and dogs were out! We finished off with 17.4 miles or 28km. P.S. tomorrow's rest day is going to be epic. I have so much lazing around planned for after work. ;)

49.9 miles for the week or 80.3km. :)

Many thanks for checking out my little space in the blogosphere! Have a wonderful day!
Boston is in days!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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