Sunday, 15 January 2017

Project PB Week 2!

Another Sunday another RUNday!

I hope you have all had a great week! I'd like to name this week "The week of being tired." Not that there was a whole lot of extra stuff going on or anything, I was just tired. I believe the culprit was staying up too late...oops.

Here's a rundown at how week 2 of Project PB went!!!

Monday: Rest day! Although I did go to a dry needling session at Physiotherapy...can you count pillow squeezing as a workout?
I think this is my first dry needle bruise!

Tuesday: I was feeling really good on my Tuesday medium long run. The plan called for 9 miles and the sidewalks were great! I got 9 miles with an average of 7:59.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a crazy day! I worked all day and then rushed home to walk Lola because I wanted to squeeze in 5 recovery miles on my treadmill before heading to Patriot's Day! It was really cool because I was at home, watching Gilmore Girls and running in my living room! P.S. Did you go see the movie yet?!?!? What did you think? 

Thursday: On Thursday I was basically hoping our school would implement Nap Time for Teachers as a new period, lol. It's totally my fault that I was yawning all day  but it just made me anxious about my Thursday run with some miles at marathon pace. Somehow after several cups of coffee, I headed out and made it through the run successfully!

Friday: No running today! I was secretly glad about this, lol. I did do some strength training at home while watching Jurassic I the only one who still loves to watch this movie? I also did my physio exercises and went for a really long walk with Lola.
Someone's too tired to
Saturday: Let's call this run "Super Cold Saturday Run," shall we? My goodness, it was super frigid out. Thankfully I had a short run (5 miles) on the plan followed by hill sprints. There were only four short sprints tacked onto the end of my run so it was okay. ;)

Sunday: I enjoyed a little bit of snooze time this morning and a nice coffee with oatmeal before heading out for my 16 miler. It was a gorgeous day for a run! I did an out and back route and the plan was to take it easy on the hills, (my hamstrings are a bit testy on the hills at times). I saw so many runners today and the COLT trail was in fine condition! It's paved and runs down into Halifax, which clearly means the way home involves a looooong gradual climb. I did get to run through the finishline arch for the Running Room's Hypothermic Half Marathon at the turn around point though! It was super funny. I assumed that they'd be packed up and gone home by the time I got there but Meaghan said they were waiting on a couple of walkers. On the way home I saw Stacey but unfortunately I was blinded by the sun and only knew it was her by her voice at the last second! 16 miles at 8:12 pace/mile.
Matt snapped this photo before he headed to the personal photographer!
Week total: 45.2 miles

Thanks for checking out the GGR blog space! Have a beautiful day!
How was your week?
Boston is in 91 days and 16 hours! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Hi Heather,
    Nice to see your training blog. It is inspiring/guilting me to intensify my own training. I was thrilled to see your name on the Boston entry list. This will be my 3rd Boston after a 25ish year break and I can't wait. We'll have to meet up at the start line for a pre-race, HRSB photo op.
    Best of luck with your training,
    Doug Swinamer
    Oxford School

    1. That's exciting!!!! We will definitely have to meet up for a photo op!
      Thank you for your kind words. :)