Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Year In Review - The GGR 2016 Version!!!

Look at that - another blink, another year!

I am slightly intimidated to sum up 366 days worth of events, miles, mishaps, laughs, injuries, fist pumps, eating, hang outs, races, dry-needle sessions, bling hauls, Garmin uploads, etc. ;)

The year started with an invite to be a part of the Ambassador Program for tiux compression socks! They have treated me very well and kept me decked out for my marathons this year. I'm so thrilled to be invited back for 2017!

2016 began with me being determined to get faster and stronger than ever before. With a glorious weather day in January Marg and I rocked the Hypothermic Half Marathon with a new PB!

I never dreamed that I'd see a sub 1:37 but it happened (too bad the Popsicle stick result recording system inserted another runner in front of me so there is no online proof, other than my Garmin stats). ;)

Unfortunately I ran a little too hard and ended up not recovering properly. My glute muscle was NOT happy with me and I was side-lined for a short time. But boy, did I ever learn the importance of hip strengthening!

I recovered and Boston training resumed! We had a pretty great winter, weather-wise and I was super thankful.

Michelle also invited many runners to an advanced screening of the movie RACE and I met Kendra! We were paired up as dates, lol. Funny enough, she ended up being a mutual friend of Jennie's!

In March a large group of us headed over to Cow Bay to run the Moose Run 25k. I love this hilly scenic race with awesome food post-run. It's a great tune up for Boston!
Marg and I ran together and the run zoomed by!

Ian, Craig, Stacey, Dave, Me, Sam and Marg
Of course April brought the infamous Boston Marathon!!! I felt so strong and trained well after logging many challenging miles with Jennie around hilly Halifax and also with Christine, who was also running Boston. The race itself was again unforgettable, but the heat hit me in Newton and there was no avoiding it. Boston, you are a beautiful beast! ;) I am beyond excited to return in 2017 with so many of my running friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boston recovery as per usual took some mega TIME! It really does a number on my quads and toenails. For real. With recovery, I had a lot of time to think about my plans for the rest of the year.

Matt and I made the decision to seek training advice and a plan from Greg at Project PB. It would be a running challenge of dedication, patience and discipline, but we were both very pleased with the results! We would begin Project PB after the Blue Nose half Marathon!

Bring on Blue Nose! I'm sure you've heard me mention my great running friend Marg a time or two, well she ran a stellar race at the Blue Nose as her premiere marathon!!!! And qualified for Boston, but no big deal!!!!!!!
At race kit pick up we met John Stanton and this picture ended up in the Running Room magazine!

A month post Boston and this half marathon always kicks my butt! But I love it and it was so fun to cheer our friend on to the finish.
We obviously celebrated!
Enter training with Project PB!

Greg's first assignment to us was to run the Penguin Run 5k to test our fitness. P.S. I suck at 5ks and ran without MY Garmin and on allergy meds. But I still tried really hard and puked at the finish. ;)
Matt did amazing, but I still had some major work to do! lol.
In June, our neighbourhood area created a Running Group- The BLT Runners! Not bacon, lettuce, tomato, lol. ;) It is such a great way to hang out, run, drink coffee, compare Strava segments lol and support each other!

July had me pacing the Epic Canadian Half Marathon. It was pretty hilly and really did a number on my hamstrings but it was very fun!
This is Matt finishing his 10k!
The first real race that I took part after the formation of the BLT Runners was my close to the heart Tely 10 in my home of Newfoundland. I had been training in the humid air of summer about a month and a half into my new training plan with Greg. Speed work was really paying off as I zoomed my way to a new ten mile PB!

It's also amazing to have my family cheering me on!

Look how cool we are all sweaty in our BLT shirts!!! 
This was such a fun day!!!! 
Upon return from NL, it was hard core Chicago training!!!! Matt and I had different plans, and paces clearly, but it was great to hash out our training talk over dinner. Jennie and I took part in some super hot tough runs this summer but always had time for a post-run selfie! LOL.

I took advantage of as much training as I could while on vacation, but life sure was busy! Poor Lola got so sick and ended up in the doggy hospital. :( I was also helping Sam plan for her wedding by hosting a shower and a bachelorette, so summer literally zipped by in the blink of an eye! 

Bring in back to school craziness and bam! Training, teaching and normal life just got so busy!!! 

Sam's wedding was a blast! It was a great day! 

September wouldn't be September without Maritime Race Weekend!!! We kicked off the evening with a super fast and fab 5k! PB's all around!

 This course is flat and scenic...with the best bling!
Lola and Matt always come to cheer so clearly she had to get in the post-race photo! 
I was also psyched to pace the half the next morning for the 1:50 half marathoners! White Rabbit Pacing has helped many runners achieve their goals and is organized by Iron Durwin! ;) Such a great group of runners!
If only we knew to step forward like two feet for the sunny
 Mandi invited me to do a talk to the clinic at the Running Room as well in September. I was beyond nervous, but super chatty once I got started! lol.

When the Rum Runner's Relay rolled around, I was STOKED that I could take part! I missed it in 2015 because of a super nasty sinus infection so I was beyond excited to run fast and make my team proud.  
Team Callaghan! :)

AAAAANNNNNDDDD just like that enter a sinus infection. Womp womp. It's like clockwork, I swear. Each year before my fall marathon I get sick. Well, I was using the nettie pot, sinus spray, antibiotics, Advil cold and sinus, you name it! I was forced to taper early but doing so helped me enter into major PB territory at the Chicago Marathon!!!
Double BQs and PBs!!!!! We are already registered for 2017!
In Chicago I basically ran my butt off and injured I was! My connecting tendon of the hamstring and glute was over used and irritated. So rest I did. I needed it mentally and physically.

Upon returning to running, I took it slow and easy building back my base. Marathon recovery is so important! Especially when you definitely gave it your all.

I spent a few early mornings with the BLT crew, just joggin' and joe'in. ;)

We took part in the Christmas Marathon again this year and it's a great way to stay fit throughout the holidays!

2016 has been good to me. I am truly thankful. 

Run stats: 
1865 miles (3002km)
292 Runs
254 hours and 50 minutes
PBs at each distance (minus the 10k since I didn't officially run one-although I did score one during the Rum Runner's Relay in my 11km leg)
Injuries - 2 :( 
Races - 11

Now onto 2017...there are some really cool things coming! Such as.....
This is truly an honour!!!!!!! I am so excited to be a part of the Mizuno Team for 2017!
Thanks to everyone who have been a part of my running journey this year: my friends, family, tiux, coworkers and yes, Mitch...even you for your sessions of dry-needling! HA!

2016 you rocked!!!

Happy running,
Heather :)


  1. You had such a stellar year! I can't believe you ran a half marathon only 1 month post Boston.

    Congrats on the amazing race you had in Chicago. Seems Chicago was good to many runners. My sister earned a PB and and a BQ as well!
    Happy 2017!

  2. You had an amazing year! Clearly you love running and it shows through your blog. Love your photos, keep it up!

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