Saturday, 12 November 2016

Let's Talk Recovery...

Hey guys,

It's been one month since I crossed under the red arches of Chicago logging my fastest most amazing 26.2 run. I still gleam with joy whenever anyone asks me, "How was Chicago?!" (You know, any excuse to relive your marathon is an invitation to gush tons of exciting vivid detail which may or may not include bodily fluids...and you enjoy every minute of it).

As you can imagine, running your fastest 26.2 takes quite the toll on your body. Or at least it did on mine! I knew the marathon would beat me up. They always do but this one I ran on antibiotics for my sinus infection, so I knew self care would be a priority. Before we flew out I had already pre-booked a post-race leg massage and physiotherapy appointment to assess the damage.

Unfortunately upon return Lola had managed to scratch her cornea which was actually quite stressful. If only animals understood, "Don't scratch, you could make it worse!" Lola, Matt and I worked very hard to make sure she was supervised, received eye drops ( This was no fun! Every try to put drops in a squirmy dog's eye??? Sometimes it even took help from Courteney!).
All healed and posing for treats. <3
Needless to say I cancelled my appointments and definitely neglected stretching as a part of recovery. I also ended up having to take a day and a half off of work upon my return as well because of the nastiness of the sinus infection was amplified for the couple of days post race. My doctor told me this would happen, but I was wearing my PB blindfold, so I didn't care, LOL.

I guess the point I'm getting at is DON'T NEGLECT YOUR RECOVERY!

My hamstrings were tight for basically the entire cycle of training. I really called on them during the Chicago marathon and adrenaline also masked the pain or tightness I may have felt. My Ischial tuberosity (which is tendon at the top of the hamstrings) became irritated and pulled which has created a serious pain in my butt. And now, I am on a slow, but progressive road to recovery.
This is my new post run, post stretching

As I began to feel healthier I made it a point to really focus on my nutrition, strengthening and stretching again. This week's physio and massage appointments were positive and it looks like I'm making progress! I've went from being told to "rest" to being allowed to run a flat 15k! :D All the smiles!

The good news is that Lola is better, my cold is gone and I can run again. At least my recovery period allowed me to catch up on a few things that got put on the back burner while training ...trying to look on the positive of not running, lol.

I celebrated running by doing our annual trek to the Bike and Bean along the BLT Rails to Trails with a group of great running friends.

We are so lucky to have this trail in our backyards!!!! 

Oh yeah, I also turned 35 last week! Yikes!!!!! I remember when I was a teen and my aunt was 35 and me thinking (that's old....I wonder what I'll be like at 35?) lol. PS- birthday cake is great for recovery!!!! 
It's a proven fact that a Boston Marathon Birthday cake tastes EVEN better! ;)
So yeah, these cookies are the COOLEST I've ever seen!!!!!!! Thanks to Abby's Cookie Creations for definitely making my sweet tooth day and to Sam for the best birthday present!!!!

So I need to take this healing thing seriously, because next up I need to start training for.......
Boston #5!!!!!!!!!!!

Recovery is always more fun when you can relive your race season with the world's best running friends!!!

Thanks so much for reading the rambles of Girl Goes Running. Have a beautiful day!
Catch me up: What's new with you? 
Ever get an injury from a race where you went all out?
How did you celebrate your birthday??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. Happy belated Birthday Heather :) You did have the coolest treats ever! Your hubby and friends were really thinking of you when they made them.
    I know recovery always takes longer than we want, but you really did knock Chicago out of the park. Best wishes to stay on the healing path.
    I am glad Lola is better.
    I became a marathoner finally :) :) :)

  2. Glad you are feeling better!