Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hey There! & Updates!

Hey guys!

Bad blogger alert!!! Actually I feel like that should read "Tired blogger alert." But don't worry, the majority of my exhaustion is a result of fun. :) 

Starting with last week when Matt and Lola packed me up on a quick trip to Newfoundland so that I could attend a family graduation. 

It was a blast to see everyone and go to my hometown since I hadn't been there in 3 years!!!
My sisters and I and also my cousin who grew up with  us so he is obviously like a brother. :)
 I am from a super small town in Newfoundland and I got to go for a super challenging but beautiful run there.

Mike gave me this to start saving for my future race registrations in, LOL.

Us with Dad
 And us with Mom. :)

 And on Sunday I headed back to Nova Scotia!

But no worries, I'll be back soon!

Someone also had a birthday since we last spoke! Lola is 8!!!! How did that even happen?!
She thoroughly enjoyed a birthday cake timbit!
 It was Newfoundland detox time when I got back home. I had so many yummy Delicious treats while I was away.

It was also new shoe time: Yikes!

Just because, hehe.

I'm super excited to tell you that for my next marathon, which is CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am actually being coached, yes, for the first time ever.  Greg from Project PB is going to help me kick butt in Chicago! Stay tuned.

And I am so loving my new tank from Hungry Runner Girl! I'm pretty sure anyone who has run a marathon can relate, LOL.

And there is also some sad news on the Callaghan home front. :( My Garmin has kicked the bucket,(sniff sniff). We are going to get it looked at on Sunday, but until then I am sad.

Courteney was so lovely to let me use hers last night for an easy run AND also for a 5k race that Matt and I did this morning! Them the benefits of runner friends who live very nearby! ;)

Like, I am so done with early morning wake ups, except for running of course. ;) For the first week of Summer Vacation beginning exactly on June 30, I will be ASLEEP!
This was after two snoozes LOL. I literally always have some sort of race alarm
 set so I just thought a  generic title would be best. 
When we arrived to Enfield, which was a very short drive outside the city, Matt and I ran a 3 mile warm up at an easy pace. I felt super warmed up at the start and Jennie and I both compared running niggles, lol. Hers is because of her fantastic marathon only a couple of weeks ago and mine was from playing British Bulldog with the running club at school yesterday during our final Run Club party. How out of shape AM I?! LOL.

At the horn we were off!

I was easily led for the first mile that had some nice decline. Not a hill really, just a noticeable downgrade.  5ks are certainly not my fortay but Greg suggested we do it to see where we are and of course to show improvement over the next few months. PS I really suck at pacing in a 5k.

First mile = too fast (6:46)
Second Mile = more realistic for me right now (7:13)
Third mile = vomit churning in my belly (7:18).

I know...this was not good pacing. BUT, I can SO improve this. I just know it.

Here's Matt heading in for his 18:10 finish!

And here's ME!  I crossed at 22:06 and was reunited with my breakfast oatmeal, LOL. #classy

Thanks to Tim for more awesome race photos!!!!!!!!!

Funny story: When I finished they asked me if I wanted a Medal or a Sticker? A STICKER?! LOL... how old DO I look? I really could not stop laughing at that! They even gave me a different medal than my adult friends...maybe the "KIDS" one. I'm still grinning. Too funny.

This race was super awesome! Close to home, very reasonable price, tech tee, medals and post race goodies! Definitely a race to do!

Lola and I watched an embarrassing number of  X Files reruns this afternoon while we chilled in my Walking Dead blanket. That's just how we roll.

Thanks to the volunteers at the Penguin Run and huge congrats to all the runners! There were some fast people there...With my time of 22:06 I placed 70th! :0

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks so much for stopping by the GGR blog.

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Awesome job on the race...and I'm excited to hear about the training your coach is putting you through!

  2. I thought you said your Grandma kicked the bucket but reread and it said Garmin- WHEW!!! I am glad we are FB friends so I can follow your adventures when you are a bad blogger. Happy Bday Pretty Lola!!! She is a dream. I want to eat her. That is exciting you are working with a coach for Chicago! How did you choose him?

    1. I chose a local guy who does virtual training. I don't have to meet him in person and he's only $7/week! He was also suggested by two of my friends who've had great success!

  3. Holy Moly, Matt is fast!! and a 22 min. 5K is fantastic Heather :)
    A shoe bank is too cute!! perfect for you. I have the same Garmin and mine is still kicking, but I did get a new 225 because I wanted to program workouts in it. I really like it for many reasons, cadence information, zone training info, but the 110 was a more comfortable fit. It is like any change in equipment, it takes a few runs to adjust.
    Happy Birthday Lola!

    1. My Garmin is 4 years old and it's been used A LOT. :( I am not hopeful but we'll see!

  4. Congrats on the 5k. You are both very speedy!

    Happy birthday to Lola. I always get too emotional on my dog's birthday.

  5. I was wonderful why you had a different medal than Matt in the picture on Instagram! I'm glad you have Insta because I can keep up with you even when you're off the blog for awhile. I'm glad things have been good!!

  6. I was so happy when you commented and said you were doing Chicago again! This year I am going to track you down and make sure we get a picture together :D Also I bet you are going to do amazing things on race day and we'll have something to celebrate!

    So sad about your Garmin :( Is it bad that I wish my Garmin would die so that I could upgrade to that rose gold Fenix 3? I mean I have no need to upgrade but I want that beautiful watch so much! :D