Saturday, 2 April 2016

Weekly Randomness :)

Hey guys! 

How was your Easter???? 

I did some running and report cards during the Easter weekend. And of course drank copious amounts of coffee while also managing to eat numerous yummy things. :)

Happy Easter windy 7 miler!
 Last Saturday night I finally caved and made those BBQ chicken nachos I see all over facebook. They were so yummy!!!

Matt and I devoured every single bite!
On Sunday morning I headed out for a solo 20 mile run. Gosh, running with awesome running buds and then suddenly conquering a such a daunting distance alone is a bit scary. But mentally I knew I had to do this. I covered many hills and chugged through some final miles. I saw Matt at mile 16 and I was super whiny, lol. He even offered me a RIDE! You should NEVER do that to a super fatigued runner! LOL. P.S. I developed a very disgusting blister that I'll add to the very bottom of this post so that if you're grossed out by that sort of thing you don't have to see it and if you're curious you can take a look!

This was honestly my motivation on the run. Knowing that Cherry Berry had mini-egg froyo was on my mind for the entire 2 hrs 49 minutes I ran.

Then I came home and cooked the turkey for a scrumptious Easter dinner.

Facebook showed me this photo as a memory from a year ago (from last Saturday so, March 26). LOOK AT THAT SUPER NARROW STREET!!! 

On Monday Yee fixed me up from the long run DOMS.

 My cousin in Newfoundland made this super cute wood bunny for me for Easter and my mom mailed it to me!!! Isn't he cool?!

Training has been a bit exhausting with all the things going on with work-(report cards and of course teaching super energetic little 6-7 year olds!) and logging lots of miles.

After work on Tuesday I logged an easy paced 5 miles. Nothing spectacular on this run, just lead legs.

I was feeling really overwhelmed and drained this week. But then on Wednesday I had a really big confidence boosting run. I ran pretty solid and wasn't gasping for air at all. (7:56, 7:44, 7:40, 7:33, 7:27, 7:38, 7:33, 7:41, 7:58, 8:06). Near the end I was easing back on pace in fear of going too hard for too long but I was happy with my perceived effort level.

On Thursday we had running club at school and it was actually very warm out! I was completely overdressed! (My car said 20 Celsius when I drove home!!!).We were so fortunate because we had Kerry Copeland of Doctors NS/Youth Running Series come out and run with the kids! I got 2.1 miles in with them.

And another 5 that were super easy paced when I got home.

Oh and I also made Taco Soup from Hungry Runner Girl in the slow cooker so it was so enjoyable to come home and have a hot shower with dinner all ready!!!
 She even made a comment on my Instagram post!!!

So March had me at peak mileage with the Boston Marathon on the horizon. Matt and I ate dinner and added totals because I was convinced it was incorrect!

On Friday I had some serious dry needling going on! I asked Mitch (the PT) "what kind of person has a crazy busy week, hands in reports on a Friday, and then celebrates by getting needles?!" He chuckled...I think he thinks I'm crazy. We did about 8 needles in total so I was basically swiss cheese.

This was followed by an invite to Lululemon to get some gear for Boston!


I tried on clothes from the Lucent line and loved and wanted everything!!!!!!

I will be wearing these awesome Lucent shorts at Boston! The floral Lucent has reflective fibres that really glow when the light hits them at night! I love the feminine touch. :)
  Super huge thanks to Kelly and the Lulu crew for the hook up!
Can we just pretend that my hair doesn't look like a disaster? 
Obviously I had to try them out! Check out that reflectivity!!!!!
Lulu did not sponsor this post or pay me to promote their line. They didn't even ask me to share this,
but of course I will! :D

And I was so happy when this came!!!!!!!!!!!
I want everything in the catalogue!
 Some shih tzus make foam rolling real tricky.

Today's run (Saturday) was GREAT! Capris and just one shirt!!! I love Spring!

 Last super duper long run tomorrow!!!!!!!! Then I'll gladly welcome the Taper. :)

What's new with you????
Have you ever had dry needling? 

Anything random you'd like to share?
Can you believe Boston is in 15 days?!??!?
Don't forget to check the blister photo below!!!!!!!!

Thanks for poppin' in!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love those shorts, they are very cute and super reflective!

    Way to go on that 20-miler! I'm glad you treated yourself to some froyo afterwards. During long runs whatever food pops into my mind at the beginning is usually what I HAVE to have at the end! It's almost always tacos haha!

    1. Same here! Unfortunately our taco truck is closed on Sundays and Mondays, go figure!

  2. Look at that blister! Did you pop it?? I can't even remember our streets being that narrow...crazy!!!!!

    1. Yes I totally popped it and bloody fluid came oozing out...nice! lol.

      I wouldn't have recalled it being that narrow either had it not popped up on my facebook!

  3. Love the shorts! It's been many many years since I've stepped into a Lululemon store (more then 10 years!).
    Oh that blister, sure hope it pops soon and isn't too bad.

  4. Is it bad I was super excited to see your blister??? LOL! Looks like you are all ready for Boston! The shorts are very pretty and look good on you! You have made me very hungry for something Mexican soon! We can't tonight because we have salmon we have to make or it will go bad. Hmmm salmon tacos???

    1. No, I would have felt the same way!

      I'm not sure how I'd feel about salmon tacos, lol. Let me know if you try!

  5. Hey! Gross blister :( lol I can't believe you're running business in 15 days. I feel like you just started raining. Nice shorts!! Love them. I may have to check out Lululemon soon.

  6. I was eying up those lulu shorts online. I love the reflective stitching. So cute!

    All of your food pictures are making me hungry. Is it time for lunch yet?

  7. I love those lulu shorts!! They are perfect for Boston. I'm so excited for you!!

    I was comforted to hear you feel drained occasionally too. I'm training for Ottawa & definitely felt exhausted last week!!

  8. I love those lulu shorts!! They are perfect for Boston. I'm so excited for you!!

    I was comforted to hear you feel drained occasionally too. I'm training for Ottawa & definitely felt exhausted last week!!

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