Sunday, 10 April 2016

Weekend Check In!

Hey guys and gals! (Sorry if that was corny but I say that to my six and seven year old students lol). 

Last Sunday I headed out for my final FLAT easy paced 20 mile run. Here are Lola's thoughts on the long run: 
But I knew that this was the FINAL 20 miler and my plan was easy and flat. I took enough fluid for 3 hours or so with the intention that if it was too hard, I'd cut the run short.

I'm a huge advocate of doing your long runs solo, sometimes ;) in order to train your brain to endure the fatigue on your own. I've LOVED running with my friends this year though! Having a training buddy is a new thing for me and it DOES make those long runs so much more enjoyable! Super huge thanks to Jennie, Marg and Christine for making it fun!

So I headed out into the trail for 20 solo miles, with no friends, no crowd support and no distractions. I have to say that I noticed a  big difference in my ability with choosing a super flat route than the hillier routes I've done this winter. Obviously the run made me tired, but I didn't feel like death when I was done, (crowd cheers). 

And then it was cheers to the freaking taper!!!!

Monday included some Physiotherapy where we worked it, glute style. ;)

Still nourishing like a champ!

And also obsessing over this marathon pace chart:

Tuesday's run:

Wednesday's Run:

Thursday was Running club day. We ran 1.8 miles around the school grounds and a first grader handed me a dandelion during each lap. :)

That evening it was 4 miles at 8:13 pace.

Oh and more Taco Soup! Matt and I just can't get enough!!

Friday night was Girl's Movie Night! We saw "How to be Single" and I laughed the entire time. In the photo below everyone was laughing because I spilled tons of popcorn trying to set up the timer on the phone and it's STILL overflowing! LOL.

Matt sent me this when I was at work on Friday and it made my day:

There was a snow storm heading into our region Saturday night so my last long run of 10 miles happened on Saturday.

In shorts!!!
I tried to take a jump shot and I laughed when I saw it! At first I wasn't going to post it but I thought it was too funny not to!
 Proudly wearing the Boston socks. :)

Just to contrast:

Someone loves the snow but not the snowballs.

Packing has begun!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

How was your weekend???

Happy  Running,
Heather :)


  1. I can't believe that in a week you'll be running Boston....holy did it happen so quickly!! YAY!!!!

  2. I can just feel your excitement about Boston! :)

  3. All the food looks yummy :)
    You are so right about the long runs, it is great to have friends but you have to learn how to push yourself and run your own when it is go time :) I have thoughts about that pace chart! I don't want to jinx you though, i will just keep sending good vibes for a great race day! I know you can crush it.
    Cute Lola, she would make my day as well lol

  4. BOSTON!!!! So excited for you!

    I love that you didn't just run 20 miles but you went the extra bit. Such an overachiever! :D'

    Can I just say Lola is the cutest?! It's so true!

  5. YAY for the final 20 miles! I agree that running that far alone is important because it trains our brains. That's important for us because of the mental aspect of the marathon!

    That taco soup looks seriously amazing. I'm always jealous of your Mexican food pics!