Sunday, 17 April 2016


Holy moly guys, I'm totally unsure how the Boston Marathon is already TOMORROW MORNING?!?!?! What happened? Like I feel as though I blinked, and's here!!!!

I don't want you to miss a beat of my trip so prepare for the largest GGR Phone Photo Dump in the history of blogging! 

It was a snowstorm in Nova Scotia when we left. Like an actual one where all the schools were cancelled in my school board! 

We carefully drove through the storm and then the sun came out about an hour and half into the drive!

I wore my Right on Hereford tee with pride.

We checked into the hotel and I immediately went here:

Last run before the marathon on my annual route Saturday morning. I feel like it's always sunny when I do it.

I love seeing these along the route!

This will be a nice sight tomorrow!!!

As too will this:

I headed up Boylston and loved how the city was "all dressed up" for the marathon.

I had a huge smile. My credit card did not. LOL.

Totally creeped Shalane and avoided a massive line up. ;)

Uh, hello! Then I was this close to Dean Karnazes and didn't even realize it!!!

I posed for Runner's World:

I also did some posing at the finish...

Then I hit up Marathon Sports!

Look who I met outside!

And then inside I ran into one of my awesome Nova Scotian Running friends!

When I left I saw the bomb site and the wreath that was laid by the victims families' on Friday. It made me so sad that an event that is all about celebration and joy has ended in tragedy. This is so not right.

On the way back to meet up where Matt was picking me up I hit the button to cross the street and saw this:
These were all over Boylston. :(
 The turn!!!!

The bib!

The gear!

The cheer squad! :D

More When I run by here tomorrow my ears will be ringing as the Wellesley girls scream their hearts out!

Just doing..............

Some carbo loading!!!!!!!!!! LOL

The outfit!!!
Last minute questions:
1. Braid or ponytail???? 
2. Ipod or NO??? I usually wear it but never turn it on. 

 Super thanks to the incredible supporters I have! I am seriously overwhelmed. xo

Tomorrow is going to be freaking awesome! Take it all in and I'll see you on Boylston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Braid and take the iPod, you don't have to turn it on. SO excited for you! You'll rock it!

  2. Braid and iPod (just in case). What kind of sports bra is that? GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  3. HAVE FUN! SOAK IT IN!!! BRAID!!!!! :)


  5. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF TOMORROW! I'm looking forward to tracking you and celebrating virtually with you! GO HEATHER!

  6. Good luck! Have a blast!

  7. You're going to be GREAT. I can't wait to get updates on your progress throughout the morning!! Have fun!!!

  8. so excited for you!! Can't wait for post run update and pictures!! :)

  9. Excited for you! Have a wonderful race! Whoooo hooooo!

  10. This post makes me so excited to someday qualify for Boston! Enjoy your race!

  11. Hope you had an amazing race day!

  12. Great post! Shopping,eating,touring!,!!!, congrats on your finish!

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