Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday 5!

I feel like I hear angels singing when I look at my cartoon avatar above, lol. It's a four-day weekend so this girl is pumped!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Here are my Friday 5:

1. Hanging out with this chick:
 Lola totally hijacks the yoga mat when I do my core work, foam rolling or yoga. Such a diva.

She also steals the pillows when Matt and I get out of

2. New Sneakers!
These will be my Boston Marathon shoes. :) I've already taken them on a couple of runs and they are already stickin' filthy.


3. Training:
After last Sunday's Moose Run 25km that was HILLY, my right hip had some super tight spots again and I could feel the tugging on my SI joint. I was not taking any chances so I opted for weights and yoga on Monday, Run on Tuesday and complete Rest day on Wednesday.

Tuesday's Run:

On Thursday we started up Running Club at school again to get the kids all set for the Blue Nose. We stayed inside and ran 3km (1.8mi) around the gym in alternating directions. It was quite cold out and some of the kids didn't have proper outdoor cold weather running gear. I was sweating like a champ by the time we were done!

I jetted off to my physio appointment immediately after that where I professed my frustration, worry, panic and all other mixed emotions to Julie about my hip. She's quite determined that the Moose Run is certainly the culprit for my tight hip and that I should resume training as usual...with my prescribed stretches and strengthening exercises of course.

Clearly I was psyched to hear this and scurried home to do a quick 5miles before girl's night.
5 miles at 8:04 pace.
Today I did weights and core along with stretching in the morning and headed out for an easy paced run after lunch. I saw Marg literally at 1/2 mile into my run and she was just starting her run as well so we did a great 7ish miles together....also for some reason we ALWAYS end up wearing very similar outfits, unplanned!! LOL

4. Food!
I've been keeping a pretty healthy selection of snacks and meals over the past couple of weeks. It feels great to eat well, but I did indulge on Thursday. 
One of my coworkers made these tasty rolls which made for a great recess snack. ;)
Thursday was also the last day of Burger Week here in Halifax so us girls headed out to take part in the festivities. :)

The Atomic Burger was super delish!

5. Easter!
On Pinterest I found these super cute spring chicks for my students to make and they turned out so great!

Speaking of Easter someone looks pretty beautiful in her Easter Bunny scarf. <3

5. MISC:
My Chicago Marathon Results book came this week!
Can  you find me? ;)

Also, I REALLY need this shirt!

Somehow, although I can't believe, Boston is only 23 days away!!!! I'm praying that I will stay healthy and fit until then. ((fingers totally crossed))

Thanks for stopping by GGR and have yourself a very Hoppy Easter!
What are your Easter plans?
How is your training going? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Wow Lola looks beautiful in her new scarf! I wish I could put scarves on my cats.

    Can't wait to follow you at Boston! Oh and my cousin is running it for charity this year!

  2. My Labrador is ALWAYS on my yoga mat as soon as I unroll it. I think it's just their way of being a part of what we do.
    Hope you stay healthy for Boston!

  3. Mmm, burgers!

    I hope your hip soreness goes away. You're doing a good job listening to your body. Your Boston shoes are so pretty!

  4. I bet you can't guess what muscle in your body is the #1 muscle that eliminates joint and back pain, anxiety and burns fat.

    If this "hidden" super powerful primal muscle is healthy, you are healthy.