Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday 5!

Happy Friday everyone!

This Friday is now any ordinary Friday for me since I return to work on Monday, womp womp.

It's actually been a very busy March Break with very little downtime. So not what I had originally planned, lol.

Let's see what I was up to:

1. Hanging out with this chick. And Lola was totally up for catching up on some extra zzz's over the break!

Of course "barking at cats" was just on her to do I had to tag along.

2. I painted our kitchen! This one was on my to do list for like ever. Finally it's done! Here are some pics of the progress. 

I thought taping would be the death of me. :(

I did this much after getting dry needling done on my calf and I honestly feel that so much time on my feet after was great for recovery. :)

Here's my calf that was sort of Swiss cheese like post dry needling! OUCH.

Ta daaaa!

The paint is Benjamin Moore Antiguan Sky and I do love it.

3. Training!
 I got serious with training. ;)  Well, actually I went to a Body pump class with Jennie and I did not die, lol. 

Our hair now, that's a totally different story.

I sent her this image when I got home: LOL
I managed 5 evening miles later that day but Wednesday morning was a whole other story!
 My butt and hamstrings were so sore post body pump so I opted for yoga the next day with NO running.

On Thursday I made up for it with a solid 9 miler. It was snowing giant snowflakes while I ran and it felt like I was in a snow globe!

Friday's run--->
Friday is usually my rest day but since I rested on Monday after the 20 miler and Wednesday after Body pump + 5 miles I did some switching. 
4. Good eats with friends!
Sam and I had a great lunch date at Clay West for some stellar pulled pork sandwiches!!! Seriously they were awesome.

Erin and I had girls night as well!
So much yummy food!!!!

5. Boston Digits! 
So for my previous Boston Marathons I've worn 
17529 and now this year will be 

Do you see a common trend??? ;) Funny thing is I submitted my fastest marathon ever for the last bib number and I have the highest (therefore "slowest") number this year! The field of runners is clearly getting faster! Don't forget to jot down this year's number 17552 if you are hoping to track me on April 18th! 

So that about sums up my break. Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog. :) On Sunday I'll be running the Moose Run 25k again this year. Not racing!!! Just a training run like I did last year. 

Stay tuned!
Did you have a March Break? How was it? 
Are you running the Moose Run?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. No Moose Run for me....I really fear that it would affect my ITB negatively. Good luck to you!

  2. I love Lola barking at cats. :) Your kitchen looks lovely! Painting is a tough job. You should count that as strength and stability training. I wish we had March break. This week was just HORRID. The students... they are forgetting all of the procedures and expectations we have and are just straight up REGRESSING with their behavior. I had to go over the "Music Classroom Rules" powerpoint with one second grade class. I had the OPPOSITE of a spring break. But it is the weekend and I am so happy! Hey what is dry needling?

    1. So when you have a knot or trigger point in your muscle that won't release with normal phone rolling and stretching and sometimes massage, The physiotherapist put needles in there that are slightly larger then acupuncture needles. Then they pulsate the needles up-and-down into the knot which feels like death LOL, and your muscle contracts like a spasm which is actually it releasing from the hold. It hurts like you ran a marathon afterword but then your muscle feels so much better the day or two later and you can flex it out again.

    2. Lol I have not actually rolled with a phone, that should obviously is a foam roller LOL

  3. You have some skills! Your paint job looks great :) I am with Megan, totally counts as strength training lol
    The kids have March break in a few weeks here and I am going to take long weekends :) As office staff I get stuck working all the breaks lol
    I hope the calf work helps loosen you up so you can run hard in a month! This was the perfect time to get it done.
    Have fun on your moose run!

    1. Ha, thanks Karen! It sure was a lot of work.

  4. Oh I love that color of your kitchen. I have a room in my house that is currently yellow and have been considering a blue-ish color like the one you used!

  5. Aw Clueless <3 Love that movie!

    I love your kitchen color! We're looking at a rich, deep blue or a seafood green for ours now that the cabinets etc are done!

    We have break starting next Friday the 25th and it can't come soon enough. The kids are CRAZY right now. They need the time off. I love that you guys are having a second winter after spring break!

    1. Oh goodness I'm already exhasted from thinking of how crazy my kids will be tomorrow!

  6. Antiguan Sky is so pretty! I love it!!!! My daughter is on spring break this coming week but I still have work :( I think I might schedule early days so that I can do stuff with her in the afternoon though :)
    Question for sometimes use a hydration backpack right? how do you like it?

    1. I love my camel back hydration pack! It doesn't jostle around at all like I predicted it would.

  7. Your kitchen looks beautiful! How amazing that you painted it yourself too. Now every time you walk into the kitchen you can think "I DID THIS!" I love it!

    I wish I had a March break, I was so jealous knowing you had a week off! haha

    1. Thanks Kristina! I have used your quote twice today. And I'm still giggling at "I have a gun." LOL