Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy V-Day!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! 

Matt and I love any excuse to go out for Heart-shaped pizza. ;) And Lola wanted to wish you guys a Happy <3 day!   

"I am sporting this lady bug hair pin just for you...and the treat Mommy promised me." 
 My students were more psyched for Valentine's Day than I had ever seen them! I guess getting "mail" when you're six and seven is a pretty big deal. ;)
They made super cute owl holders
 And they brought all these goodies!
I would have ate them all if I hadn't had plans to go try on bridesmaids dresses with Sam later that day! LOL

And one of my students even gave me flowers. <3

I got some pretty good runs in this week!

Including a snowy run.

On Saturday I ran in cold temps and forgot to protect my neck, yikes! The first mile was unbearable and eventually I warmed up to the point where I took my mittens off.

Sunday's run: -19 Celsius with the windchill and I STILL managed to overdress!!!!! The Lululemon Jacket I got for Christmas surely means business! I was seriously sweating.
***Long run plan is tomorrow with my running bud since we have a holiday! :)

And, here's Lola barely able to contain the excitement of Mommy returning from her run, lol.

 My physiotherapist is pleased with my progress and decided that we are upping the exercises, (gulp).

My new routine: 
Even though I'm back with distance I'm not permitted to tackle any hills yet. In time. ;)
 How I feel about the exercises:
Seriously. I set the timer on my phone and when I figure I must be a minute in, 24 seconds have passed. :S By the end I'm grunting out loud, lol. I'll build up stamina and strength, eventually. ;)
 Also, yesterday I picked up my window table from Robyn at Deja Vu Decor and I LOVE it!!!

AAAANNNNNNDDDDDD...........guess what returns tonight!!!!
It's gonna be sooooo good!!!!

So enjoy your Valentine's Day (if that's your sort of thing) and obviously tune in to The Walking Dead tonight!!!!!!!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by the GGR space in the blogosphere and have a very happy day!

Is Valentine's Day your sort of thing? Matt and I don't really go all out for Valentine's Day but we do take advantage of Boston Pizza's Heart-Shaped Pizza.
Are you a Walking Dead Fan????
How was your week?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. That table is beautiful! I love your decorating style. :) It is so sweet your student got you flowers. That would make me feel so special. Enjoy your day off and your long run tomorrow. :) I can't even imagine side plank clam shells...

    1. Thanks Megan!

      Side plank clam shells: I don't remember them being this hard when I did them daily last spring. But then I realized it was because I was doing sets of 30 not a minute and a half on each side. That's much more tough for me.

  2. Our Kindergarten class made Owl valentines too (like your bags).

    So fun that your student gave you flowers and all those treats look super yummy! We didn't have school Friday so we didn't really celebrate in my class.

  3. So glad you are feeling better and getting some longer runs in :)
    I can't imagine side plank clam shells, I don't think i am coordinated enough lol
    I love all the sweet messages kids pass each other this holiday. Hubby and I had big chocolate covered strawberries :) My favorite, dark chocolate.
    Happy Valentines Day :)

    1. LOL I needed a few reminders on proper form but now I've got it down. ;)
      Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Lola with her hairpin and scarf is the cutest thing I've ever seen! You are lucky to have her as a Valentine! :)

    Side plank with clamshells sounds like ... an adventure! :D

  5. I'm usually in to Valentine's Day but this year I didn't do anything specific to that. I ran a half marathon in the morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing (and sleeping).

  6. Side plank clam shells?! What do those look like? Please take a picture!

    I love that your students get to make cute Valentine's Day goodies.

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