Friday, 19 February 2016

Friday 5!

Happy happy Friday Runner Peeps!!!!

I have a super scratchy throat right now so I'm going to pray it's just something minor and no sort of full blown-knock me on my butt type of sickness. ;)  (Sipping tea as I type).

Hopefully everyone has had a great week! Here's a peek at mine:

1. Race Movie!!! 
So last night was the advanced pre-screening of Race Movie that I mentioned I had been invited to by Michelle of Maritime Race Weekend. Courteney and I headed over to the theatre around 6:15 to meet up with our "Dates" for the night and pick up our free toques! (My date was Kendra and it turns out that my long running pal Jennie and her are friends! Small world.)
Myself, Mike and Courteney
Michelle and I, or in other words 'the coolest Race Organizer in town!' 

Kendra and I thought we looked pretty fly for the movie. ;)

The line up was HUGE so I had plenty of time to chat Kendra's ear off and snap some pics. We also decided that it would be necessary to share a popcorn, especially since one order was the size of my car! (slight exaggeration but you get the idea).

Our theatre was jam packed with all sorts of local running talent and to be honest everyone looked quite different in something other than their running gear! ;)

I was so pumped!

I was also worried I would not have enough historical background knowledge to completely understand the conflicts within the movie. However, once it got going I was fine and realized that you didn't have to be a total political buff to enjoy the film. After all, it was about Running too! ;)

Stephan James does an amazing job portraying a very talented African American runner who has to really evaluate his position as a world class runner in a time where making it to the podium meant more than just the time on the clock. And the fact that the film is based on the TRUE story of legendary Jesse Owens makes it that much more enthralling. For myself, watching the movie knowing this really happened gave it that much more of a Wow Factor, especially in terms of how specific groups of people were treated.

Without offering any spoilers, I will say that I give it two thumbs up and there was a scene at the Berlin Coliseum that literally gave me chills. Go SEE it!

2. Lola <3
Our dog has such a personality! She literally cracks me up. Each morning when I eat breakfast, get dressed and packed up for work Lola is just maxin' and relaxin' in our bed. I have to offer her a bunch of encouragement to get out...and sometimes it will actually take me just pulling her out.

"What do you mean the weekend's over?"

And then of course there's the yoga mat. Whenever it comes out for my stretches/workouts Lola just loves to crash the party. In this below photo I made the mistake of acknowledging her presence while I was foam rolling so then she sat on me, LOL.
I love her to pieces! 

3. School Stuff!
Still getting secret messages from students, lol. I think it's adorable when they can't stop grinning and ask if I saw the mysterious letter on my desk or in my lunch bag. ;)

We also celebrated our 100th day of school on Thursday and they were super pumped to have the opportunity to manoeuvre through the large zero.

Even Ms. Callaghan got through, coffee in hand!

4. Training! 
I got a couple of very good runs in this week but doing my long run on a Monday made me super confused about what day it was! LOL.

Julie also upped the anty on my bridge exercises by adding in a large ball and the small ball (for knee squeezes). I think she's secretly trying to kill me. She IS however very pleased with my progress! 

5. Have a great weekend!!! 
Because before you know it...

Thanks again for checking out the GGR blog! Have a beautiful day. :)
What are you plans this weekend?
Did you see Race Movie?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Wow Lola is such a Diva. :) Going through the 0 in 100 was prob so fun for the students! Our first graders were going to celebrate 100th day like normal but so many snow days, early dismissals, and two hour delays pushed everything back and they just scrapped it! You know I never even heard of celebrating 100 days until I was a teacher.

  2. Now when you talk about your physio exercises all I can think of is Matt's comments "those are perverted." LOL

  3. LOL that envelope...that's SO cute.

    I want to see Race so badly! It's on the top of my list.

  4. I have not seen Race movie...yet!
    I can totally see Lola's personality in her pics, I actually feel like I know her :)

  5. You had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing photos. Next weekend we will be having a great time with our families. It’s my niece’s birthday and party will be held at one of iconic outdoor event space in Chicago. Eagerly waiting for that day!