Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday 5 + 2 ;)

Happy Weekend!

I feel like I have been waiting for this weekend for ten days! Not because I have any super fabulous plans, but just because it's been one heck of a week with a few weather days that kept the students in ALL day and of course running back and forth from physio, massage, home, work, etc. Just typing that last sentence makes me want a nap! ;) At least I get to hang out with this chick. <3
Check out my Friday 5:

1. My Current Fave Tunes: 
I have two songs that I'm playing on repeat during my runs and workouts. The first one I LOVE to sing along It's "Hide Away," by Daya!
 Check it out!
And then of course there's the Beibs. Raise your hand if you have a guilty pleasure Justin Beiber song on your play list! ;) LOL. My current fave is "Sorry." LOVE!

Speaking of JB has anyone watched the elite runners doing a parody of this song?! Check it out here!

2. Back to Running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week I actually got some real running in.

There is still some tightness in the stubborn spots that we are working on but my Physiotherapist is very happy with the strength I'm gaining in my hamstrings and glutes! (CHEERING CROWD).
They are at a slower pace because I'm being cautiousnot because I've lost all of the fitness I've ever gained in the history of life, (as I feared would happen if I got injured lol). 

Running just feels good. :)

And it makes me smile. :)

3. Treatment
I was VERY VERY VERY happy to have a visit with Yee this week. I couldn't believe how much better I felt the next day. My range of motion was noticeably improved. 

Physiotherapy is going great also! I have so many exercises and stretches to do but I DO them because they are helping! 

What we think is going on is when I had some LEFT side glute weakness last winter during Boston training, we worked hard to get it stronger. Well that apparently worked, and maybe too well since it created a very slight imbalance and even though I'm right side dominant my right side hips/glutes got super tight over the past few weeks from being weak/overworked and well, now this. 
Again, Julie my PT is very confident I'll be totally fine so I am also. ;)

4. Food,
Erin and I had a super fun Girl's night which obviously included some tasty treats! This guacamole was super delish!

I made quesadillas and kale chips for dinner this week and there was hardly anything left for me to take for lunch the next day!

Salmon and veggies for the win! (Pretty sure this is my favourite dinner). Wait, maybe second favourite-tacos is clearly in first place.

Staff meeting snacks...yes that's fudge!

Ms. Brenda takes real good care of me. She works in my classroom with one of my students and she says she's "helping me get ready for the marathon," lol. Well that was here rationale when she gave me a chocolate bar today and ice cream earlier in the week! This grilled cheese was da bomb dot com. ;)

5. School Stuff! 
Friday's require fun attire and a very large coffee.

Especially when it's raining. And the kids are trapped inside. All day. And you plan ART!
But look how cute these snowmen are!
While laying on the physio bed yesterday Michelle from Maritime Race Weekend contacted me and invited me to a Private Screening to Race Movie with a group of local runners/bloggers! I was super thrilled! I've never been invited to anything "Private" in my life, lol. Check out the looks awesome! 

So this is a super long Friday 5 but I still have one MORE pic for you. It's February and I came home today to see this:
We've had some very mild rainy weather and I believe my garden is getting confused. :S 
 If you stayed tune until the end, give yourself a thumbs up. ;) Thanks for tgif'ing with GGR. Have a super awesome weekend!
What's up on your weekend agenda? 
Please share your favourite workout song with me!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Yay I am glad your physio and massages are helping and you are back out there RUNNING! :) Our kiddos were stuck inside most of the week.. ugh! Lola looks beautiful as always. How do you prepare your veggies? They always look so good.

    1. I use EVOO in a casserole dish and sprinkle with either Mrs. Dash or the Club House seasoning "Roasted red pepper and garlic." We love that stuff.

  2. I have been addicted to soca music recently so my favorite workout song right now is "Motivation" by Shal Marshall :)

  3. Glad to hear you will be back to running and not aching soon:) High five for good support and dedication to working on it.
    That's crazy you have a bud popping up! I am checking out the song choices of course :)

    1. Thanks Karen!

      Yeah, I have no idea why that plant is trying to come out in February!!!

  4. I can't wait to see the movie...I love inspirational movies and this looks like a good one. I'm glad that you're healing up...yay for your team of doctors.

  5. I literally slept 14 hours Friday night. I feel you on needing a nap/catching up with sleep! This was our first full week after two short weeks full of half days. My body was like WHAT IS HAPPENING.

    I'm secretly relieved I hate the new Bieber song. I just can't get behind him as a singer, but everyone kept telling me his new stuff was good. I heard the song without knowing it was him and disliked it haha. I know this makes me a total putz, though.

    1. Oh I slept in so good today! Lola, Matt and I. :D

      I know! I was like "NO!" when I started singing along to!