Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Double Snow Day!

My weekend got extended quite a bit longer than usual because of a blizzard that pounded us over the past two days. Well, actually the storm lasted approximately 14 hours according to the lovely weather lady. :) And then of course there was the clean up!

Monday morning:
I heard the "ding" notification sound on my phone that the school board had cancelled school due to the incoming Blizzard. Lola and I were both psyched to catch some extra zzz's.

We headed out for a walk and nearly all of our snow was gone. I took a before picture just to compare.

I knew there was a possibility I'd be trapped indoors for a while so I headed out to pick up some seeds for some herb garden planting. :)

It was really cool dressing down instead of up on a Monday morning. ;)

Oh yeah. ;)

The storm actually started mid-afternoon so Lola and I got comfy with the Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaries. :)

I did a hefty arm/ab workout as well as my physio exercises for glutes and hamstrings. Matt and I had dinner and he said, "You know you won't have school tomorrow right?" I was like, "Yeah right!" So out of curiosity I checked the snow predictor app----YES, there's an app for that!
After entering my postal code, the likelihood was promising. 
 And so it was another long snooze for us gals while Matt shovelled on Tuesday morning. :D

It was actually a beautiful morning out! Lola and I ventured out back to the knee-high snow and I shovelled her out some paths to run around in. She had a blast!

Also, it was Pancake Day!!!!!

Shovelling sure works up an appetite!

Clearly I was not going to leave Lola out of the Pancake day shenanigans. <3

Mid afternoon I decided to drive up to the maintained paved trail for a run. I feel like when I told Lola she said, "And you're telling me because...." LOL.  Such a diva.

I ran a glorious 7 miles and even chatted with my speedy friend Erin for a bit! My body felt great other than a bit of tightness in my hamstring. But the SI joint was not a problem at all!!!!!!!!!!

Then I was frozen so I warmed up with a Tim's hot chocolate. :D

I hope you didn't get too much of a blast from old Man Winter. I tried to call the Groundhog to ask, "What's the deal Sam?!" but I just got his answering machine. ;) LOL.

Thanks for stopping by!

Did you get a snow day?
Tell me you had pancakes!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. We had an early dismissal today! It was glorious because today was to be one of my busiest days at work. :) I bought some puzzles on the way home so I am SET. We will most likely have school, but I am hoping for a delay! It looks like you had the best snow days because you still got to run! :) I have been craaaaving pancakes lately. Mmmm. Maybe this weekend Paul and I will walk to the diner and have some. :) Miss Lola is so spoiled! She deserves it, though. ;) Do you guys have to make up snow days?

    1. Lola IS spoiled!! But we love her so much <3

      We don't necessarily make up snow days, but we had so many last year that they did end up taking away our grading day. :( This year we've had 3 so far but I heard rumours of a delayed start coming into effect in the next year or so.

  2. I wondered how you'd do your run today! Love that they maintain the trail.

  3. I was hoping for a delay today but it didn't happen. We always hope for delays but not cancellations. If they cancel school then we have to make it up on a planned day off. Not fun! Glad you got to run on your days off!

  4. Lucky you getting snow days! We had 16C weather today and it's supposed to be gorgeous for the next couple of days. You can keep the snow ;)

  5. Mm those pancakes look perfect. I LOVE the little doggy bone pancake!

    I really wish we had snow days. I could use one right now.

  6. Yay for longer runs and feeling better! So, question. I love bridges but when I attempt to do one leggers, my hammy cramps up. Is that just a sign that they're weak and I just need to keep at it? I do regular bridges often and would like to do one legged ones too.

    Anyway, glad you had a great week! :)

    --Helly on the Run

    1. Here's the quick answer: yes you need to strengthen it. The reason I know is because when I tried to do a single leg bridge on my uninjured side my leg went into spasm and my physiotherapist said, "looks like we should be doing one leg bridges on both sides." LOL