Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Snow Day Shenanigans & Training Tidbits!

Happy Snow Day, I mean Wednesday! ;)

Today was our first snow day of the school year and I was super thrilled to be able to catch up on some zzz's.

Lola's reaction to the snow day announcement:

Let's take a look at training:

On Sunday I got up super early to hit the streets with Jennie.

We ran a 25km route with some daunting hills and I was more than happy to inform her that one of our usual hills is much harder at 18km than at 1km! (we did a mix up on our usual route)  #noodlelegs  

It was okay though because we had a breakfast of champions waiting for us at the Halifax Running Club. YUM! We had such a fun morning!

That afternoon was spent pretty much like this:
Sitting, eating and hanging out with Lola.
 On Monday, a coworker bought me this! She said she saw the owls and it reminded her of me. :)

Monday night 4 miler: Legs were less than ideal but pretty good considering Sunday's long run.

I have had this headlamp for many many evening runs. I have not had to replace the batteries until today! On last night's run I noticed it wasn't as bright as usual. Then I realized why: 

Post-run, balling my eyes out watching the season 3 finale of Nashville and someone wanted to get comfy:

 How my street looked this morning on our walk:

My super crafty friend Susan made this awesome Newfoundland Tartan infinity scarf and I LOVE it!!! Thank :) Note to self: wear sunglasses or have squinty eyed selfies.

Snow day 5 miler:
The sidewalks were cleared, but slippery so I detoured mid-run to a nearby neighbourhood where the head wind was just being rude.

I came home and warmed up with some homemade snow day chicken soup...mmm.

I guess on the plus side of a snow storm you get to use some upper body strength to shovel???
Hehehe, let's pretend my avatar says, "winter is HERE!"

Did you get a blast of Winter today? 
What warms you up after a cold run
Who is running the Hypothermic Half on Sunday???

Thanks for visiting GGR on this chilly winter day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I'm jealous!!!

    One of my friends moved to Nova Scotia and today was all "hahaha real snow day for us!". In Ottawa there are no such thing as snow days - schools never close unless it is an ice storm that takes out the power for 2 weeks.

    1. I heard that Ottawa doesn't get snow days! Isn't it crazy driving in stormy weather??

  2. Your street is to snowy!It is cold here, but no snow yet, and I am not sad about it lol
    Great long run :)
    I am learning to appreciate coffee when it freezing outside :)

  3. After a cold run, I get a steaming hot shower. Yesterday while in the shower, I yelled out to Paul and said, "I just want to sit in the shower under the hot water with a lawn chair for an hour!!!!"

  4. Wow, you had a warm December and now already a snow day?! Winter is cray-cray this year.

    Does banana taste good with grapefruit? I feel like the textures would be so weird together!