Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday 5!

Happy happy Friday folks!!!

How has your week been? I have to tell you that I jammed my pointer finger on my right hand in the door when I got home today and every time I hit a key with that finger, it hurts. :( This post will likely be short, lol.

1. Tune of the week: You need to listen to my newest addition to my "Current Faves" play list for working out/running (this week it's been waaaay more working out than running, but I am hopeful that will change soon). :) Check out "I of the Storm," by Of Monsters and Men. It's not a super fast song but I love it!!!! These guys are one of Matt's and my favourite groups for sure.

2. My Super Sweet Students :)
One of my second graders brought me this owl chalk board just because. :)  How sweet!

And of course they love to leave me random notes. ;)

3. I did RUN. :)
I ran. It didn't feel awesome but it felt better. I would describe it as "tight and pulling." Since this short 5k run I've been to my Physio therapist and got major improvements, even though I was very worried her technique was borderline torture. For real! LOL. I'm running again tomorrow and it will likely be on the TM because we just got blasted with snow again today.
The problem(s): Having a tight butt isn't all that it's cracked up to be. ;)  Tight glutes can wreak havoc on basically anything around them! Try like your pelvis, hips, lower back, adductors, hamstrings and let's see what am I missing, oh yeah, and your SI joints. :(

I've run through many muscular injuries in the past (while getting treatment of course), but this particular issue is affecting my joint mobility and that sh*t is painFUL! Apparently your SI joints rotate between 4-10 degrees on average and mine is less than that because of knots/trigger points that I am getting worked out. I am also doing a TON of stretches and exercises to kick this issue to the curb.

Here's an idea of what I do twice a day!
  • knee over opposite thigh stretch
  • hamstring stretch
  • hamstring curls
  • one leg bridge lifts
  • knee squeezes 
  • sciatic flossing

Of course some of the above names I've renamed so I'd remember them, lol.

Sciatic flossing at work ;)
I rescheduled my Storm day Friday physio appointment to an earlier Thursday while I was at work. I had no gear with me so I pulled out my classroom shoes and my PT gave me a pair of "shorts" which I presume to be an eighties pair of sweat pants that are cut
 I'll let you know how tomorrow's run goes. ;)

In the meantime, I've been stretching up a storm and lifting. Lola is a great workout buddy. ;)

4. Trying to Eat Healthy ;)
Post workout snack in the car that was very cold when I got out of the gym!

Tasty Salmon and Veggies for dinner, mmm.

5. Being injured means more time for shopping. Trying to look on the bright side ;)
I love this cool little Zen sand garden I found! 

And HELLO new boots that were 30% off! <3

Lola and I are so glad you stopped by the GGR blog on this snowy evening. :) Thanks a bunch!

What's your favourite workout tune right now???
Did you get a blizzard blast this week too? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)  


  1. I really do not have a favorite work out tune right, I am kind of in between them. Yes here in Northern NJ we probably got around 18-20 inches. Whatever we got was a lot

  2. I am glad you showed us what sciatic flossing is because I had something wayyyy dirtier in my mind! ;)

    Wow look at your bridge!! My back is so not flexible. I need some back stretching tips because I know it is good to have a flexible back... That way I can shovel snow well into my 80s???

    I hope you continue to see improvement fast! I bet in the meantime you are getting really swole at the gym. :)

  3. I should really start doing some of those stretches! I hope they help get you back to having less pain. I've felt that pain before and it is no fun! Stay warm up there!

  4. Glad to hear that your back to running! At the beginning of every season I have an issue with my SI joint. Essentially my right glute is too weak to support my SI joint mainly affecting my hip flexor. I usually have to work on strengthening which leads to my flutes being too tight!

  5. Glutes not flutes! Acupuncture/IMS seems to really help things loosen up, along with some stretching.

  6. I love Of Monsters and Men, too! I don't think there's a song of theirs I don't like.

    My students have been exceptionally sweet this week, too. Actually, all of January has been good as far as that goes :) I'm glad that you're running again and your injury isn't lingering!

  7. Where did you find your boots on sale?

  8. I hope you are feeling better Heather!
    It seems like you have a good PT office and support.
    Lola is the cutest little buddy :)

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