Monday, 7 December 2015

Santa Shuffle & Other Tidbits!

Santa came early! Or in other words, Aunt Brenda sent me the coolest mug ever!!! Thanks :)

It's here! The big mysterious Boston Jacket reveal!!! I have to say, once again this year, that I do LOVE this jacket! And then again, I'd wear it no matter what the colour was, but mint is definitely one of my favourite colours. :)
 Friday night was the third annual cookie exchange with a bunch of my favourite teaching buds. :)  Again this year I made these awesome pudding cookies.

I told my class I was running the Santa Shuffle 5k Saturday and during Literacy Station time they made me some signs. <3

So cute!

Marg, Sam and I headed over with our pro photographer Tom to the Santa Shuffle. ;) We had to get good use of our red tutus that we handmade ourselves lol, for the Lucky 7 Relay a last year. Mine sort of looked electrified when I plucked it out of the closet. 

We ran the race together and it was super fun!

Tom was a great start/finish line photographer!

It was a perfect day for running and I got to meet a blog reader too! Hey Melanie!! :)
I snagged this photo off of the Chronicle Herald's Twitter page. :)

This race is definitely my favourite for post race fuel!

And the bling is pretty sweet as well. :D

This race is so fun and a great way to end off the 2015 year in Running. It's been a slice. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my little space in the blogosphere. Have a wonderful day!
What are your thoughts on the Boston Jacket???
Did you run the Santa Shuffle?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I'm assuming that's me ;) Hi!

    1. This is why I should never blog late at night!!!! Sorry! Updated ;)

    2. No worries! It was quite busy there and my dog wanted attention :)

  2. I think the the jackets are pretty! But... they are a little girlie! I wonder what the guys think?

    1. The guys I talked to said "feminine!" I know people want the blue and yellow, but I thought about it and they would probably not have great sales if each year the colour is the same??? People WOULD buy it, but people like me like to buy a new colour each year. ;)

    2. That's true they may be banking on the people who run every year wanting a new color. Since my goal is to run it like once every 5 years or so, I think I will buy it no matter the color. So the first yr I ran it, it was the classic blue and yellow. Then the second time was the ORANGE, you know the orange, I know you have it. At first I did not like the orange BUT it grew on me! I have actually not worn it yet. I wear the blue and yellow all the time because it is "old" (2009!!!!) but the orange is still "new" and I don't want to "ruin it" hahah!

  3. I love tour skirts and costumes! How fun to run it together and matching!

    How many of these Boston jackets do you have now? ;)

  4. THAT MEDAL!! and your cute nails :)
    I love that tutu :) You ladies look adorable!!
    Aunt Brenda picked the perfect gift!

    1. Thanks so much Karen! It is a pretty cute medal. :)

  5. I love the "Go Teacher" sign lol.. What is the post race food? Is it chilli?

  6. I love the mug you got from your aunt!!!!!!!!! It's so cute! I like the colors of the jacket too. I thought the blue and gold colors were standard though? Is this something special they are doing?