Saturday, 26 December 2015

Merry Chirstmas!!! & My Christmas Favourite Things

I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas and got to enjoy spending some time with family, friends and of course food. ;)

In case you've been wondering what I've been up to Matt and I have been arm wrestling over the last of the Christmas Just Kidding.

LeeAnne at This is My Faster has tagged me to do a Christmas List of Favourite Things which will be EASY for me since I love the holiday season!!!

One of my favourite things about Christmas would have to be the opportunities to hang out with your best buds.

 My running buds and I had such a fun Secret Santa get-together the day after I was done school for Christmas vacation and it was super fun!!!
 Clearly I was thrilled about what my secret Santa (aka Courteney) had for me! LOL

I also got to hang out with the lovely Erin for some tasty eats as well.

 If  you go to Boston Pizza get the Santa Fe salad. Yes, don't even think twice about it. ;)

Clearly this last photo reminded me of the next favourite thing: Food! 

Of course I love spending all my extra time with this furry chick. <3 Naturally spending time with family is amazing, but I did not travel home this year. :(

 We had a teeny bit of snow and she was in

 She even got her very own gift from the MIL and BIL. Thanks guys! :)

She clearly knew Santa had Beggin' Poppers in her stocking and was quite persistent until I took them out for her.

I also love when I can get new things, like this rug!!!! :) Thanks Matt! I feel super grown up when "Things for the house" becomes a part of my holiday wish

And of course Santa brought me Adele!!! 

RUNNING ON MY OWN SCHEDULE!!! I love this. :D I mean I can get ready anytime of day that I so choose. Even at 1:41 in the What a weird time, but I had to get the turkey ready. ;) And I should also mention that another favourite thing is that I can wear Santa socks and no one bats an eye. ;)

In case you're wondering what sign I'm holding it's a part of the TTP Christmas Marathon organised by speedy Craig. You run the equivalent of 42.2km over the period of Dec. 24-30 as a Christmas Marathon and we post all of our runs on the facebook and Instagram pages with the hashtag #ttpchristmasmarathon. It's really fun. Our launch run on Christmas eve was basically a torrential downpour and super duper high head winds on the way back. But having a nice warm Starbucks post run was totally worth it. 

I completed my Christmas Marathon today when I finished my 25k run. :D I did mention that running a marathon over 3 days is much more tolerable than running it between 3-4 hours. ;)

I also ran into new running territory on my run yesterday: I finally hit 3000km!!!! (crowd cheers since I've never run that far ever in a year!). I'm currently at 3032km so I'm pretty stoked about securing a new distance YTD record.

Another favourite holiday tradition Matt, Lola and I have is to drive around and check out the Christmas lights. This one is a part of a group of houses who go all out! They get quite the gathering outside to take photos and they even have food bank/Salvation Army donation bins as well.

Of course one of my favourite things about Christmas is the selection of movies I indulge in and watch on repeat. Home Alone will always be my fave.

So those are some of my favourites. What are some of yours????

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. That is wonderful that the houses accept donations or Salval and the food bank! What a great idea. :) The Christmas marathon sounds fun! Congratulations on completing it and for setting a yearly mileage PR! I have no clue how far I ran this year. I suppose I could go add it all up in my Weekly Workout Recaps but I really do not feel like doing that! How do you get Lola to pose so lovely in every photo? Merry Christmas!!!! :)

    1. Lola is highly motivated by

  2. That is awesome you ran that far this year and you are feeling healthy and strong :) That is a good cause for celebration!
    I love Lola's Christmas scarf :)
    I love driving around and seeing all the lights. Merry Christmas Heather :)

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Nice job on your mileage PR...I think I may have run a mileage PR I want to go back and look!


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