Sunday, 13 December 2015

Canadian Blogger Swap & Some Christmassy Things

So I blinked, and the weekend was over. But never fear, Christmas vacation is near!!! I feel like I'm going to need a cheering squad like you see at the races to make it through these final five days of 2015. My students are so jazzed up about Christmas right now that most of them seem to be vibrating with excitement.
5 days!

Last night before I headed out to my staff party I insisted Matt take a photo of my freshly groomed furry lady and I. <3

On my way home from work on Friday I was delighted to check the mail and find my package from Kris of Canadian Girl Runs! We were both paired up in the Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap hosted by  Leigh at All You Need Is Love & Cross Fit Too. When I saw my package I was immediately sad that I had mailed Kris' in a Canada Post envelope while I got this cutie pie package. :S She liked what was inside, so that's what really matters right? ;)

I opened it up and taaa daa! My fave! Truly one cannot go wrong when giving the gift of caffeine. ;) Thanks Kris!

Aren't these mini cups cute?!

I also hung her beautiful card as well. I was amazed at how neat she writes! Not because I thought she'd be messy, but because mine is never that neat! LOL.

So on Sunday Lola helped me decorate the tree....or throw her tennis ball under it every time I was doing some Mission Impossible moves manoeuvring around the mesh. Silly girl.

We have a fake tree from Costco so Bath & Body Works really helps out with the 'Real tree smell' issue. I am burning their Mahogany Balsam all the time!

I played Home Alone as I decorated and ate a shameful amount of candy cane Hershey Kisses. Here's the final product!

Thanks so much for the gift Kris!!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Her ornaments to you are perfect! Thank you for participating :)

  2. Awe I'm so happy you like them!!

  3. I love home alone, it is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Lola looks poised so perfectly in that pre christmas party picture. It's like she knew she got groomed and it gave her confidence.

  4. We'll be on Christmas break together! That means some coffee dates!! The next few days cannot go by fast enough!!!!

  5. Break starts the 18th for us. I have NO idea how it came so suddenly!! It feels like it was JUST Thanksgiving!! I'm really looking forward to a couple weeks off.

  6. I tagged you in a Christmas Blogging challenge, hope you can join in!

  7. Your tree is amazing :) Enjoy your break Heather!
    I am sad to say I discovered dark chocolate peanut butter cups...delightful, but I can not stop lol Happy Holidays :)

  8. I love the blogger gift swap idea! Too cute! next year I might host something like that :)

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