Saturday, 28 November 2015

Some Totally Random Saturday Things

First things first: I have run for 30 days straight!!! (Bravo Heather I Matt and I just sort of started streaking and I truly decided on Friday that I was done. Then I realized that I was only 2 days shy of 30, so in true stubborn runner fashion I kept chugging along until I saw the big 30! Obviously not every run was super fast or super far or super hard. I was wise and snuck in a few super easy 2 milers to stay on streak mode and also I didn't want to get injured. Amen.

Here's a bit of what I've been up to this week....

Gym Visit
I am running on the TM as a warm up lately. I decided this is a good idea so that when the fist of winter pounds down on us Nova Scotians I'll be totally used to the TM and will not almost fall off like last winter. ;) 

Evening Runs
Every evening by the time Lola is walked and dinner is cooked/prepped, it is Dark O'Clock when I get out. It's usually super quiet and I see the same people walking dogs, or people walking for fitness.
Tuesday's Stats: It should be noted that I walked for about 30 seconds while my Garmin was still running at the end of my run. :( According to Garmin Connect my average moving pace was actually 7:47. Yes I had to check that out due to my Runner's OCD with numbers. 
 No big changes in Lola's life these

On Wednesday evening I ran sort of long because I had a full on marathon session of Parent-Teacher Interviews the next day, womp womp. I really enjoy meeting the parents and chatting about their kiddos, but I get super nervous!

Oh she glows!

My Vice Principal (who is also a runner) and I snuck out between sessions during the supper break to squeeze in a short 5k run. We sort of underestimated the trail and got (cough) lost, completed 7.something km and had to sprint back to school with Subway subs in hand so that there was time to shower before the evening interviews, lol. Good times.

After not getting home until 9 the previous night from Parent-Teacher, this gas station coffee tasted amaze-balls.

On Friday I was ready to call an end to this 'streak' thing. When Matt informed me that it was day 28 I decided I may as well hang on until at least 30? ;)
This is my "Friday evening I'm exhausted and can't wait to get home to put on PJs and watch the Vampire Diaries but I'm running anyway" run.
 Saturday run!!!

So check out this hill just past 3mi on the elevation chart. It goes on until the end of time and when I get to the top I always feel like vomiting. This will be my Boston Marathon Mojo hill this winter, (virtual fist pump).

Still Loving Starbucks
I realize it probably appears that I am a coffee snob who only drinks Starbucks but the truth is actually that I will drink any type of coffee. It just so happens that I got a ton of Starbucks to spend from gift cards from my big Bday! :D

Now this white chocolate gelato totally hit the spot after my big 30 Day Run Streak Celebration.

So check out this reindeer sweater that I bought for 50% off today! I'm definitely wearing this to our Girl's night holiday get together.

I hope you had an awesome Saturday and didn't get trampled by shoppers at Black Friday Sales! ;)
Have you ever run streaked?
Favourite type of coffee?
Did you hit up any sales this weekend?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I have never run streaked because ever since I started getting injured I fear doing anything like that. Although I totally understand doing really short easy runs several times a week could counteract that. Your last 8 miler is a perfect send off for your STREAK. So do you guys have showers at school? Our teachers had conferences this past week too. I did not have any conferences but still need to log hours which are taken care of from the couple chorus concerts I do each year. I am glad I don't have to conference with parents because I know I would be nervous too!

    1. I know what you mean. Streaking is not something I'll continue to do for fear of the dreaded "i" word.

      We used the shower in the Phys Ed teacher's He said it was okay to do so but blow drying my hair in the gym felt weird.

  2. That reindeer sweater is really cute! It'll be perfect for your holiday get together.

    Somehow this year is the first year I've realized how popular holiday sweaters are. I've never had one, but I feel obligated to find a good one asap! I might go with a cute-ugly sweater ;)

    Congrats on your 30 day streak!!!

  3. I definitely know what you mean! Holiday sweaters were everywhere when I was Christmas shopping today. People were going crazy for them.

    Thanks Kristina!

  4. I Love your blog. I am going to say 'amaze-balls' all through December, but will give you creative credit ok?

  5. I had an eggnog coffee from Starbucks the other was so good. But I feel bad getting them very often because of the sugar content!