Monday, 16 November 2015

Shout-out, Streaking and Other Shenanigans!

Hey everyone!

Long time no blogging huh? ;)

This will basically be a few sentences per picture post because I feel like we haven't spoke in!

Sister Shout-out
On Saturday several weeks of dedicated training and eating was celebrated at the NLABBA in Newfoundland where MY SISTER took to the stage competing in her first ever bikini competition!!! She did amazing and I was able to watch the live stream of her on the stage. So proud!!! <3

LOL, okay so we're not going streaking "through the quads" and such but Matt and I are doing a sort of Run Streak Challenge to keep that training mojo going. I find the in-between seasons a little more tricky to stay motivated and for fun we thought we'd do a Run Streak. We're on day 18 now of running a minimum of 1 mile a day. Did you know that I have an IG friend who I met in Boston who is on day 690?!?!?!?!? ***I plan on pulling a plug on the streaking once Boston training begins. Rest days are crucial for my body to perform and recover properly. 

Some of my runs have been like.....

We've had such mild weather! (Until today that is...brr).

On Remembrance day a bunch of runners from my town got together for a Remembrance Day 15k through our awesome trail. We're already planning another one!

A few of us before the run...

Other Shenanigans
The world wants me to be ready for Christmas already. Admittedly I do surrender to the XM Holly station after work almost every day. ;)

I was in charge of treats for the staff on Friday so I baked up these pudding cookies and my mango salsa. Every cookie and every bit of salsa was devoured!!!

Oh and on Friday my Boston acceptance came!!!

 Hmm, okay so Starbucks had BOGO on holiday drinks and when I ordered a drink the Barista offered me a free one....I initially said, "That would be silly wouldn't it?" But when she informed me that "Everyone else is taking me up on the offer, plus I can make it extra hot so you can enjoy it later..." my rubber arm bent. Plus I was super chilled from my Sunday long run and a nice hot beverage would be just dandy. Hence the photo below:

Yep, it was a great idea.

What would a post be without Lazy Lola? <3 This is literally how I wake up her on the weekends. She misses breakfast, tidying and long run prep. Silly girl. xo

Our trail is looking pretty fly these days with the artwork done by a local artist. On Saturday and Sunday each time I ran by the newly decorated overpass people were stopping to take photos.

The fox is my fave!

The moose

 Bee careful on the trail! ;)

So on my Sunday long run I saw Matt as he was finishing his run. He snapped this pic of me heading into the paved section of the trail. :)

My longest run post-marathon. Building up mileage is such a process.

I was very much motivated to hit the gym today, especially after seeing Trudy's Competition! Sam and I planned to meet up there and we were nearly dressed alike, LOL. Same leggings, same colour shoes and very similar colour shirts. A lady in the dressing room thought we were on a team! HAHAHA!

So there it is, where I've been and what I've been up to. I wanted to post sooner, but to be honest each time I sat down at the computer I felt guilty that I should be working on my report cards and decided that that would be my priority.But you know what? They're done! (crowd cheers!).

Thanks for popping in!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Woohoo for finished report cards!! Building up mileage is hard. Right now, 10 miles seems "long" to me! I hope to get an ACTUAL long run in next weekend.

    1. It is hard! Everything 10 and above feels long, and it's weird because only 4 weeks ago I ran 26.2???

  2. Your sister looks crazy awesome :) It runs in the family, you both look amazing.
    I remember your snow piles from last year! I hope you have it a little milder this season.
    I could go for some pudding cookies.
    That is funny you showed up at the gym looking like twins! Congrats on going back to Boston!

    1. Thanks so much Karen!

      I'm dreading those large white piles this year!!!

  3. Congrats on the Boston acceptance letter.
    Also congrats to your sis.

  4. Congratulations to your sister! Trying to resist clicking on the link for those cookies as they look so good!

  5. Hahaha - I wondered if people get the BOGO's just for themselves. EXTRA CAFFEINE

    1. Apparently everyone was doing it, lol. I only drank a few sips of the second drink though.

  6. Wow, congrats to your sister!

    I wish we had BOGO Starbucks. I'd probably use my second to get a decaf, though lol. Those cookies look amazing, too!

  7. I thought about doing the Run Streak challenge too but am registered for the Miami Full Marathon so not really sure if it's worth it right now.