Friday, 11 September 2015

Maritime Race Weekend Sunset 5k!

Every year we head back to school as September arrives and like clockwork for the past 4 years I have a huge weekend of running just as the school year gets rolling. It's sort of like a launch into the new school year and the closing of the racing season for me. Noted I am running at least two more races this year, but when MRW approaches I realize that my races are winding down.

Today was sort of a whirl wind as I'm still trying to get my bearings with the new school and students. Everyday we make progress. :)

When my alarm dinged at 5:30 this morning I immediately thought with a groan, "I have a 5k race tonight!" I was not impressed since I was already exhausted and the day hadn't even begun! LOL. Don't worry, I felt better once I had some caffeine into my system. ;)

After I was done tidying and planning after school I gunned it home to change, fuel up (English muffin w/PB and coffee) and spend some time with Lola. Marg, Tom and Sam picked me up and we headed over to Eastern Passage. Traffic was horrendous!
Obviously we had a pre-race photo shoot where we asked a random stranger to take our photo.
I had not run a 5k race yet this year!!! I had no expectations other than to run sub 24, okay sub 23 really, lol. I've been so focused on distance that running a speedy 5k was totally the last thing on my mind. But heck I'd give it my all! ;)

All the maritime music at the start really pumped me up! And of course chatting with running friends who you only see at races is always a bonus.

Off we went and I was zooming, like for a few seconds my Garmin was saying 5:39/mile!!!!! LOL, yeah, like I could pull that off! I actually grinned and slowed waaaay down. I totally let the crowd pull me for the first 800m. Then I got back into my own sneakers and focused. I just kept thinking about my speed work and kept pumping my arms aiming for around a 7 min/mile. I love that you can see all the people ahead and behind you at this race. It's an out and back which is pretty darn flat and is right by the ocean. Beautiful.

My finish:

I got 5/519 in my age group and 52/2179 finishers overall. Official time was 21:27 even though I scored a new 5k PB according to my Garmin and Strava. Definitely a course PB by 27 seconds. I was pleased. :)

Anna was at the finish volunteering and Lola and Matt came to cheer!

Marg, Sam and I all shiny and sweaty but very happy with our runs!

And of course my speedy friends had awesome runs as well!!! This calls for a celebratory photo shoot!

Maybe surfing??? I'm not too sure, lol.

Gun show...LOL!

And bling show. ;)

Maritime Race Weekend has the BEST bling around! Come run and you'll say, "Yep, Heather was right!" ;)

So I just downed two pieces of pizza and a Perrier. Now it's off to bed since I'm running/pacing the Sunrise 1/2 Marathon tomorrow! Follow my bunny ears if 1:50 is your goal. :D

Hope to see you there! Thanks for checking in on GGR. Have a beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. There's flat Heather!

    Have a fun time tomorrow!

    Awesome job PRing your 5k! That must be difficult at night. The last time I ran the mile it was at night and I said NEVER AGAIN will I run a race later in the day...

    1. Thanks Meg! Running a race at night is tough for me. I get so confused about my nutrition throughout the day because I feel like I have to eat breakfast food ALL day! lol

    2. Same. The nutrition gets me. The time on my feet gets me. The hyDRATION gets me. It all gets me! It didn't get you. You rocked it!

    3. Same. The nutrition gets me. The time on my feet gets me. The hyDRATION gets me. It all gets me! It didn't get you. You rocked it!

  2. Great job on your races today!! Do you get a medal if you run as a pacer? I love the pirate medal!!

    1. Thanks Ali! Yes, I got all three medals for completing the Tartan Twosome!!!