Tuesday, 29 September 2015

"Just Let Yourself Be Sick Heather"

Hey guys!

I totally owe you a post. I've definitely been MIA, and by MIA I mean "Medicating In Action." Today I finally feel like I am getting some of my energy back. Apparently when your body is fighting a virus followed by a super nasty dreadful life sucking bacteria (yes this was the worst part), you get pretty fatigued.

Here's the low down:

A week and a half ago I came down with a slight cold virus, which at the time I thought was the end of the world. It came and went, as colds do and I survived with big plans on pushing my 20 miler forward to the next weekend. Evidently I was wrong and the end of the world came the following Friday. :(

When I visited the doctor (Thursday) to see how I was doing in terms of training/work, she informed me that I was on the brink of a sinus infection so she'd write me an antibiotic prescription just in case. I was thinking, "I feel like I'm getting better so I'm not sure why she thinks I'm about to get worse???? Weird." She told me that I would know when it was happening and it would happen fast. Well what I always thought was a sinus infection was in fact a sinus cold. Clearly this was my first Sinus Infection ever and I was totally wrong in the past because I felt like I was going to die!!!!!!

I pretty much whined and complained and harassed the Medical team at a nearby pharmacy to my school. My face hurt, my lips hurt, my teeth hurt so bad that I could not chew on my right side, my head was fuzzy and I just wanted. to. sleep. Of course I asked EVERYONE "When can I run?!?!?!? I'm running the Chicago Marathon on October 11 and blah blah blah blah....!!!!!" What stuck with me was the Pharmacist's, (who I'd already had two separate conversations with), comment: "Just let yourself be sick Heather." Which is basically the only thing I hadn't done. :(  I love being busy and slowing down just was not an option, until my body said so...lol.

How I let myself be sick:

I left the pharmacy with these. I had zero appetite but I had to take my pill with food so I thought chocolate would be a great excuse, and of course a handful of Special K Sour Cream and Onion crackers. ;) (healthy I know). Apparently my discipline also goes out the door when I'm fighting an illness.

Enter giant horse pill, also known as Biaxin. Since I'm allergic to most other antibiotics known to man they gave me the type also used to treat pneumonia and stomach ulcers. Score...lol. Something this big has to work.

This sickness made me have to cancel my first RACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( If I could type one million sad faces here, I would. :( I cried in my classroom at lunch on the phone to Matt informing him that we'd have to find a replacement for my leg of the Rum Runner's Relay, an event I've taken part in since 2009! 

I would have to tell the world I was still a runner even if I wasn't running, but how???? 
Clearly by wearing my Boston Jacket! LOL

Even though I didn't run this year, I still ended up in the race photos LOL: 
Lola and I are in the turquoise Versa cheering Matt (not seen in picture) who was running Leg 4. 
Yeah, running 17km at 3:49/km pace is only happening in my dreams. Until then I will live vicariously through him...lol.
So here's my last run:
It happened last Thursday, right before the infection arrived. :( I felt craptastic and
 now I know why.
So training has come to a screeching halt. Several seasoned marathoners assured me that I'd be fine and I had secured a fitness level that will help me run the marathon and this bump in the road will be minor to my performance. As a slave to the training plan, this took some convincing, but I'm working on it. ;) Chicago might end up being run with the heart more than the training. We will see. :)

Guess who always knows how to make me feel better:

I was also occupied and had a mini freak out every time an email arrived:
The BAA will begin notifying all week 2 registrants TOMORROW!!!!!!! Finally the wait will be over. Good luck to all squeakers!!!

Lastly I need to give a super huge shout out to my Aunt Brenda who you guys met via my Tely 10 post. She ran her first ever half marathon on Sunday!!!!
On the right in the yellow :)
Don't worry I'll let you guys know the verdict from the BAA tomorrow!!!! Thanks for stopping by. :)
Ever have a sinus infection????
Who is running CHICAGO?!?!
Have you ever had to bail out on a race last minute due to illness or injury?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Girl, you know about my recent bail at MRW...I'm still not over it and contemplating running the route in November! Sure hope you feel better soon - take care of yourself!
    I'm not running Chicago but pacing the 1:10 - 10k'ers at Valley Harvest....should be fun! Then PEI half marathon - fingers crossed!

    1. You know Anna, when I had to cancel the race on Saturday I actually thought about you. It was a real wake-up call for me and I will never take my health for granted that's for sure.you must be so excited for your fall races! You will do awesome!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I've have those special K crackers before. They are addicting!

    1. Thanks so much! Those crackers are actually quite addictive!

  3. You will be better in no time!! I missed not 1 but 2 races this year, the first (9.3 miles) was due to the flu. I remember my husband asking me are you going to run in the morning...my response was to throw up in the trash can next to him. The 2nd race I missed was due to a minor but emergency surgery 3 days before the race (Half-Marathon). I probably could of hobbled my way through it but it was out of state and my doc would not let me fly. When the nurse was chatting with me before I left the hospital her words were"now don't go run a marathon this weekend!" It was so weird because we did not talk about running at all! I have my next race in 2.5 weeks and it is my first marathon! Sure enough I did 20 miles this weekend and now I can barely breathe..stupid head cold! Good Luck running Chicago...I will be running Detroit the weekend after! That is a great race, we run from Detroit to Windsor so it is international!

    1. That is so exciting! I have heard about that marathon before and correct me if I am wrong but I think you need a passport for that one? LOL that's a pretty funny story about the nurse. I feel like people use that saying whenever you're not supposed to do anything too strenuous just to be dramatic LOL.

    2. Yes you do need your passport and it is highly recommended that you run with it just in case! The course is amazing, in the first 8 miles you cross the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor then run along the waterfront before running through the tunnel (underwater tunnel connecting Detroit to Windsor) coming out downtown Detroit. If you choose the full marathon you also run through a very historic and beautiful part of Detroit, then over another bridge to Belle Isle which is an island in the middle of the Detroit River! I hope that you are resting up and feel better!

  4. I'M RUNNING CHICAGO!!!!!!!! I'm so nervous! Please say hi if you see me :)

  5. I had to bail on plenty of races. It is not fun and my heart goes out to you. I love your "Hmmm how will I tell the world I am a runner?" picture hahaha! Listen, if it is 75+ degrees in Chicago you CAN'T wear it to the expo!!! ;) I have had a sinus infection before and it SUCKED. I hope now that you are slowing down your body will finally heal. Listen to what all your seasoned marathon friends told you- you will be just FINE for Chicago. You did 95% of your training!! These last two weeks are seriously a blip, and I am not saying that just to make you feel better. It's the truth.

    1. If I'm still sick in Chicago I can't make any promises about the jacket LOL.

  6. I'm SO sorry you had to miss your race...I hope you're feeling better. I can feel the back-to-school crud starting, but I've been fighting the first few symptoms HARD. I'm hoping it stays a sore throat and never turns into anything more.

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. With all the training you have done you will be fine. I was diagnosed with severe bronchitis 2 days before we left for Florida and I was running the Princess 4 days later. The training will get you through.

  9. Sorry to hear of your sickness. Sounds like u got some advice from the pharmacist and your taking their advice. I think getting sick is much better than getting injured. When u look at the big picture it's better to miss a smaller race

  10. High five to Aunt Brenda!!
    I am sorry you got sick, I hate that when you just want to push but your body says no. I am sure the mess will make you feel better and you will kick butt in Chicago. You are so strong Heather, you got this :)
    Awesome job to Matt, he's very speedy.

  11. I'm doing Chicago! We should plan a meet up :)