Sunday, 20 September 2015

Chicago Marathon Traininig Week 15

Happy Sunday  RUNday!

As many of you probably already saw via my Girl Goes Running Facebook page or my IG account, I have been hit with the pre-marathon plague. :( womp womp. I actually think it's too early to label it as the "Pre-marathon plague" so I'm assuming it's instead the "Welcome back to teaching 6 and 7 year olds plague." Yeah, that sounds about right. ;)
LOL this is a bulletin board I do with my class every year. I definitely did not come up with this idea but it's super cute, I can't show you my kids' faces so you'll have to settle for an ancient photo of me. The parents LOVED this at curriculum night!
I have been working really hard at my teaching along with building peak mileage for the Chicago Marathon. I guess all of the hard work has finally caught up with me and is forcing my body into a few days of rest.

As sad as I was this morning when Matt was gathering up all of his things for his long run, his last 20 miler before Chicago, I was thankful when he reminded me that at least it's not an injury. Such true words. I've definitely seen this happen to Matt close to a marathon before where an injury prevents him from running and I really am thankful that my cold will go away in a few days. Until then...
Since I allowed for a 3 week taper this training cycle, I will attempt my big and final 20 next Sunday and have a 2 week taper like I did before Boston.

Let's take a look at how my week 15/18 went down in terms of training:

Following the MRW 1/2 last Saturday, Sam and I biked to the Bike and Bean since it was long overdue! 30k for the day and of course some delicious food.
Grownup grilled cheese for the win!

What am I doing with my face here? LOL

I packed my gym bag in an effort to do a strength workout at the gym after work, but I didn't get out of there until super late so I headed home and ran 3 miles. I must show you my new repeat song. It's "Can't feel my face," by the Weeknd." 3 years ago I fell in love with their song "High for this," and this one is equally as good. 

My Monday run stats: 

I sort of stressed about this run at work today in that I wouldn't be able to get out until late and covering ten miles takes a long time! But you know, once I got out the door I felt awesome! I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt and was psyched to see sub 8 min miles for the run.

I have to tell you that some furry little girl doesn't like it when I leave her now after work to run. She always gets a nice long walk in  first of course but turns into a mega baby after that. <3

By the time I'm mid-run these days, it's dark. :( I want to stress how important it is for runners to be SEEN on the run! These thin reflective vests are great. 

"now you seee me. "                                                                    "now you don't."

6 miles at 8:01 pace.

It was curriculum night at our school so I took today as my rest day. Matt picked up Lola and I got home just before 9 since I had to run to the grocery store super quick after CN was over.

As I was planning in my classroom after school I felt it. A scratchy throat and I started to sneeze. :(  I couldn't really tell if it was a cold or allergies to be honest so I went about my activities as normal. When I got home I did my easy 3 mile run as planned and then started to sneeze and drip even more. Yep, a cold had hit. The same one I'm betting that several of my students already have. 
Post run pic by bombed by some glowing eyed furry girl, lol.
 My run stats.

Since I was just kind of sneezy and didn't have a fever I decided I'd try my 10 miler real easy and see what happened.

I finished not feeling any worse but glad I ran. I did highly contemplate going through with my 20 miler the next morning, but common sense kicked in and told runner logic to take a hike. Rest day on  Sunday for me.

After my Saturday run I picked up Lola from her haircut. :) Isn't she a beauty?!

So even though I didn't run today and was taunted by the numerous Sunday RUNday posts all over social media, I DO get to register for Boston Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I'm submitting my biggest cushion ever (-3:48) I am still a ;)
Before I go I have to show you my latest Scare-diction (my word for scary shows I become addicted to).
This show is awesome since you get to see the actual events start! 
And in case you were wondering:

Thanks so much for stopping by the GGR blog on this wonderful Sunday afternoon! Have a great day :)
Please share your cold remedies with me! 
How was your weekend in running? 
Who's registering for Boston tomorrow????
Who is running Chicago????

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Colds suck! I didn't get my "back to school cold" yet but obviously since I am typing this sentence, it is going to happen. Yes, at least it is not an injury. Your runs are really strong, you are going to be ready. Lola looks gorgeous. Yesterday I paced my friend who is running Chicago. I am so excited, I feel like I have like 5 people to follow at Chicago this year! It will be an exciting race for sure!

  2. I must be behind in my blog reading cus I didn't know you were running Chicago! Good luck girl!

  3. I need to email you! Chicago is getting so close and I want to make sure that we get to meet and at least take a picture for our blogs LOL

    I hope that your cold vacates your body quickly!

  4. I hope you're feeling better! This year I have some very unhygienic middle schoolers, but I've avoided sickness so far. I'm hoping to fend it off until winter break haha!

    1. Thanks Ali! My 6/7 year olds don't seem to think about cleanliness either when they cough or

  5. Lola does look lovely :) I am sure she misses you at work!
    Great job on the runs - your pace is awesome, your 10 miler did not take that long LOL Sub 8 pace is great.
    Congrats on the Boston registration!! I hope the cold clears up soon, it is good you got some rest. 20 miles may be a bit too much when you are feeling run down, you took the smarter option.
    The classroom board is really adorable!

  6. Hi Heather! Hope you are feeling better soon. So exciting about Chicago coming up!! I ran 15 km yesterday in preparation for the PEI half. It will be my second half-marathon post-baby. Pumped!

    1. Thanks so much! I loved PEI when I ran the full there. Good LUck!!!!!!!

  7. I'm so glad I came across this blog :) I turn 34 this Weds (the 30th) and my goal before my 35th birthday is to complete a 1/2 marathon! I've never done one. I can't even run a mile right now but I'm just starting couch to 5k :) I definitely love reading running blogs because it gives me motivation!! Any advice for a newbie runner?

    Also...My husband and I are watching Fear the Walking Dead as well. We love the original. And your dog is a cutie!! :)

    1. Happy Birthday!!!! Stick to it Shannon. We were all beginners once. I would definitely start small/slow and build up listening to your body the entire time.

      FTWD is awesome!!! I'm now addicted.