Sunday, 9 August 2015

What I've Been Up To Weekend Recap!

This weekend Matt and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! I have no idea where five years has gone, but it sure went by quickly! <3

Lola was obviously a part of our big day. :) 

And that still hasn't changed 5 years 

Matt and Lola gave me some gorgeous flowers! 

And we had an awesome meal at the Keg...mmm!
Here's to many more years and miles together! 
Earlier that day Erin and I had a PLL date! We watched the first few episodes of season 6 that Erin had recorded. :) I brought mango salsa and Erin had some delicious eats as well. :D Allie joined in on the fun! 

For my Saturday run I had no complaints about being under-fuelled after Erin's delicious cooking and our visit to the Keg! Before I headed out Lola and I read some blog posts. :) 
I'm not exactly sure why she wanted to get up on Mommy's laps, but it was pretty cozy. <3
I ran 9 miles and couldn't wait to get home to drink everything in the fridge. The sun was out for the first 6 miles and it was very humid! And just like that during the last mile it cooled off significantly and the rain came. So weird. 

Sweet heaven!

My Chicago Marathon training plan suggested that I race a half marathon today but I already raced a couple of weeks ago and my plan is to race less this summer to save the legs. Therefore I decided to do an out an back into the city for anywhere around 14-16 miles instead. 

And you can bet that my Camelbak wasn't going to hurt me today. Oh no. ;)
These are waterproof band aids and I the white strips peel off but I kept them on for the photo because I was worried you wouldn't see them! 
About 4 miles in I ran into Nick and Leah, some pretty swift runners if you're wondering! I figured they'd zoom by me crushing my confidence but instead we ran together to my turn around point (ended up being 8 miles exactly). It went by very quickly with conversation that was clearly about training and I was lucky to run into them. I know you see what I did there. ;) The rain waited until lunch-ish to come!!! I did not have to run in a recycling bag as I planned! (I can hear the crowd cheering now).

There it is, week 9/18 complete for the 2015 Chicago Marathon! 52.6 miles. 
Some celebratory nuun slurps on the steps with my noodle
 "Oh hi Lola, did you run 16 miles too?" 

Okay, check out my statistics for year to date: 
How freaky is that?! 1111 miles!!!!!!
Even though I had left my appetite out there on the road I was sure to fuel up after burning close to 1500 cals. We take recovery seriously in this household. ;)
Eggs, brown rice and sweet potato, coffee (duhh) and a green protein/glutamine smoothie. 

And there it is, my weekend of basically eating and running, lol. 

How was  your weekend? 
Did you eat anything yummy?
How'd the long run go? 
Married folks, how long have you been married? 

Thanks so much for stopping by the GGR blog on this soggy Sunday. Have a wonderful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :) 

I <3 hearing from you! 


  1. I keep forgetting that J gave me a camelback for Christmas...I have to pull it out and get used to it! What beautiful hard to believe that 5 years have passed already although J says it feels longer than that. LOL

    1. Definitely try it! I enjoy it better than the belt...other than the chaffing of course.

      I know! 5 years, like really?!

  2. Yay, what a great weekend of running and eating. When I got home from my long run this weekend Cecil was conked out just like Lola. They lead really hard, stressful lives and really need to get their sleep in ;)

    PS: Happy Anniversary!! :)

    1. They seriously do lead stressful lives: when can I eat again? when is my human going to pet me again? what is that? can I eat it? LOL

      Thanks Kristina!

  3. Mm, this post makes me crave watermelon! It's such a great post-run snack!

    Happy anniversary! What a beautiful wedding photo!

    1. HA, I bet you can get some real good watermelon in FL!

      Thanks Ali!

  4. Heather you were such a beautiful bride :) and yet, somehow you all look even better 5 years later!
    Your 1111 is cool! You have been knocking out some great paces on your long runs :) I see another PB in your near future. Chicago is not that far away now :)
    I am working on my 26th year of marriage, it feels weird I am THAT old lol
    My longest run was only a 10K again this week, one of these I will start working on mileage again :)

    1. Thanks Karen :) You are too sweet!

      I loved seeing 1111 on the stats! Simple things like that entertain me, lol.

      26 years!!! That's incredible!!! CONGRATS

  5. I am glad the rain held off for you! I was seriously picturing you in a garbage back during my 10 miler yesterday and using it as motivation!

    Lola asleep in her little house... omg I just can't take how cute she is.

    I have to tell you a sincerely appreciate reading about runners who EAT. Not only do they fuel up but the refuel! I just can't. read. blogs. where people don't eat, or they are afraid of sugar and carbs. And then they wonder why they can't reach their goals! You freaking fuel that body for those speedy runs and those 50+ mile weeks and you KICK ASS GIRL!

    1. I am very thankful that I didn't have to whip out the trash bag.

      We say "Lola's in her condo" when she hides in their to nap, lol. She's too funny somtimes.

      I could never be a non-eating marathoner! I'm starving all day long, especially after a long run and I just feel so much better getting good food in me post run, even when my belly doesn't really feel like it. You gotta fuel if you wanna train, right? ;)

  6. Happy Anniversary! My 5th anniversary is coming up on the Labour Day long weekend!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Love your dress! We are coming up to our 8th in the fall! We've been eating all the watermelon this summer too - can't get enough of it!

    1. Thanks Anna! I bought more watermelon yesterday too :D Wow, 8 years!!!!