Thursday, 6 August 2015

Training Thursday

Hey everyone, :)

I hope you're having a fabulous week so far! It's been pretty nice in these parts, minus the two-nights-in-a-row thunder storms that have woke us up. Lola is terrified of thunder by the way. :( We rarely have thunder and lightning storms around here and to have two in a row is weirdly unheard of. I asked Matt "Since when did we move onto the set of a scary movie?!" I think it is pretty cool when it happens, but I am focused on making sure Lola isn't totally freaking out as well. She was sort of brave, lol.

I thought I'd do a training Thursday post today to mix things up a little.

Here it goes!

8 hot miles along the trail. I capped off July with 165 miles. I'm pretty happy about that especially since I took a few days off with my calf knot.

Sunday long run
Super hot. Super long. And sort of loopy (various subdivisions, not an out and back).
17 miles, 8:34 pace, 2hrs 25 minutes

So apparently the love I have for my Camel Back is not reciprocated: 
Yikes! Chaffing to the max!!! 
I spent the rest of the day wearing my new tank...
And to be honest, when I screamed from back chafe in the shower, I kind of felt this way. :S
A neighbour who I barely know yelled out as I walked Lola, "Well that's the most ironic shirt I've ever seen! LOL.

And then I picked some cilantro from my garden to add to our tacos!

I thought of you for 17 miles. <3

Mondays are usually 3mi run/strength training day. Sam and I actually biked an easy 10 miles for breakfast which was great! After that I headed to the gym for an arm/back/core workout. Then when the weather cooled I headed out that evening for my easy breezy 3 miles along the trail. It was a busy day! 
And I think we can all agree that this is the cutest furry butt you've ever seen. :)
I had a steady 9 miles on the plan for Tuesday so I decided I'd play this song steady as well. ;) I literally just kept it on repeat. It's awesome to run to! 

It was a drizzly 9 mile morning. :) 

Followed by a little bit of leg heaven, or should I say torture....see pic below this one!

Yee used cupping on my cranky calf muscle. Apparently it feels like rope instead of a supple steak. The words of the pros over at Medicine in Motion, lol.

I did a very easy paced run (8:29) for 6 miles along the flat trail in my Heartbreak Hill Running Company tank. I still LOVE this shirt. It reminds me of Boston and that just makes me smile.

On Wednesday afternoon I went to the gym and did my PT exercises plus some arm stuff. I guess now I'm

I have to share my new favourite shake mix with you. It's a green smoothie, if you're into that sort of thing. If not you may skip onto Thursday's workout. :) I definitely reduce the amounts of some of the ingredients and it STILL fills two blender bottles for both Matt and I!  
It's very refreshing! 

Sometimes I make these almond milk ice cubes to toss in as well. I stuck a raspberry in each one. :D


Today's workout was 6 x 800m repeats with warm up, recovery jogs in between intervals followed by a cool down. I'm really focusing on the cooldown these days since I've slacked in this department in the past. 

Speed work makes me nervous. I get a little psyched out for it like I do in a race. Once I'm done though, it feels pretty awesome. 

I like the flat paved section of the trail that I use lately for repeats. I drive there and do my warmup and then blast out each session totally confusing all the passers by as I run back and forth. I bet it looks pretty weird. 
I carried my hand-held for my workout today. As much as I don't enjoy running with it, it's a life saver!

For the last two miles (cool down) all I thought about was how good this would be:
Clearly I thought I was pretty cool with my wild hair and shades on chugging down my nuun 
2 mile warmup, 6 x 800m w/recoveries and 2 mile cooldown. 9.5 miles total. 7:55 avg pace with each repeat at 6:55-7:00.

And just like that my week is finito. Tomorrow is my REST day and I'm totally excited because Erin and I have a PLL date! Plus, it's our wedding anniversary so Matt and I are going out to dinner. :D

Of course as always, Lola wanted to check in with you lovely readers. :) 

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog this evening. Have a beautiful day!
How was your week of training? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love a good thunderstorm but of course our Labrador does not. That just means that she snuggles close to me ( which I don't mind at

    I love that you grow your own cilantro. I wish I could grow ANYTHING!

  2. Wow you definitely deserve a rest day tomorrow! What a solid week of running and strength! What exercises do you do at the gym? The nerd in me wants to know since I enjoy running AND lifting!

    Back chaf hurts soooo bad. I can't even wear tanks with my Camelback anymore because I couple years ago it decided to start chaffing me. I used to be able to wear it with just a sports bra then after a few years of that it decided it was going to cut me up!

    Lola's butt... wow. Okay, I am biased because I think Jelly has the cutest butt in the world, but if there was ever a furry butt to make me reconsider, it would be Lola's!

    Have a happy anniversary! Ours is Sunday! :) How many years for you two?

    1. Happy early anniversary to you!!! We have 5 years now. :)

      I always warm up on the stationary bike (like 10-15min) and then do core work in the private studio room. I just do 8 ab workouts like bicycle crunches, russian twists, leg lifts, toe touches (with legs at 90 degrees), and a few others that matt and I have named "breakthrough, row your boat, side toe touch" lol). Then I use free weights to do things like lateral raises, front raises, upright rows, and a few others. :) There is also a machine you stand on against a bosu ball and lift your legs 90 degrees. I do that as well. :)

  3. Man, ever time I read these I get excited to run. You inspire me girl, love seeing all your miles! AND I love that Vickie's tank, so ironic, but so true and funny ;) Your taco looks amazing, I love the two shell thing you have going on! xoxo, ganeeban

    1. Hey I got that taco idea from a mexican place here. It's called the taco duo! It's awesome because the soft shell stops everything from falling all over the place!

  4. EVERY time you post tacos, I want tacos SO BADLY. I should just always get a taco before I read your posts lol.

    I love that "I hate running" looks REALLY comfy!