Monday, 17 August 2015

Navy 10k 2015 & Long Run Continued!

Happy Monday Runner Pals! 

You know what marathon training doesn't do? Prep you to peak for a fast ten k race during the training cycle. True words. Ask me to keep my pace for hours on end, sure. Ask me to run it one minute faster per mile in scorching heat? Sorry, no can do apparently. ;)  That's the quick and dirty of yesterdays' race. I know that this is not the case for ALL runners, and I DO incorporate speedwork into my routine. I'm just always thinking of my BIG race during training (Chicago Marathon) and am not willing to sacrifice my legs for an injury during marathon training. :)
On Saturday afternoon I headed down to bib pick up with Sam.
 I signed up for this race in the winter because it's one of those I do every year just because. I literally didn't get up until after six in the morning because it's close to where I live and it didn't start until 9:15 (more time to warm up the asphalt and surrounding buildings). But I was going to do it none the less! 

My bib and tee:

I was well fuelled! Mango salsa fajitas and brown rice!

My ww pancakes. :D This was Saturday's breakfast, not race

Race Morning
Sam and I headed down to the start and it was already 24 degrees Celsius. Everyone was commenting on what a 'lovely day' it was and all I could think about was how hot it was going to be for the runners. I'm a cold weather runner for sure. 

At 9:15 we were off. The route reversed direction this year (same exact route just ran in the opposite direction). Runners at the start appeared confused and were all facing the wrong way. The comedic announcers were sure to divert eveyone to face the proper direction. ;)  

With the horn, we were off to an immediate right turn, like 100m immediate. Then to an incline. A lovely incline where I could see my car and on the second scorching loop it was very appealing to just skip over and sit in 

I was still going to run this thing no matter what. It's a fun run to support the Navy troops and I thought I'd be pushing my legs fast so it was good training. ;) Mental strategies on the run helped big time.  
No I'm not in first place, lol. Not even close. But I do like how misleading this picture taken from a TREE is! Thanks Ian!

During the first loop (it's a five km 2 x looped course) I grabbed a water at the first aid station and followed the guys in front of me. Big mistake We were being mislead and ended up taking a slight detour (about 0.1 of a mile). I know it wasn't a big deal since it was just a fun run but some serious runners who we then met up with yelled "What the f%&k?!" in our faces. Yeah, real classy. ;) 
Shin sweat is serious business. 
Either way we blended in with the runners who were running along the right way, lol and struggled on. My heart was so not into this run but I tried to make the best of it. I thought it was funny that we were sent the wrong way. I thought "this will make good blog material!" See I'm always thinking of you guys. ;)

Tom was such a great photographer even though I couldn't see him! Sorry!!! I heard his voice but was trying hard not to pass out from the heat and to just finish this thing. Thanks Tom!

I crossed in 46:something. 7:36 avg. pace per mile. After getting my medal I headed into the meeting area. They usually don't have medals for the 10k so I was really excited about this! 

Sam, Marg and I!

Group shot of some fellow Timberlea Runners!
Tom, Marg, Me, Craig, Stacey and Sam
 The bling :)

I was supposed to do a long run of 19 miles today but since I was running the Navy 10k I had decided that post race I'd head home and continue my long run along the trail. And that's what I did. :0
The first mile and a half I really negotiated with myself that finishing the run would feel much better than admitting defeat and laying in the ditch to nap by the storage unit along the trail. Fellow neighbourhood runners, you know where I'm talkin' about. ;) Plus I promised myself a nice cool treat when I was done. 
Starbucks Java Frappe, I'm lookin' at you. 
I ran 6.25 miles at the race and then 12.75 (EASY) to make 19 for the day. I don't break up my long runs ever and am one of those people who WILL NOT pause my Garmin no matter what but I wanted to get some miles logged on tired legs especially since I wasn't speeding guts out at the race and it was Sunday RUNday!

Clearly Matt and I celebrated with Nachos! 

Thank  you for stopping by the GGR blog and I hope you have a sunny Monday! 
How was your weekend?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Great race photos!!

    Yeah, being led the wrong way sucks sometimes. One time at the Army Run (the 2nd biggest running event in Ottawa) the elites/front back when up the wrong street and then started randomly coming down another street - which was weird since you are supposed to turn right and head towards Parliament then down to the Rideau Canal - a standard route that is really hard to mess up.... Anyways, as I made my way to the turn, I saw this giant group of people coming down that wrong road and my head was all "ummmmm, that is weird!".

    In a smaller race we had a crazy route with too many turns. I was able to see the leaders (I was in about 50th place or so) and we all got led down the wrong street. Apparently it was our fault, even though I swear the marshalls were in the wrong spot (and the year before the bikers messed it up). So we lost like 800m off the 5K route.

    1. Oh wow, I guess it happens more than you really think!

  2. My sister ran off route during a race once. Luckily it wasn't enough to make her time too terrible! It's just one of those things you look back on and laugh! Come to think of it I think myself and a few others may have got off course during a trail 10K a few summers ago. It's tough when you are trying to follow spray painted arrows on trees!

  3. My sister ran off route during a race once. Luckily it wasn't enough to make her time too terrible! It's just one of those things you look back on and laugh! Come to think of it I think myself and a few others may have got off course during a trail 10K a few summers ago. It's tough when you are trying to follow spray painted arrows on trees!

    1. I actually thought it was kind of funny when it happened, except the guys cursing at us. I was like "it's a FUN run dude!"

  4. Very strong race! I understand, I do not like to sacrifice my legs when it won't benefit me for my BIG PICTURE goal. To do a 10k and then go do another 13 miles.... girl that is some MENTAL FORTITUDE! I bet that Starbucks drink tasted like HEAVEN! :) I like your shirt with the bicycles :) What do you put in your brown rice?

    1. I'm glad you understand my thinking. :) I put green onion, pepper, garlic, EVOO and a bit of chinese soya sauce.

  5. Oh it sucks that you guys went the wrong way! That happened to me once during a race also :( But you made the most of it so that's great :)
    Congrats on your finish! And I your legs for Chicago ;)

  6. You had a great race! You could ran another mile off course and still finished better than half the field I bet :)
    I always love your running pictures, so determined and strong always. That's awesome you got your miles in for the day.
    Your fajitas and brown rice look delicious.

  7. Great job! I've never run the Navy 10k but it looks like a great event!