Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday 5!

Happy weekend everyone! 

I have a busy weekend coming up and I'm sure it's only about to get busier with my summer vacation coming to an end, sniff sniff. I thought I'd give you a dose of my Friday 5 to kick start your weekend. ;)

1. White Rabbit Pacing!
You may recall that I mentioned a group of us who will be pacing the Maritime Race Weekend Sunrise 1/2 known as White Rabbit Pacing? Well last night we actually did a little meet-greet-run. Everyone was super nice and positive! (what else can you expect with a group of runners?) :D

Durwin has done an amazing job organizing everything! We got these cool swanky tees to wear during the race:

And so hmm, yeah, how cute are these tutus that Lisa from Tutus On The run made for us??? Check out some of her stuff here!

After our photo shoot we set out for an easy paced 10k along the Rails To Trails in my neck of the woods. :)  

Don't you just love foggy runner RUNfies?!

Marg, Sam and I biked about 6km to our meet up, ran and then biked home. My legs felt wobbly when I got home! For real.
P.S. I just love my Kenyan bracelet that Johana made! I'm hoping these speedy beads propel me to the finish of my next race. :)
So follow us at MRW!!! I'll be pacing the 1:50 half.

2. Training
Monday - 5 easy miles along the trail plus a strength workout at home with Lola. :) 
Tuesday - 9 mile Tempo run followed by an hour of core and upper body with Sam at Goodlife. Followed then by some serious dry needling on my calf muscle...OUCH! The good news is that my golf ball sized knot is now the size of a marble! 

There are no photos of the actual dry needling since I was face and eyes screaming into a pillow. :)

Wednesday - A hefty core/arm workout at Goodlife and since my calf was seriously feeling the effects of the needling I waited until the evening to run. 
Which was clearly a great idea because it ended up being 6 super soggy miles in crazy downpours of rain to the point of complete saturation. At mile 4.5 I saw Sam out being just as crazy as I was and we literally passed by each other doing belly laughs!

Thursday - MRW Pace Bunny meet and greet. :) 6.25 miles + 7.5 miles on the bike.

Friday - even though it hasn't happened yet, I'm going to workout and do 5k today. Now that it's in print I have to do it, lol. Tomorrow will be a rest day since I'm running the Navy 10k on Sunday. This also means my 19 miler will have to wait until dark and early on Monday. :)

3. This Song: 
I know, it's a little sexy we'll But I freaking love running to it! It's "Gimme your love," by Morcheeba. Seriously give it a go!

4. Food!
Heavy training makes me really hungry! I've been working hard to get good quality nutrients into me, especially before and after I workout. I don't think the lollipop that I got at the cash of the hardware store yesterday

My loaded oats! Yes, oats ARE hiding under there with the chia and flax

Quinoa and salsa with veggies and black beans is da bomb dot com!
And okay, this isn't really fuel but it's Cotton Candy tea from David's Tea! It's to die for.

5. Lola Ludy!
When vacation ends I'm really going to miss hanging out with my furry best chick. <3

She loves taking the guard dog post and barking at EVERYthing that goes up and down the street.
 Being awesome is really exhausting for a shih tzu. ;)

I know, this was a LONG Friday 5....thanks for sticking around until the end! Have a super awesome day!!! 
Who else is running the Navy 10K?
Are you running the MRW?
What's your favourite fuel up/recovery food?
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Is that literally cotton candy in the tea?! So odd! I bet it's yummy though.

    I hadn't heard this song before, but I like it! I can totally see myself running to it and bopping my head along haha.

    1. After your comment I literally went out and tried a piece of the blue/pink stuff. It's very sugary so I'm going to say Yes! :D

  2. I ran in the pouring rain this week too! I mean POURING. It was fine though since it was still warm out. :) Lola's paws are so cute. Paul and I are obsessed with our cat's paws too because they have the little tufts coming through. :) Soooo cute! I go back to work Monday, is that when you go back? I am going to miss my kitties as well! Actually, I hope you don't go back Monday because I see you are doing 19 miles that morning! It is so cool you get to be a pacer. Being a pacer is on my bucket list.

    1. I go back to work on Sept 1 :( I hope you had a great first day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great job on getting all your training done! I'm really slacking in that department as I'm finding myself so busy now that I'm back to work. :-( BTW....your photography skills are the different angles that you are shooting that your camera or your phone?

    1. Thanks! Some days are harder than others. ;)

      There's a mix of camera and phone pics usually on the blog. :) The foggy hazy ones are definitely with my crappy phone!

  4. Awww, Lola is going to miss you so much :( I like her little station lol
    The quinoa looks really good!
    I feel like I need someone to work the knots of my legs a lot lately. I think tomorrow may be my last PT and I may start trying a massage person. I need to get to feeling strong.
    This has been a really good training cycle for you. It seems like you have been running really strong non-stop :) You must have a good guy who needles you ?? lol

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