Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tely 10 2015 Recap Yo! ;)

 Hey guys and gals!

I'm home in Nova Scotia again after another great trip home to Newfoundland. I have to tell you that this July saw some records broken in NL: Temperature records and Personal Running Records. :D

It was the coldest July they've had in YEARS....like I'm talking many years! Last Year when I ran the Tely 10 it was one of the hottest Julys on record and that did not work well in favour of many runners who suffered heat exhaustion during the race. This year was quite the opposite. With cool temps runners were destroying their previous times and having a much more enjoyable experience along the route and I was one of them. :)

Let's get to the details.

First off, how do you spot a runner at the airport? LOL....check their footwear! I always wear my race shoes so that they do not get 'lost' or whatever along the way.

When I headed to Newfoundland I was struggling with a knot/trigger point in the head of my right gastroc. It was so super tight! I called my PT while I was away and she gave me some tips on how to manage it for the race. I applied pressure and heat with lots of stretching and rest. I only ran once in NL other than the race. You will also note from the pics below that the fireplace is going and I'm wearing wool socks and flannel PJs...told you it was cold.

My only 'test run' if you will while I was away. 3.1 miles at 7:57 pace. It felt good to run but all I thought about was my leg. My mom called to ask how it went as soon as I got in. I was a worry wart and apparently it was spreading, lol.

I picked up my bib because I was running this thing no matter what! Okay, I wasn't going to be totally dumb about it. If it was hurting my plan was to stop don't worry.

My race plan was to stay the night with my Aunt Brenda (second on the left) Saturday night so we could go to the start line together. 

We tried on our race outifts and I introduced her to the Compression Sock life. She already loves them and sported the neon yellows I brought for her in the race, lol.

We ate an awesome pasta dinner, one which was marathon worthy, so I knew we'd be fuelled good. ;)

Some coffee and snuggles with Hunter after dinner was perfect to calm race nerves. She even let me use her Running mug. I knew this was a big deal! ;)

We also tried out the selfie stick. We know, we've got some practicing to do! haha.

Okay, flat Heather was all laid out on a gorgeous quilt made by my Aunt Jeannette! Don't you just love it?! My sisters told me to be bright and visible so they could pick me out of the 4000+ runners. Mission accomplished!

Early Sunday morning we met up with some of Aunt Brenda's friends to walk to the start. Their energy was so positive it really set a great tone for the race. Some of these ladies were conquering their first Tely 10 which was so exiciting! My Aunt Brenda would introduce me as "This is my neice Heather Brenda. She runs the Boston Marathon!" LOL.
Aunt Brenda was not a fan of my ragged throw away, lol. 

We were so lucky that one of the friends had a house right next to the start line! We all lined up in her hallway to use her washroom. It was sort of funny! Thanks Connie! 

I ran into Marg at the start line after about a mile and a half warmup. It was so nice to see someone I knew! Marg and her sister Louise totally kicked butt by the way! 

After the Ode to Newfoundland was sung we were off at 8:00 a.m. sharp! "This is it!" I told myself. I've been thinking about this race daily during my Chicago Marathon training and I put so much pressure on myself to do good because I know my family is watching. I know they'd be proud no matter what, but it happens anyway. :S 

Here they are on the Annual Tely 10 Sister Hunt, lol. 

I looked them for my family cheer squad/paparazzi at the 2 mile mark where I knew they'd be and I saw them! I always worry I'll miss them and then spend the entire race trying to find them.

I get really excited when I see them. They only ever get to see me run this race since I live in another province. I think that's why I pressure myself so much.

Sometimes at the early miles I waste energy being a poser, LOL.

Then I realize I have a lot of work to do...so I'd better get to it!

"See  you at the finish!"

I have to say that this was the best I'd felt during the Tely 10 out of all 6. It was definitely credit to the cold temperatures. Race morning was between 6-8 Celsius. I don't know the exact temperature but my garmin was reading 43 Farenheit.

Every now and again going down steeper hills I'd feel a side stitch coming on so I'd slow down for a bit and it just went away. Usually when I drink on route it gets worse so this year I only took water from one station at mile 8 and threw it over my hands and face. I do not recommend that you run without water! But I was feeling good and since it was a shorter race I knew I'd be able to finish without any since I do training runs at this distance without water.

Aunt Brenda sent me this shot. I know it's early because I'm still sporting the gloves, which I ditched at the 2 mile water station. Can you believe I was wearing gloves in July?!

Mile 4.something. I was feeling pretty good and loved the cool air! Not to mention the spectacular downhill. ;)
Photo credit: Jim Costello, Thanks for the cool pics!
During the final miles: Biped Sports always takes awesome shots! I was NOT feeling awesome here.

I'm pretty sure the above photo was around mile 8-9. The worst parts of the net downhill run is between miles 7-9.2. You experience some rolling and it really sucks the juice out of the legs that have been basically running flat and downhill for 7 miles...at a fast pace none the less. My pace was teetering between 7:04 (too fast-mile 2 when I saw the family) -7:20 up until now. The 8th mile was 7:47. A lot of grunting went on here, lol. 

At mile 9.2 you are next to a Tim Hortons that always has a lot of spectators. And from there it's literally all downhill with crowds and crowds of people screaming and clapping for you! It's totally awesome!

See if you can spot Heather! This is the last 400m or so in the race. I always try real hard to run super fast here, but the legs are basically jello here. 

Dear god, try to smile for the camera and you can go back to grunting as soon as you pass them...lol.

Trudy took this shot, which I really like, of Devin (in red) using the camera to get pics of me running. Thanks Guys! I can totally see the hurt on my face here. 

She also snapped this shot as I was taking the second and final turn along the route I believe? Am I correct Tely 10ers'? Are there only two turns in total???

 Bring on the Tely 10 Barf fest in 10, 9, 8, 7 ... Yep, it was not pretty. Puke started before I even crossed the mat....lol. When I checked my Garmin time it was totally worth it, 1:13:44!!! 1:13:34 chip time. A new Tely 10 PB :D (Virtual fist pump).
The finish is only about 100m away but it feels like For-ev-er!!!
Don't mind us. We're all high, on a Runner's PB High that is! ;) I found Marg and Janice at the finish when we were all looking for our families. It was teeth-chattering cold!
My speedy running pals Marg (left) and Janice (right) totally smashed and demolished their current Tely times!!!
Yay, I found the fam jam!

My Dad and I. :)

The official Tely 10 Photographer, Devin. ;)

I don't care if this shirt comes to $100, I'm buying a Tely shirt that FITS! lol. I always end up with a medium or large since I don't seem to register early enough.  (Don't panic, it was only $21).

I look like crap but feeling pretty Tely Terrific! ;)

Three frozen sisters in search of a hot beverage!

My Stats: 
Overall Place:367/4126 
LF30-34 11/333 (overall women)56/2478 
(gun time)1:13:49 
(chip time) 1:13:34 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a great race that I really suggest you do next year! It really is second to Boston for me. It has a fantastic route, loads of spectators, great atmosphere and a huge family meeting area with food at the finish! :) The only downside: I am walking sideways down the stairs today. Totally worth it though. ;)

Thanks to my cheer squad, Aunt Brenda and to all of you for stopping by to read my super duper long recap, lol. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. CONGRATS HEATHER!!! You are SO speedy!! I can't wait to see you in Chicago!

    1. Thanks Kris! I'm so excited for Chicago!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great race Heather! Congratulations on your PB. :) 2 turns- just like Boston! I can't believe how cold it was in July!

    1. Thanks Meg! You know, they actually do refer to it as the 'mini-Boston' because of the bussing to the start, spectators and great route. :)

  3. Love the recap.....you always seem to get amazing photos from your family for this race. I can't believe you were wearing gloves....like really? It's July!!!!
    Congrats on a new PB!!

  4. Congrats on your PR! Loved the recap! Gloves in July, who would have thought?!? xoxo, ganeeban

    1. Thanks so much! I couldn't believe I was wearing gloves!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heather!!! Congrats on your PB! I read quite a few running blogs and I have to say that you always take the best race photos. You have such perfect running form!

    I can't believe it was so cold out in July ... and that you were wearing shorts and a tank in low 40*F temps! The coldest weather I've gone running in was in the 50s and I was FREEEEEZING!

    1. Thanks Kristina! LOL...you need to see my next planned post with some unflattering pics. Trust me, it's not pretty!

  6. Smashed it!! You are so strong, congrats on the PB :) I love how in your pictures you are passing all the guys! and your outfit was perfect, it was easy to spot you, the bright colors are great.
    I am so jealous you got wear to wear gloves in July! I would rather be a bit chilly any day than try to run a race in sticky humid weather.
    That's a great pic with your Dad.

  7. Congratulations! I've started taking notice of how runners have different forms (something I'm only beginning to learn about..) and you can tell you have a great running form. Especially in the next picture down from where you were "wasting energy posing".. That's a great time, and I'm also glad to see at least somewhere is colder than Ireland right now... :)

    1. Thanks James! :) I'm so happy you're reading all the way from Ireland! :)

  8. You are such a badass, the only woman running among all those men in some of those pictures! You're too freaking speedy! :o) I'm glad you had a good race!!!

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